Integration with WordPress site

Bitrix24 Market
Bitrix24 Market
Integration with WordPress site
The plugin for complete and simple Bitrix24 and a WordPress site integration.


  • Simple integration in 5 minutes, without programmers and reworks;
  • Auto-formatting of numbers;
  • Search and binding of Contact and Company;
  • Transfer of UTM tags;
  • End-to-end analytics support;
  • Transfer of visit IDs (for the conversion plugin);
  • Transfer of visited pages to lead;
  • Control of repeat leads (Mark “Repeat lead”);
  • Tight duplicate control (Leads merging);
  • Choice of observers;
  • Queue of responsible persons;
  • Search and linking of goods;
  • Notification of the responsible persons and/or observers;
  • Integration of custom fields;
  • Creation of a Deal with the previous responsible person if the lead has already made deals before (optional).
Integration plugins

  • Up to 500 leads per day. Free for 30 days, then for $5 per month or $50 per year;
  • More than 500 leads per day. Enterprise version on a separate server for $80 per month or $600 per year.

Version 1
Integration Bitrix24 with a WordPress site. Ready module for WordPress. Duplicate control, phone auto-formatting.

Support only through the ticket system -

Attention! Support is provided only when the license is active. We can only speak English!

Ideas for improvements can be left here -
  1. Install the plugin in Bitrix24;
  2. On the page "Integration", copy the secret API key;
  3. Install the plugin on WordPress
    - Contact Form 7 -
    - Custom integration (we have SDK and instruction) -
  4. Go to the plugin settings, enter the domain of your portal and the secret API key;
  5. Send all forms on the website to link them with Bitrix24;
  6. Go to the application in the portal, choose the matching fields of the website and Bitrix24;
  7. Configure additional functions if required (auto-formatting, duplicate control, queue, notifications etc.)