Project roadmap template

Bitrix24 offers a large number of project management tools and features including project roadmap templates and supports multiple project roadmaps.

Project roadmap template

If you need to build project roadmaps from project roadmap templates, consider Bitrix24. Bitrix24 is free task and project management software with over 10 million users all over the world. Bitrix24 offers a large number of project management tools and features including project roadmap templates and supports multiple project roadmaps. A project roadmap is a timeline for a project, broken into separate parts with estimated dates when each part and a project, in general, are expected to be completed. Now we’ll have a closer look at the different examples of roadmap project management available in Bitrix24.

Timeline project roadmap. A very important advantage of project roadmap Gantt charts is that all tasks within the project may be made dependent on each other. This means there is no way to start the second part of the project until the first part is fully completed. The timeline project roadmap template within Bitrix24 lets you move the end date of the first part of the project, while the second part of the project is then moved automatically.

Kanban project roadmap. Kanban boards built-in Bitrix24 can be used for the project visualization. You will need to break the project into separate tasks and split the Kanban board into columns. Such a Kanban board will make a good roadmap: you will move tasks from one Kanban board to the other as the tasks statuses change, visualizing project stages, milestones and tracking the progress.

Calendar project roadmap. There are different types of calendars in Bitrix24 including personal, company and project ones. So, you may use a calendar grid for building the project roadmap. All you have to do is again to break the project into tasks and subtasks (which are unlimited in Bitrix24, by the way), and plan them out with calendar appointments and events. Again, this way you can easily visualize the project roadmap. 

One more useful and easy-to-use project roadmap is a deadline view in tasks, that helps set priorities according to the closest deadlines. Tasks are divided into six columns: overdue, due today, due this week, due next week, no deadline, due over two weeks, depending on their deadlines. With such an option, you get a visualization of all the deadlines and can change deadlines by moving tasks between columns.

The great part about using Bitrix24 for roadmap project management is that you get flexible project roadmaps: all of the roadmaps are available to you in one place – in the tasks and projects module of Bitrix24, and you can combine these roadmaps for your project and easily switch between them. List, Deadline, Kanban, Calendar, Gantt, your team member may easily switch between them and choose the very roadmap they like the most.

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Basic features

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  • Document management
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • API, open source code, mobile apps
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Task management

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited subtasks
  • Repeating tasks
  • Gantt, Kanban, Lists, Calendar and Deadline view
  • Checklists
  • Task delegation
  • Task reports
  • Automated task workflows
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Project management

  • Unlimited projects (workgroups)
  • Gantt, Kanban, Lists, Calendar and Deadline view
  • Employee workload planning
  • Roles (Assisting, Observing, Set by me)
  • External users (extranet access)
  • Counters and notifications
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Time tracking

  • Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Task time tracking
  • Workday settings
  • Daily todo's
  • Time reports
  • Personal & shared calendars

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Project collaboration

  • Activity stream
  • Instant messaging
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  • Video conferencing
  • Comments
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  • Tags
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