Sales management

Bitrix24 sales management software is designed to help your team achieve better results in almost every aspect of their work. As a result, you get more clients and sales faster and easier.

Collect leads from multiple sources

Bitrix24 is a complete sales lead management platform that features multiple tools for acquiring leads: web forms, email, telephony, ad campaigns on Google and Facebook, and more.


Convert anything into a lead

With the Bitrix24 free sales management software, any submitted web form, email, phone call, or message/comment on social media can be turned into a lead and added to your CRM.


Nurture your leads via every possible channel

Reach out to your leads via email, phone call, voice broadcasting, SMS, social media, messengers – all from a single lead management sales dashboard in Bitrix24.


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Kanban view for deals

One quick look at our Kanban board is enough to understand what a deal status is. Set up your own, custom sales pipeline with stages that are specific to your line of business.


Estimates & invoices

Create and upload your own, custom templates. Generate an estimate or an invoice in just one click right from a CRM deal and send it to the client via email or SMS.


Automation rules & triggers

Choose from a variety of pre-configured rules and triggers to help your sales reps do their job more efficiently: send client reminders, employee alerts, notifications, and more.


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What makes Bitrix24 better than 99% of other solutions on the market?

  • Replaces all your current SaaS solutions
  • Free forever for unlimited users
  • Easy to migrate your data from other systems
  • Integrated with all your favorite services and apps
  • Used, loved, and trusted by 15.000.000+ users worldwide
  • 100% flat fee: predictable costs, no per-user pricing

Custom fields

You can create and add custom fields to have your contacts feature additional information that is required in your line of business.


Easy client communication

Choose the most convenient way to reach out to a client (email, phone, SMS, video call, messenger, etc.) and do it in one click from your Bitrix24 sales contact management software.


Link deals, contacts, and companies

In addition to the standard option (one contact is linked to one company and one deal), you can also have one deal linked to several contacts or one contact – to several companies.


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Fully adaptable to your business

In addition to creating custom pipeline management stages, you can also have a custom deal view. Depending on which pipeline a deal is in, it will feature different fields.


Automation rules & triggers

Based on the changes in the deal itself, it can be set to automatically move to a designated pipeline stage – all done inside the Bitrix24 pipeline management software.


Sales tunnels

If you have a rather complicated, multi-stage sales process, it makes sense to split it into several pipelines that can be connected and managed via sales tunnels.


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CRM roles

Based on the number of departments and complexity of the sales process in your organization, you can create multiple roles with custom access permissions in the Bitrix24 CRM for sales management.


Access permissions

Using our sales management tool, you can decide whether a user can view, edit, delete, or import/export a particular deal by setting the appropriate access permissions for them.


Custom fields

Feel like our standard fields in deals aren’t enough for your company? Add a bunch of custom ones to make them reflect your line of business and work with clients easier.



Bitrix24 comes with several dozen integrations available in Bitrix24.Market. You can also create your own apps using our REST API.

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