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Bitrix24 is a free CRM where you can manage your interactions more efficiently due to fusion with project management system. Plus, there are in-built contact center, website templates, CRM forms and other essential tools of internal and external collaboration.

Customer Relationship Management system

CRM system is a convenient tool that adds structure to relationships with your clients. Bitrix24 offers a free CRM and project management software for your team with any number of people. There are unlimited database for your clients, no limits on deals. With a flexible system of customizable fields and access rights, you can mindfully organize your business. Automation and sale funnel help to successfully manage the process and ease routine simple tasks that take time, but still are necessary.

Every step of your customers AND your agents in the CRM is visible and later can be analysed in terms to improve and nurture the value. Contact center operations become transparent from a timeline in each deal card. Therefore, you can track every promise you or your colleagues make. And most of your communication channels are available to plug into the CRM to grow your client base and analyse.

Task and Project Management

Having a CRM is a great help for business indeed. But agents and managers need supervision, they need agenda every day. Tasks to accomplish, projects to manage, reports to write, all that jazz. Do we really need to explain, why project management software is important for a company? Let’s just say, that in Bitrix24 you can set as many tasks as you need – no limitations and for free. There are templates, task sequences, dependencies, checklists, deadlines and so on. You can even track how much time is spent on each task, excluding weekends and holidays.

In addition, there are also 5 GB of storage, calendars, company drive, kanban, scrum and more. Free internal communications shaped as a social network are included. Chat with colleagues, make calls and video conferences. Have groups for projects and interests, workgroups. Every employee gets a profile and a place in the company organization chart.

But why Bitrix24 is actually better than having two separate CRM and project management software pieces? 

Because there is deep cross integration. You simply can include your CRM elements in your calendars and tasks. Need to make a call to several people? Want to discuss particular deals with your colleague? Attach them to a meeting in the calendar, put in the task. Applications of these features are endless. Choose what suits you’re the most!

 There are a free plan and 15-day trial of all premium features that our project management CRM software has to offer. Register today to see it all.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page

Basic features

  • Unlimited CRM
  • Unlimited tasks and projects
  • Free 5GB online storage
  • Email marketing
  • Contact center
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Website builder, CRM-forms, live chat
  • Free collaboration tools
  • Kanban and Gantt for tasks, projects and CRM elements
  • Cloud or self-hosted (open source code access)
  • Free mobile CRM iOS and Android
  • Free integrations (RestAPI)

Tasks with CRM united

  • Tasks inside CRM
  • Tasks for Leads
  • Tasks for Deals
  • Tasks for Contacts
  • Tasks for Companies
  • Automatic task creation
  • Workflow automation
  • Event scheduling with CRM elements
  • CRM elements attachment to tasks
  • Learn more

Task and project management

  • Unlimited tasks and projects
  • Subtasks
  • Checklists
  • Task priorities
  • Several responsibility levels and task roles
  • Supervision
  • Task time tracking
  • Holiday and weekend exclusion
  • Task reports
  • Task dependencies and sequences
  • Gantt charts
  • Kanban boards
  • Scrum
  • Flexible access rights
  • Learn more

Fully featured CRM

  • Unlimited free client base
  • Leads/Deals
  • Companies/Contacts
  • Email marketing
  • In-built contact center
  • Website builder
  • CRM form designer
  • Live chat 24/7 widget
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Sales funnel
  • Sales automation
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile tasks
  • Learn more

Social Collaboration too!

  • Intranet
  • External users with limited access
  • Relevant news feed
  • Project and workgroups
  • Collaboration tools
  • Document management
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • File storage
  • HR tools
  • Chats, call and video conferencing
  • Learn more!
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To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.
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