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Customer cohort analysis Free

Analyze your customers by time based cohorts.

ABC Analysis (Products) Free

Analyze products by category

Tilda Publishing Free

Tilda is a modular site builder. With Tilda you can create cool websites in a short space of time. Users of Tilda create websites, portfolios, landing pages, presentations and promotional pages for business

Albato Free

A single service for all integrations

Zapier for CRM Free

API-connector for data sync between Bitrix24 CRM & third-party services

Flexbe Free

Integration with Flexbe website and landing page builder

Make Free

Connect Bitrix24 with your favorite apps to automate your work.

WordPress forms integration Free

Any forms. Official WordPress modules. Simple. Unlimited

Integration Hub Free

Connect all your apps

Google Sheets integration Free

Synchronization of Bitrix24 with Google Sheets: automatic upload, division into sub-tables, real-time data update

Trello data migration Free

Data migration has never been so easy! Migrate your data in a few clicks and let the app take care of your data. Few clicks and the migration is complete. Transfer data from Trello to Bitrix24 without extra fuss. Track your migration process.The app shows stages of migration progress. Transfer the archived items.The app will transfer all items, including the archived ones.

Bitrix24 Tasks ⇆ MS Excel Free

This application allows you to import/export tasks from Bitrix24 to MS Excel and vice versa.

WordPress WooCommerce store integration Free

Official WooCommerce module. Simple. Unlimited

QuickBooks integration Free

Soluton for data sync between QuickBooks and Bitrix24

Import from Excel Free

Applications for uploading data from Excel to CRM Bitrix24

Google Forms integration Free

Bitrix24 and Google Forms integration. Filling out the form creates a Lead or Deal. Select a matching field.

Data Connector Free

Data Connector is a professional solution for BI analytics integration.

HubSpot Free

Easily sync Bitrix24 CRM customer data without having to manually enter data or do time-consuming imports.

Zapier Dashboard Free

Zapier Dashboard is an UI plugin designed to enhance your experience with Zapier for CRM app

Jira Migration Free

Complex solution for migrating data from Jira to Bitrix24

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