Bitrix24 Market Review Posting Guidelines

By posting reviews on Bitrix24 Market pages, including the Bitrix24 website, the user confirms that they agree to these Guidelines and accept Terms of Service and Bitrix24 Privacy Policy in its entirety.

The users will have to follow these Guidelines when posting ratings or reviews to the solutions published in Bitrix24 Market:

  • Only the logged in Bitrix24 users employing the Bitrix24 services can post ratings or reviews;
  • Only the users of the commercial Bitrix24 Service Plans can post ratings or reviews. Your review will be declined if the solution is installed on a trial version;
  • Your name and site URL may be published along with your review thus making them visible to other users;
  • The users can edit their ratings and reviews. The user can post only one rating and review for any one solution they installed on their Bitrix24 Account;
  • The user will make sure that the information in their review is accurate and true. Bitrix24 shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies, or deceptive, defamatory or misleading content found in user reviews;
  • The user's review will be verified and moderated prior to actual publication. The review will be published within three days after it is submitted.

The user agrees that their contact information may be used for communication by the solution author.

The user agrees that their reviews and ratings may be subject to further verification and may be changed or withdrawn without notice should any inaccuracy be found.

The user agrees that from the moment their review is submitted, Bitrix24 may make certain decisions regarding the review without notice. In particular, Bitrix24:

  • will not publish reviews containing information irrelevant to the solution;
  • will not publish reviews that do not provide value to other users;
  • will not publish obscene or abusive reviews;
  • may delete a published review at any time without any consequence;
  • may make decisions regarding the period of relevancy of a review. The review may be taken down if it is considered no longer relevant.

Bitrix24 has no obligation to inform the users as to the reason for declining or deleting a review or rating.

Bitrix24 may make changes to the present Guidelines at any time without notice. These changes will take effect the moment they are published.