WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram from Wazzup
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WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram from Wazzup

We connect WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram to Bitrix24

In-app purchases
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Simply sign up for Wazzup to get started. You can get a free trial of this service.

Wazzup offers a simple integration of WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram with Bitrix24. It takes only 5 minutes to get connected – no devs, no magic – just sign up for Wazzup and get a free trial.

20,000 clients have already appreciated the service and stayed with us.

Any questions? Please contact our 24/7 help desk, and we’ll get back to you in 5 minutes.

Send texts via your messaging apps right fr om your CRM

  • A sales rep starts messaging to his clients on WhatsApp using a phone number

  • A sales rep can see only his own chats, while the manager can see all of his staff’s chats

  • Leads and transactions for new clients are created automatically

  • All communications will be stored in the CRM. The client communication history will not disappear in the staff’s personal WhatsApp and Instagram accounts, and you won’t lose your clients

  • Sales reps can send messages fr om one or several mobile phone numbers

Sales reps communicate with clients, not just smash buttons

On average, it takes 90 minutes for a sales rep to make necessary phone calls, another hour is required to enter the data in the CRM, then they simply wait for transactions to upload. Wazzup brings more automation to routine processes and saves 60 minutes for the sales reps. That means your sales reps are going to have 70% more time to spend on your clients!

Client will be taken care of even if his sales rep is on vacation

If a sales rep fell ill, is on vacation or has been let go, it takes just a few clicks to appoint another sales rep to handle the clients.

A sales rep will not steal his clients communication history

Stop losing clients because your staff go and take with them their client communication history stored on their own devices. Now there is only one place to store all dialogs – in your CRM.

No more “I did not make enough phone calls because I had to message my clients all the time”

With Wazzup a manager can see all the messages his sales reps send. You’ll know exactly when and who your sales rep talks to. And the sales reps will know that you know. No more fake excuses.

Sales reps are always available for the clients

It doesn’t matter wh ere the sales reps got a client’s message: at his desk or in a traffic jam. With Wazzup you can send and receive texts, documents, images, and voice messages – just as with WhatsApp. The communication history will be stored in the CRM and may be accessed from a PC.

Data security

We store all data encrypted and comply with international personal data processing policies. We keep a close eye on our systems to make sure they're secure and safe, so no one can access our clients' data.

How to get started

  1. Install a widget

  2. Sign up for Wazzup

  3. Get a three-day free trial

  4. Choose the plan and pay

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