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"Finance and management accounting" allows you to simplify the process of managing and controlling expenses, receipts and calculating margins for your transactions.

You will receive the following metrics:
  • turnover for the period;
  • the amount of direct and indirect costs;
  • balance sheet for each transaction and the company as a whole;
  • the amount of expected income;
  • planned indicators for the year;
  • cashier break.
The solution has two usage modes: simplified and full. In a simple mode, you can control the actual income and expenses on transactions, profit. The full mode has all the same functions as the simple one, but it also allows you to plan future income and expenses. You can switch the mode in the "Settings" section.
Information can be obtained in the application, the "Finance" section has also been added to the transaction card, and information can be obtained through the chat bot.

All movements of funds are broken down by the following indicators:
  • Deal
  • Expenditure
We calculate profit using the following formulas:
  • Profit equals planned income - planned expense;
  • Profit equals actual income - actual expense;
This application can be used on any Bitrix24 commercial plans.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the operation of this solution, you can sign up for a product presentation and report all the improvements you need. Link to the entry:

Application cost:
  • 4 days free
  • 1 month - 20$.
  • 12 months - 200$.

Version 1
The application allows you to control income and expenses within transactions, the company as a whole and display information for management reports.

You can contact us for setting up or adding the robots you need. Requests are reviewed as soon as possible and robots are added for free.

Our contacts:
Tel: +7(995)333-19-64
Chat: Request Support
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