Free Mobile CRM

Free Mobile CRM
in Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 comes with a fully functional free mobile CRM with apps for iOS and Android devices. You can add, edit and work with CRM data anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Main Features

    • Add, edit or view CRM data
    • Contacts, Leads, Companies, Deals
    • Calls from Mobile CRM
    • Emails from Mobile CRM
    • Invoices from Mobile CRM
    • Product catalog access
    • Individual and group tasks
    • Personal and Shared Files
    • Calendar
    • Multiaccount/MultiCRM
  • Mobile Intranet

    The Bitrix24 mobile app comes with a number of tools that let you collaborate with your coworkers and get answers for your clients fast. The mobile employee directory allows your staff to easily navigate in the company directory from a smartphone in order to find the right person. The Activity Stream can be used to post questions to company intranet, receive answers and participate in discussions even when you don’t have access to PC. Personal and company files are only a tap away.

  • Calendar, Tasks and Chat

    The Bitrix24 mobile CRM comes with calendar and tasks. You can view your current schedule, add an appointment, set reminders or arrange group meetings directly from your smartphone. Likewise, you can access your personal or group tasks, add a new task for yourself or create one for your subordinates. Importantly, you can synchronize your mobile contacts and calendars with Bitrix24.

  • Instant Messages and Chat

    Bitrix24 comes with instant messaging, group chat and persistent chat (called workgroups) options. Push notifications are used to make sure that message recipients are instantly notified.

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