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Stadupify - daily standup bot based on popular task trackers integrations.

The main idea is to integrate tasks trackers to standupify where user can store his popular task lists across different task trackers in one page. These task lists are not synchronized with task trackers, it's only about view functionality
  • Integration with popular task trackers (Jira, Bitrix24)
  • Ability to create/edit different task lists
  • Specify name for your tasks lists
Future plans
  • Google chat bot integration
  • Show list of tasks by using Google chat bot commands
  • Ability to configure standups based on tasks you want to receive

Stadupify is free and available to use for everyone.

Version 2
We are introducing Bitrix filters, so you can filter your issues by using UI on the standupify platform.

Version 1
Standupify - daily standup bot

We are having only free subscription for now and provide full support by reaching us to
To get started with your migration to Bitrix24, you should proceed with the following steps:
  1. Initially, install Standupify application to your Bitrix24 account.
  2. After that, you have to go to and login with Google account.
  3. Go to the
  4. Click to the 'Bitrix24' card and enter your Bitrix24 domain to add integrate with your Bitrix24 account.
  5. You will be redirected to Task trackers page and see newly added Bitrix24 task tracker that you are able to use
  6. You can add more task lists by clicking to the added task tracker and 'create task list'
The application is working in one way where you can see Bitrix24 tasks in the standupify but you can't make any modifications in Bitrix24 from standupify.

We don't have any lim it for creating tasks lists, you are able to create as many you want with your favourite names. As a note, your created tasks list are only in 'view' mode and not synchronized with task tracker.