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Free Landing Page Builder

Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
Free Landing Page Builder

To increase your conversion rate and boost sales, you might want to build a dedicated leads page. It will contain less information than your brand's or company's official site and will be focused on the specific goods or services that you want to sell. 

Must-Have Features of a Landing Page Builder

A landing page is a single web page with one call to action. To be redirected to that page, users should click your ad or link. On the landing page, consumers can find the following types of information:

  • Characteristics of goods and services

  • A sign-up form

  • Promotional offers

  • Contests

The main mission of this type of web page is to generate leads for your business. To create it with little funds and effort, you should use a landing page builder. Thanks to this tool, you can be sure that the page you get will look aesthetically appealing, have an intuitive interface and motivate people for the purchase. A typical builder contains a set of templates that you can easily customize even if you lack designer or technical skills.

When choosing a landing page builder, you should make sure that it features the following elements:

  • Built-in pop-up tools. Exit-intent and timed pop-ups can maximize your conversion rates.

  • Landing page previews. Before the landing page goes live, you should make sure that it looks nice on any type of device.

  • Advanced design features. You should be able to change backgrounds and colors, add countdown timers and so on.

  • An easy-to-use editor. It should offer undo/redo options, tools for organizing content and an opportunity to save drafts.

  • Subdomains. The more hosting opportunities the landing page builder supports, the better.

  • Live chat. It's a crucial element of customer service. In the chat, your support staff will be able to reply to clients as soon as they try to reach out. The less consumers need to wait, the more likely they will be to purchase something.

  • Google AMP. It should be a native feature for mobile landing pages. It makes them load faster.

With the help of a good landing page builder, you can create a webpage that boosts conversions. The homepage of your brand's or company's official site would hardly cope with this task.

Now, let's analyze the primary benefits of using a landing page builder:

  • Goal-oriented results. On the page, there will be no marks that would let users know who created it and when. It will look very professional and will encourage visitors to concentrate on their main goal: get to know more about the product and buy it (maybe, using a promotional offer). No one will ever get to know which type of builder you used.

  • A/B testing. Most builders come with an in-built A/B testing tool. You won't need to pay extra to monitor the performance of your landing page. Ideally, you should create the page in several variants, publish all of them and compare their conversion rates. Then, you should leave only the highest-performing variant and save its characteristics to use for your further campaigns. That's the essence of A/B testing. It enables you to find out which color scheme attracts consumers the most, which features they use most often and which ones seem to be excessive, which headline convinces people best to make the next click and so on. You can easily tweak the pages in the builder's interface, feature by feature.

  • Attractive templates. The word "template" doesn't mean that your landing page will look identical to someone else's. You'll borrow only the general layout of the page and the best practices of structuring it. The templates are numerous and diverse and you can customize them. In the end, you can be sure that your landing page will look 100% unique. You should strive to make it aesthetically appealing, creative and intriguing. Usually, the templates are grouped according to business niches and domain areas. For instance, you can find templates for medical or educational services, childcare, travel, premium goods and so on.

  • Ease of use. Even if you have never built landing pages before, you should be able to complete the task in one day. It will be a hassle-free process and you'll be able to exercise your creativity. All you need to do is read or watch the instructions and follow them. Feel free to experiment: if you don't like the result of your work, you can push the Undo button or edit those elements that seem imperfect. The most common type of editor is the drag-and-drop one — it's so intuitive that it might resemble a children's game. You don't need to learn any commands or hotkeys to use it. Before the landing goes live, you'll be able to preview it and check how it adapts to displays of various sizes.

  • Flexible publishing options. Once your page is ready, you need to publish it. If your business has an IT team and one or several sites, you won't need to think about hosting yourself. But what if you have just built your first landing page ever and don't want to pay a lot of money for its hosting? And you don't want to investigate how to choose a proper type of hosting right now? Then, you might use a free subdomain that your landing page builder might offer you. If you already have a site, you might nevertheless use the free subdomain because it will enable you to manage the landing page separately from your root domain. Meanwhile, consumers will perceive both your site and the landing page as belonging to a uniform domain. Your marketing team won't need to ask the IT team for help each time they want to tweak something in the campaign. Plus, you can use the opportunity to add some valuable content to the URL of your landing page. Thanks to this trick, your potential customers will be better prepared for the information on the page.

  • Integrations with third-party software tools. These might be SEO or email marketing tools, webinar platforms, opt-in form builders and so on. They will help you to better achieve your goals: generate leads, encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter and so on.

The most misleading feature of a builder is its price. The competition in this sector is fierce and even the most well-known developers lower the costs of their products to attract more customers. Moreover, some excellent solutions might be available for free (at least their basic functionality).

Here, we'd like to share a few tips on making the most of the landing page builder:

  • Add a catchy headline to your landing page. 80% of users will read only the headline but not the content below. An ideal headline consists of no more than 20 words and belongs to one of the following categories: Testimonial (quote a consumer who praises your product), Cliffhanger (make the user curious and motivate them to click and check the continuation of the story), Value Proposition (accentuate that your product is the only one that can solve the consumer's pains), a How To... guide or A List of X Items That Can Solve the Problem.

  • Use mobile landing page templates. In the last five years, mobile traffic has increased by 222%. You need to make sure that your landing page is compatible with any type of mobile device and adapts nicely to their compact displays. