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No business is complete without a website. Whether you are selling online or need to showcase your portfolio, a website will bring your business into the spotlight. Increase sales and impress your customers with a beautiful website that can be built in less than a minute.


Bitrix24 Features

Every business needs a website. Whether you sell online or not, people will search for information online about your business. Having a website helps you to be the one to educate the public. Even though building a website can be an intimidating idea, Bitrix24 makes it simple and fast. Here are some of the most popular features we offer users when they build their site through our services.


Industry specific templates

Not every company is going to want the same style or design. Restaurants will have a different style than a company that sells steel rods for construction crews. Pick from an industry-specific template to help build an appropriate and relevant site faster. These templates can be as simple or complicated as you want, with the ability to customize your site to your exact liking. Companies can even sell products from their pages with e-commerce capabilities.


Unlimited number of pages

Build your website as big or as small as your company needs. Whether you are looking for a single page to a multi-tabbed, giant indexed site, we can help. Our tools allow your company to link in any tools or features required for your company to do its best work. There is no limit to the features you can add or the number of pages you can create from our landing page builder for your website.


Free hosting on Bitrix24 domain

Many companies offer free sites but make up for the offer by charging big fees for hosting. With Bitrix24, you can not only build your website but also host it for free. We really do want your company to succeed and part of that is having a reliable hosting service so your site keeps working. Since companies can link their website to the office management software platform, it is easier to know if there are problems on your site or view site performance.


Integration with CRM

Having Bitrix24 host your site and use the CRM software tools is a great combination. These features can work together to bring your most vital tools together on one office management software platform. Easily sync your dashboard to your site so you can instantly see your analytics for site visits. Using a CRM to manage all site information is convenient for running a business. Having all the information for your web forms, live chats, the website, and your CRM software tools in one platform helps you manage all the information more efficiently so fewer prospects fall through the cracks.


Built-in web forms

Web forms are a feature that companies can add to websites to collect information. These forms can be used to request catalogs, place an order, request a free download, get on your email list, or request more information. Whatever your company needs a form for, the Bitrix24 website builder gives you the option to add as many as you need. Managing these forms from the Bitrix24 office management platform means you can view all web form information there. Once the information comes in, you can create a custom task template to review information or fulfill an order. With everything on one CRM management platform helps your company be more productive.


Live chat

A feature that most companies like is having a live chat feature on their site. This is a box that you can use to chat directly with site visitors to offer help or answer questions. There are options to have a connection to one of your customer service agents or use AI to service it. With Bitrix24, all these options are easily integrated into your site and serviced in your office management software.


Callback widget

A feature you can choose to add to your website is a callback widget. This is a button that is placed on your site and labeled with “click to call” or “call now”. When a visitor clicks on this widget, they are given a form to put in their phone number and your company has someone call them. Many visitors like having this option because they do not have to sit on the phone on hold until it is their turn to talk to a person. It also gives your company a chance to reach out and provide exceptional customer service by answering questions or giving personal assistance.


SEO tools

Bitrix24 is an office management software platform that is easily customized to link apps and office management software programs companies already love. There are options for SEO tools that you can add directly to your website. View your analytics or find weak spots in your performance to fix for better SEO results. Plus, when you link your website to the Bitrix24 office management software platform, you can view the information while working on other tasks. This way, you always have a finger on the pulse of your website’s online performance.


Smart analytics

Keeping track of company website analytics is important. Collecting data on performance, analyzing information, and improving processes is easier with integrated Google Analytics. Information from analytics can give helpful information such as popular landing pages, where visitors are coming to your site from, and the number of visitors. Other helpful analytics provide the location of site visitors and how long they stay on each page of a website. This is valuable information for companies to know what marketing efforts are giving a good ROI and which ones are not worth the effort.


Access to advertising networks

Advertising works with other companies advertising on your website or your company having the chance to advertise on other sites. Bitrix24 website tools can provide both directions of advertising through the advertising networks.


