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15 Free Daily Report Templates

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Updated: April 26, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: April 26, 2024
15 Free Daily Report Templates

During the workday, we usually have so many tasks and activities in our bucket that we can’t keep track of them in our heads. So, we need to use some daily progress report trackers to know what we’ve accomplished.

Use a tool like Bitrix24 to make the workspace more maintainable and think of different ways to keep track. Having a tool like this streamlines staying on top of everything. It’s a breeze to keep everything organized and under control.

Daily Reports and Their Advantages

You know, a daily report can be as straightforward as listing what you’ve eaten that day, or it can get pretty elaborate and document every task you did at work. It’s all about the way that you use it to run the project smoothly. You use it, to sum up what you’ve been up to and how things are going on the project.

Like there’s a different glass for a different type of drink, there’s also a different report template for a different situation. So, when you’re tracking what you’ve eaten and how you avoided the temptation to eat sweets you’ll put on some smileys or something in different columns, etc. But, we usually use them in project management, and here are some advantages:

  • Improved communication: Daily reports summarize all the activities and tasks inside different teams. So, there’s an incentive for communication on some key points.

  • Ownership: Daily reports make everyone accountable as an owner of their tasks. Then, when blockers come along or anything similar, the team can quickly reach out to the other people connected to that.

  • Identification of trends and patterns: Reviewing daily reports can help you understand what are common daily issues. What is the thing you might need to look into to handle situations like this in the future?

  • Progress tracking: Keeping track of multiple projects is difficult, and these templates help. Especially with an enormous project with a set of subprojects, you can do the same thing and even have daily team project reports.

  • Documenting: When you document all the decisions that take place and all the things that lead to those decisions, you have clear insight into what you can avoid in the future and what you can do better. Daily reports are a valuable source of documentation.

  • Informed decision-making: It all leads up to this. You have the documentation, i.e. daily reports where you’re tracking the progress, and you’ve identified the trends and patterns, and you can make informed decisions.

Bitrix24 makes it easy to create daily report templates.

Bitrix24 Daily Report tool is effective for managing everyday tasks. Focus on important goals and get things done

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1. All-Purpose Template

If you’re looking for a versatile progress tracker for everyday purposes, you don’t need to look anymore. This template is perfect for keeping tabs on daily activities. Just include the name of your team and the date of the report.


The main point is to summarize the daily tasks, and the template should also contain upcoming activities, meetings, or collaborations. The target progress is important too, so keep it organized with a comprehensive template every day.

2. Template for Marketing Activities Daily

This type of daily report template is different because it tracks the progress of marketing initiatives. The daily basis of your marketing campaign tracking is kept in this type of report, and it’s a bit different from the previous one.


These reports always contain the name of the key details of the campaign, i.e. the name, the date, and the duration of the campaign. Apart from key metrics, it also contains competitor analysis, audience insights, and other recommendations.

If some screenshots are available of the performance metrics or copies of the materials used in the campaign, it might be good to attach those as well. Also, you can always have additional notes such as the lessons you learned and the feedback you received.

Free Daily Report Templates

3. Daily Activities In the Sales Department Report

You should always know how the sales team is performing. It might even be advisable to have this as an individual-based report because that way you can track the sales metrics of each individual.


However, managers usually choose team-based reports with all the metrics of all the team members in one place daily. So, the daily sales report has general information like date and period.

Also, it contains the summary of the sales agent’s performance, i.e. how much money they made from sales, the quantity of products sold, the average value of their sales, and the comparison with the previous day.

Finally, it also shifts the focus to sales. So, it might contain the number of calls made by the sales agent, the number of meetings with prospects, and the follow-ups. Plus, some demos and presentations can be taken into account. It all depends on the daily report template.

4. Daily Customer Care Activities Template

This daily report type is probably one of the most important in your business. The template should include feedback from the customer, positive feedback highlights, and complaints.


Also, it should contain the number of tickets closed by the agent, the average response to closure time of the tickets, and the satisfaction ratings. But, it doesn’t need to be only about the customer support agents, it can be about the number of tickets as well.

5. Project Management Reporting Template

Check this out! Every day, you can easily summarize the accomplishments on the project, and highlight challenges that you’ve come across so you can provide updates on specific project areas.


When you fill out this template, you make a comprehensive communication tool to engage with stakeholders. Typically, the template includes the essential info like the name, manager, and date. But, it also shapes upcoming tasks and other key metrics.

6. Daily Cash Flow Report Template

As a business, you need to track your cash, and this template helps you keep track of cash transactions daily. Now, this template is a little more sophisticated because, apart from the report info, i.e. date, department, cashier’s name, etc., it also contains other complex things.


So, there’s the opening cash balance, the cash inflow, the cash outflow, total sales for the day, total non-cash transactions, the ending cash balance, variance analysis, i.e. calculation of any discrepancies between the opening and ending cash balances, and other comments.

Free Daily Report Templates

7. Daily Report Card Template

The daily report card template is usually used in some settings that involve learning. They’re useful for tracking the daily performance of students. Using this report, you can outline the progress of the parents of those students.


Apart from the student information, i.e. name, grade, date of report, these daily report card templates can contain, the attendance status and reasons if they’re absent, their academic progress, level of participation, goals and action plan, and other things.

All these things provide insight to the educator on how to improve the plan for a specific student. Seeing everything daily helps you plan one day at a time.

8. Daily Travel Activities Template

When you think about going on a business trip or a leisure trip with your family, friends, or even alone, there’s a question of expenses you need to think about. The daily report template for travel and expenses is the perfect way to track how much you’re spending on your vacation and what you plan to do next.


A good template for a business trip will have the details of the traveler, the purpose of the trip, and the expenses categorized by transportation, accommodations, meals and incidentals, and miscellaneous.

