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Onlizer is a cloud platform for integrating services and automating business processes without the use of code.

Using Onlizer.Connect allows you to create automated applications based on data and processes fr om Bitrix24, greatly increasing the efficiency of your business.
With the platform you can automate the interaction of Bitrix24 with hundreds of other services and programs, configure the transfer of contacts, transactions, tasks and other data.

The Onlizer platform provides a free 30-day trial account with a lim it of 1,000 tasks, as well as paid tariff plans

Version 3
Onlizer Connector Version 3 for Bitrix24 features:

  • Events and actions for Bitrix24 Online Stores (e-Commerce)
  • Ability to work with products catalogs, categories and products lists sync and management
  • Ability to work with tasks
  • Ability to export phone calls data (for reporting)

For support, please email or chat at
To install the application, you must have an active Onlizer account (create it for free on the site)
After installing the application on your Bitrix24 account and configuring the connector in the Onlizer system, you will be able to use this connection to create integration scenarios and automate business processes.
The setup process is discussed in more detail in the instructions