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The solution allows you to connect Bitrix24 and Yaware.TimeTracker in 5 minutes. You will find out what sites and programs the employee used in the process of completing a task in Bitrix24, and analyze his performance.

You should sign up on Yaware.TimeTracker to work with the app — https://yaware.com/#register. Service has a free trial period and prepaid subscriptions. Choose it regarding your needs.

Yaware.TimeTracker allows you to:

  • track all worked hours with accuracy and automatically;
  • see what your team worked on;
  • optimize the work capacity of your team and each member’s;
  • empower employees and control targets;
  • estimate completion dates, insert a few delay cases, and you have never had a more accurate time estimation;
  • evaluate staff performance using data-driven metrics.

Check more features on site — https://yaware.com/.

Version 1
The application allows you to integrate Bitrix24 tasks with the Yaware.TimeTracker system.

Phone: +1 (888) 902-0020

Email: contact@yaware.com

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our service, please fill the form — https://yaware.com/contacts/.

Working hours: 11:00 — 18:00 Kyiv time (GMT +02:00).

Response time: 1 hour.

Weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

For correct integration, follow these steps clearly in the order indicated below:

  1. Check the email address of each user, indicated in the contact information in Bitrix24, with the email address specified in Yaware — they must be the same. Or delegate to employees to compare their own data.
  2. Go to the page with integrations https://app.yaware.com/tasks/integration
  3. Enter the Bitrix24 host, for example b24-pkbx0k.bitrix24.ua.
  4. Install the Yaware.TimeTracker app from the Bitrix24 marketplace: https://YOURHOST.bitrix24.ua/marketplace/detail/yaware.timetracker/
  5. Check connections.
  6. Import the tasks you need.
  7. Using the instructions, create a webhook, so that new tasks will automatically appear in Yaware.TimeTracker.