If you’re planning a leisure trip, you can do the same with the expenses, and track your daily spending to see if you’re not going overboard.

9. Healthcare Daily Report Template

When you say healthcare daily report template, you immediately think about the patient's health status. But, it’s more than that. Healthcare organizations require careful management, and their managers also use daily reports.


Healthcare organizations are departmentalized, so a typical daily report template will contain the name of the department, the shift, and the date of the report. But, it will also contain the number of patients admitted or discharged.

Additionally, there will be a dedicated section covering the status of your patients, the activities of the clinic, any staffing updates, incidents, equipment, and resource management segments, and the overall activity of the emergency departments.

10. School Daily Report Template

Let’s introduce this template, it tracks daily activities and incidents that happen in a school environment. You’ll get valuable insight into attendance, academic progress, disciplinary matters, and much more.


It also contains the progress on parent communication if it happened on that day, and the technology and resources used during that school day. However, there’s no need to add all the columns, you can add some to the monthly report.

Free Daily Report Templates

11. Daily Report Template for Daycare

It’s more or less the same as the daily report template for students, but it’s more to inform the parents of their child’s activity in the daycare, and behaviors that happen daily. Because it’s a development process, it’s important to have changes tracked.


The key reason it should be used is to notice any sudden changes in behavior and discrepancies in the behavior at daycare and home. The difference between this template and the other templates is the nap and rest time.

Also, daily activities are tracked, there’s a learning and development track, and injuries that occur during the day need to be noted down as well. Finally, there should be a section on the mood and emotions of a child.

12. Preschool Activity Daily Report Template

This template also serves the purpose of informing the parents about the progress of their child in preschool. The daily report for daycare usually includes more details about the educational activities, developmental milestones, and learning objectives.


Also, the daily report template for preschool usually outlines goals related to early literacy, social development, etc. So, it’s about pre-reading, pre-writing, problem-solving abilities, and cooperative play.

13. Daily Construction Report Template

When you’re a construction project manager or supervisor, you need to have a daily construction report template to keep track of the progress you’ve made during the construction. The template is a powerful tool because you can track the issues you encounter as well.


It helps the entire process remain transparent between the contractors and the entire construction team. The daily construction report template contains the construction project information, but it also contains other important factors.

The template provides insight into work completed the day before, work planned for today, the personnel available and the equipment, the materials necessary for the day, safety measures taken, inspections conducted, etc. It’s quite an important document.

14. Software Development Daily Report Template

Let’s take a look at this simple template. It’s made for software development to make the day easier for project managers. It streamlines monitoring of daily team advancements including the current blockers and task statuses.


The key features of this template are a comprehensive breakdown of all the completed tasks, the tasks in progress, and blocked tasks. Additionally, you can gain insight into newly added project tasks and code changes.

Because software development is intricate, it’s necessary to monitor the steps before the release. So, this template helps you do that successfully with track of the testing, deployment, and release stages.

15. Daily Report Template for Real Estate

The real estate daily report template is a daily progress report on real estate agent or agency activities. These should include client interactions, property viewings, and other important details.


If you’re an agent, you have a property listed under your name, you’ll track the viewings during the day, client interactions, and other updates regarding the listing, e.g. if the price is reduced, or if there’s a sale pending.

You’ll want to include the negotiations and offers with potential buyers like details of received offers, counteroffers, and finally accepted offers per listing. You might even include market research to understand the price better.

Bitrix24 makes it easy to create daily report templates.

Bitrix24 Daily Report tool is effective for managing everyday tasks. Focus on important goals and get things done

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Daily Report Key Points

So, let’s outline some things we’ve noticed so far. What does every daily report include? What should you include in every daily report? Usually, apart from the date and time of the report, you should include:

  • Report period: The period the report is going to cover. This means the template should have a place where you’ll specify whether the report is for today, yesterday, or for a specific shift.

  • Header: There should be a place in the daily progress report template for the name of the project, the team working on it, the department, or even an individual who should submit the report.

  • Key metrics: Every daily progress report template should contain the summary section where the reporter will add the summary, i.e. general description of the status of today’s work.

  • Completed activities: There should be a place for the activities that are completed during the reporting period. These activities should be outlined in the daily progress report.

  • Planned activities: After providing a spot for completed activities, there should also be a spot for planned activities for tomorrow’s report.

  • Challenges: Every daily progress report should contain a spot for the challenges that were faced by the project manager or the team during that day.

  • Opportunities: Some opportunities should be spotted by the project manager and tracked in the daily progress report as well.

  • Deadlines: Every activity needs to have its deadline outlined. So, new activities highlighted by the daily progress report should contain the deadline as well.

  • Stakeholder communications: If there have been any communications between stakeholders and the project manager, the key points and communications should be outlined in the report.

  • Safety and compliance: Independent of the type of report, there should be a place for reporting any situations of incidents, compliance issues, and other regulatory matters.

  • Budget updates: If there are any updates on the budget, there should be a place on the daily progress report template for the budget deductions, additions, or other expenditures.

  • Suggestions: This includes retrospectives on what could have been done better yesterday.

  • Approver signatures: There should be a place for the signature of the approver on the daily progress report.

Writing a Daily Report in Steps

Usually, when you read texts online about writing daily reports, the steps are pretty comprehensive and complex. In reality, if you do all these steps as they’ve described, then your only job would be to write daily reports. The way you write a daily progress report is easy.

First, take a look at yesterday’s report, compare the planned activities section with the completed activities, add what’s still in progress, and that’s it. There’s no need to overthink it and over prepare it, but it should outline the general things you’ve worked on.


There are tons of free daily report templates online you can use for any purpose. There are plenty of reasons to use them, and the main one is that you can track your progress and show it to others. It’s not difficult to write a daily report, but it’s extremely useful.

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