Free CRM with Facebook integration

Bitrix24 is free CRM that offers Facebook integration.

CRM with Facebook integration

Need a free CRM with Facebook integration? Need to connect Facebook, Facebook: comments and Facebook Lead Ads with the CRM? Want to create marketing automation campaigns to target clients and customers on Facebook? With Bitrix24 Contact Center you can do all of that and even more.

Bitrix24 Contact Center open channels support most popular social networks and messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, Instagram, Skype and many more) and connect them with your CRM. If your clients use Facebook, they will find it convenient to communicate with you via this platform. But what is more, in case next time they decide to call you or write via widget on your website or use other social networks, you can handle all interactions inside your Bitrix24 CRM, with the history of all the interactions saved and stored in the client profile. The scheme is simple, when a client fills out a form on Facebook, the information is automatically sent to Bitrix24 CRM, and a new lead is created.

All your agents will be able to see all the incoming messages from any social network or messenger, including Facebook of course, in one place, know the history of all communications with the client between them and their colleagues, and provide a highly personalized approach to handling any requests and increase sales.

In Bitrix24 you can set queues to equally distribute incoming request among agents, and in case someone fails to reply within a set period of time (say a minute or 30 seconds), the request will automatically be forwarded to the next agent in queue. A very convenient Facebook CRM, isn’t it?

This way you will never loose leads and clients reaching out to you from Facebook or other social networks.

On top of that, Bitrix24 offers an unlimited number of users even on a free plan, and you can have as many agents and account users as you need. Paid plans are available too and provide tons of cools tools and features besides Facebook CRM options.

Register your Bitrix24 account to see for yourself why millions of companies worldwide consider Bitrix24 as the best CRM for Facebook leads and are using Bitrix24 as their Facebook CRM to get the job done.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page

Basic features

  • Unlimited users free
  • 5GB free online storage
  • Call center
  • Custom fields
  • Quotes & invoices
  • Cloud and on-premise
  • Unlimited CRM records free
  • CRM Import/Export
  • Flexible access rights
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android

Powerful CRM

  • Unlimited records
  • Custom fields
  • Product catalog
  • Quotes and invoices
  • CRM reports (sales, leads, agents)
  • Email marketing
  • Call center
  • Custom fields (free and unlimited)
  • Web to CRM
  • Learn more

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Fully customisable

  • Lead creation from web forms, email or phone calls
  • Custom fields 
  • Sales automation 
  • Custom forms 
  • Custom access right settings 
  • Web to CRM 
  • Email to CRM 
  • Call to CRM 
  • Learn more

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Sales automation

  • Access rights
  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Workflows (see video)
  • Tasks / Projects
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Birthday reminders
  • Mobile CRM

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Contact center

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More than just CRM

  • Tasks inside CRM
  • Document management
  • Cloud file server
  • Sales agent management (HR)
  • Free intranet (collaboration)
  • Employee engagement
  • Much more!

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We also have a great YouTube channel that covers every aspect of Bitrix24, from sales and planning to document management and company internal communication tools.
To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.
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