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New In Access Permissions

New In Access Permissions
Bitrix24 Team
March 24, 2023
Last updated: March 24, 2023
Set or limit access for each Bitrix24 user depending on their role and assigned permissions. Check what access is granted for Bitrix24 apps.

Access to Bitrix24 account by Bitrix24.Market Apps

When you install an application from Bitrix24.Market, it requests permissions to access some data from your Bitrix24 account. We check the safety of apps provided by our partners and verify them before publication. Learn more about how to check what permissions the app requests.

Access to Workgroup Knowledge Base

Workgroup settings allow configuring access to the group's knowledge base such as permissions to view, edit or delete pages. Here is how to configure it.

Access to Inventory Management

We have added view access permission to reports in Inventory management. Now you can specify employees who can see the number of items left in each warehouse (or view product movements). This way your team can control the warehouse and order new products in time. Here is how to configure access to inventory reports. Read more about Access to Warehouses and inventory reports.

 More about access permissions in Bitrix24:

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