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Planning and managing an agriculture business means developing a business plan and proving your agrarian skills. Agricultural businesses have a variety of specific organizational needs which Bitrix24 can solve and kickstart your farm business.

What is Agriculture Business Management?

Agriculture business management refers to the various methods that can be implemented to maximize performance and productivity in agricultural businesses. Agricultural business management is often associated with large farms, but many of the same methods can be applied with equal success on a small family-owned farm. In many respects, effective agriculture business management is similar to any business management process.

Whether you’re managing a small farm business or a chain of agriculture businesses, you are constantly confronted with decisions that must be made on a daily basis. And no matter what sort of adversity occurs in your daily operations, you have to achieve favorable results in managing your business. This is where business management software comes in to help managers keep their operations afloat. Bitrix24 is the only free business management software that can cater to any type of organization or business.

Agriculture Business Management Solution

Managing an agriculture business is often characterized as a novel and unique undertaking, as each is composed of several day-to-day projects that have their own specific requirements. It can be done using the traditional model, the agile method — or even a combination of both.

There are so many tools and platforms floating on the web that managers can choose from.  But make no mistake, as there are only a few of them that actually really work. Choose the solution that’s trusted by over 8,000,000 organizations worldwide - that’s Bitrix24, and works perfectly as an agriculture business management software.

Optimize Agribusiness Operations with Bitrix24

Bitrix24 has more than meets the eye. Our unique platform offers a 100% free business management software that caters to all types of organizations and industries, including agricultural business and management. More than just project management, Bitrix24 comes with over 35 tools that are neatly and seamlessly packed in a single platform, ready to use in just 30 seconds. Plus, they’re free!

Live In The Cloud

Bitrix24 is a dedicated and secured private cloud environment for your business. These cloud services allow you to save all your agriculture business management data in an instant, often without you manually doing it. Having access to such a wealth of data in just a click enables you to see what crops you have tried in the past - failed or succeeded - and then implement data-driven actions without risking a financial loss.

Put a Premium On Business Security

With so many competitions just lurking around the corner - others are just waiting for business’ demise - it is important to choose a platform that provides you a secure fortress that’s almost impossible to breach.

Bitrix24 is a dependable partner in your agriculture business management, as it offers top-notch security and high-functioning tools you can trust your operations with. Its state-of-the-art, PCI, and HIPAA-compliant encryption methods are designed to protect you and your customers’ information.

No Coding No Problem

The primary reason why agriculture business managers are hesitant of integrating technology into their farm operations is the ever-dreaded coding language. But fret no more, Bitrix24 is a free business management software that’s absolutely coding-free. You won’t need to understand the coding language to automate your operations. An easy drag-and-drop design lets you simply choose from any of our templates, forms, or widgets and use them in however you see fit.

Consider Your Team When Choosing a Platform

It is a given fact that no matter how advanced the technology you opt to integrate into your operations, it will still be deemed useless if your team can’t easily adopt them into their daily routines. As an all-in-one software that caters to agriculture business management, Bitrix24 integrates a whole lot of functionalities in a user-friendly, easy-to-adopt platform.

You’ll never have to worry about your team not being able to adopt Bitrix24 in their daily functions. Our high-functioning tools that are securely placed inside the platform are just a click away.

Allocate Resources Properly

Every business is characterized by its limited resources. Perhaps you’d automatically think of limits as to time and money. But if you analyze deeper, you will find that there are many other limited resources - human resources is the primary concern. You have to handle this resource the same way you allocate money.

With Bitrix24, you can maximize your team’s productivity by planning out resources with confidence: assigning the right tasks to each team and allocating workloads effectively. Using its free project planning tools, you can easily see who’s staffed across your business initiatives and even modify workloads on the fly.

Invest In Sound Communication

In any type of business, more than 90% of the manager’s job involves communication. You make sure that each member of your team gets the help they need, that everyone is on the same page, that the company goals and expectations are aligned, that risks are properly accounted for, and that conflicts  are always under check throughout every business endeavor. Bitrix24, as a partner in agriculture business management, prides itself for its superb communication channels that ensure smooth sailing projects and processes.

Unlock The Power of CRM In Growing Your Business

What’s more to look for when your software has a free built-in CRM? In Bitrix24, all data that is collected through your interactions with customers, suppliers, partners - every communication done within the platform - is stored in the CRM. You can turn these data into powerful analytics to give you a clearer outlook on your business.

Bitrix24 free CRM  also helps you unlock key insights on your customers, bring in new business opportunities, and generate interest in your farm outputs.

Bitrix24 is Here To Help, For Free

There is so much more in the suite of features. Bitrix24 can offer to help you manage your farm business. To get the real feel of how our platform helps upscale your outputs and skyrocket your revenue, sign up for a free account.

You can also download our self-hosted editions, which are fully customizable and security-enriched. And visit our YouTube Channel for more in-depth, step-by-step guides on our tools.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Free unlimited users
  • 35+ management tools
  • Members and non-members
  • CRM
  • Social tools
  • Calendars and events
  • Tasks and documents
  • Mobile, source code, API


  • Private social network
  • Likes and badges
  • Photo gallery
  • Opinion polling
  • Email notifications
  • IM and group chat
  • Videoconferencing

Client Management

  • CRM
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Product catalog
  • Email marketing
  • Sales reports
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To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.
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