Customer Contact Center

Another feature that is customary on websites is an avenue to contact the company’s customer service. The live chat is a great feature for this, but others want information on who to call for help. Bitrix24 provides tools to companies to set up their own customer contact center. This is staffed with company representatives or even just a single company owner for small businesses. If you need help with automated customer centers, you can use the Bitrix24 bots and AI for extra help. This is especially valuable for smaller businesses with fewer employees.


Customizable design

No two companies are exactly the same, so why would two websites be identical? Use the Bitrix24 website builder to create a customized design that fits the personality and culture of your company. Have access to designs that are clean and professional then customize them to fit your needs. There are many fun design elements and layout options available so that your company site will be all your own.


Mobile optimization

With the increasing numbers of internet users accessing sites from their phones, Bitrix24 knows that websites must be as good on a mobile device as on a computer. With this feature, you can make your site great on any device. Rest assured that any website you build will have access to our mobile optimization tools. If you have the Bitrix24 mobile app, you can also view all the information from your desktop on your phone.

«This platform (Bitrix24) pretty much does everything, but run your company for you.»


Benefits of Bitrix24

The benefits of building, hosting, and customizing your website with the Bitrix24 tools are far-reaching. They can provide your company with an affordable, well-functioning website. The popular features and ease of use are great benefits of using Bitrix24, but other benefits include the following.

  • Design, create, launch - it’s a no coding zone.
  • Capture and store visitor information directly in CRM.
  • Improve user experience with a live chat, callback requests, and instant messengers.
  • Create as many pages and sites as you like.
  • Be responsive to customer needs with a mobile version.
  • Collect data, analyze and improve with integrated Google Analytics.

Another great feature is that you can link any tools, apps, or office management software programs you are already using to your Bitrix24 office management software. There are many ways you can customize your website and the tools used to track it. If you do not have access to any of these, look through our app partners and see what you would like to add to your office management software or website. Companies can even create or link in their own personal app with Bitrix24.

For ease of use, we have product partners all over the world who are trained users of the Bitrix24 office management software and tools. If you need help building your website, setting up your platform, or knowing how to access all the tools provided, one of our partners can help. They can even help provide a demo to your company to show you what is possible with our tools.

The best benefit of using Bitrix24 is that most of the features are provided for free. Small and mid-sized businesses especially benefit from the free features. There are also extra or expanded features that are available for a small fee.

Bitrix24 FAQ

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is an online workspace designed to be used by a group of people for sales, marketing, project management, and other activities. It features CRM, tasks, chats, online meetings, and 30+ more tools.

How do I get started with Bitrix24?

To create an account, all you need to do is enter your email address, confirm it, and that’s it! Your Bitrix24 account is ready to use.

How much is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 has 5 membership plans:

  • FREE. Unlimited users, free forever, limited functionality.
  • BASIC. Up to 5 users, 61 €/mo, great for small businesses and sales teams.
  • STANDARD. Up to 50 users, 124 €/mo, perfect collaboration for your entire company.
  • PROFESSIONAL. Up to 100 users, 249 €/mo, maximum sales and business process automation.
  • ENTERPRISE. Up to 10,000 users, starting from 499 €/mo, digital transformation tools for large businesses and enterprises

Please note that all of our plans are flat-rate, which means you can keep adding more and more users within your plan limit and still pay the same amount of money per month.

What devices can I use Bitrix24 on?

You can use Bitrix24 in any browser, as a desktop app (for Windows or Mac), or as a mobile app (for iOS or Android).

Will my data be safe with Bitrix24?

As safe as can be. Bitrix24 stores data in 17 data centers and 600 servers in North America and Europe, depending on the country you are in. All of our data collecting and handling procedures are fully GDPR-compliant.

What are the access levels in Bitrix24?

Here they are:

  • Employee/user. All new invited users are granted the “employee” position by default, if not set differently by the administrator.
  • Head of a department. These will have extended access permissions to the account. For example, such users will see their subordinate's tasks work reports.
  • Administrator: the user who has been granted administrative access to the account.
  • Extranet user: marked with the Extranet icon and have limited access to your account.

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