Work management

Bitrix24 offers a wide choice of tools to help you manage tasks, track employee performance, improve work planning, and increase team productivity.

Employee performance

Tasks assigned to a person are tracked in order to measure how many of them were completed on time and without objections. You can view task efficiency by employees and departments.



The more an employee has tasks which were completed on time and without objections, the higher their KPI is – that’s how you can track work productivity.


Task rating by supervisor

Every report can be either confirmed or declined, with an optional score – positive or negative. This data is aggregated automatically and can be used later for calculating a person’s KPI.


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Standard reports

Get daily, weekly, and monthly reports from your team members, accept or decline them, write your comments and notes, and evaluate employee performance by rating their work.


Custom reports

Using our report wizard, you can create custom reports for departments and even individual employees, with custom fields.


Automation in reports

Set a particular report to be automatically repeated every day, week, month, or any other custom reporting period.


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Involvement in tasks

Bitrix24 features a chart that shows involvement in tasks, with a detailed breakdown by each employee so that you can see who’s doing what at any given moment and how busy they are.


Work schedules

Work schedules in Bitrix24 allow you to set clock-in/out times, weekly workdays, and break timings and durations. This is especially helpful for teams that work in shifts.


Work time tracking

With an online time clock in Bitrix24, your team can easily start/pause/finish their working day from their phones or laptops. Employee work time data is aggregated and available to you as a supervisor.


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Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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