ABC company analysis

ABC company analysis
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We congratulate all users of Bitrix24!

You now have an opportunity to build ABC analysis without leaving Bitrix24. The successful transactions has all the necessary data in your portal for creation of ABC analysis.

You will save your time by not having to transfer the data from one system to another.

With the application ABC analysis you will learn what companies bring you the most part of the revenue. And the second advantage is knowing which companies are worth revising the amount of time and effort spent on.

Thereby, after using the ABC analysis you will be able to build work plans with companies for the next month easily.

Main opportunities of the ABC analysis application:
you can create of simple reports on calculation of a part of revenue in your companies;
you can choose any period which you need to analyse;
* you can expose a ratio of ABC group

In addition:

ABC analysis is the first application in Bitrix24.

In this free version, you can analyze no more than 100 companies.

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