Blog The New CRM PDF App: Full Control Over Your Quotes & Invoices

The New CRM PDF App: Full Control Over Your Quotes & Invoices

Bitrix24 Team
2 min
Updated: April 12, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: April 12, 2024
The New CRM PDF App: Full Control Over Your Quotes & Invoices

MAKE Interactive, a Bitrix24 gold partner, has updated it's CRM PDF app. This app lets you flexibly and attractively design quotes and invoices in your Bitrix24 Cloud service.

A compelling statement from one of our clients that triggered the development of this app was that a quote is often the first impression that the customer gets, since it is the first thing that they see with the company name and logo on it. Furthermore, the PDF or printed quote is an instrument of the most fundamental part of the relationship, payment for products or services.

The existing quotes in Bitrix24 are rather limited, especially concerning the layout of the components of the quote on the page. MAKE Interactive has solved this issue in an elegant way: by saving a .docx file in a special folder in the Drive, it becomes a template for your quotes. More than 1 template can be created and selected. After a Quote is made for the CRM, it can be selected in the App’s page, and the information from the quote will go into the template.

The macros in the template are based on the name of the field with a “$” and curvy brackets; in our example, ${BEGINDATE} is the quote’s date and ${ASSIGNEDBYID} is the person who created the quote. Custom quote fields are supported, and MAKE Interactive can offer additional services making particularly complex quote templates.

Note that any amount of text: terms of use, special conditions, legal disclaimers, etc. can be added easily and with the color and format that you want.

Generated quotes have the color, column order, layout, text(s) and details that you need.

A default folder is generated for each user, but it can be changed easily in the settings.

The default name of the PDF includes a date so that it is always unique. But the name can reflect the template used, name of the Quote or Invoice, or other parameters.

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