Free Software for Creating Knowledge Base

Bitrix24 is a platform with free knowledge management tools. Available in the cloud or on-premise with open source code access.

Collecting, structuring and exchanging existing information is the key to efficient collaboration. It applies to a company as a whole and to working teams that share projects or tasks. However, the bigger company grows, the harder this information exchange goes. Too many people, processes, details can confuse. Therefore, it is essential for a company to form some solid foundation of knowledge. Likely for you, Bitrix24 presents convenient knowledge base software. It contains several tools for knowledge management and collaboration.

First of all, there are two types of knowledge bases – for a company and for project/workgroups. You can create a knowledge base that applies to everyone in the company, for example, some basics for newbies or office rules. Workgroup or project knowledge bases are slightly different and apply only to those people who participate in the project or are included in the working group. Any of the knowledge bases can be customized in terms of appearance and access rights. With existing templates, establishment of the knowledge base will become easy. Also, you can give other users permission to create, edit and manage them.

Probably, Bitrix24 is the best knowledge base software with open source code option you’ve seen, because it has much more than even that! For free Bitrix24 has the Mind Map app integration, built-in online document drive with 5GB storage, social knowledge management and good old Wiki. What is also great, there are free communication tools, such as chats, calls, videoconferences and emails, task management with all major features included and HR system that will help to maintain workload and performance.

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Basic features

  • Knowledge bases
  • Mind Map app integration
  • 5GB online document storage
  • Wiki
  • Social knowledge management
  • Mobile or desktop apps
  • Brower access
  • In a cloud or on-premise with open source code access

Knowledge bases

  • Company knowledge bases
  • Project knowledge bases
  • Workgroup knowledgebases
  • Several bases available
  • Access rights configuration
  • Customisation of ready-made templates
  • Personal design
  • Permission to create, edit, publish and view
  • Standard or nested menu

Mind maps

  • Visual maps
  • Ready-made templates
  • Individual design from scratch
  • Personal maps or for team usage
  • Import and export maps
  • All basic tools of mind mapping
  • Plus assigning users, creating tasks from points, setting events to calendar

Online document storage

  • Minimum 5GB and more for payed subscriptions
  • Company/project/private drive
  • Access rights
  • Cross-device synchronisation and access
  • Share rights by sending a link by post or chat
  • Time restrictions
  • Password locking

Social knowledge management

  • Automatic company structure
  • Employee profiles with customisable personal information
  • News feed for company announcements
  • Relevant projects/people/groups announcements
  • Comments and likes available
  • Emotional engagement with emojis, gifs, pictures and reward badges
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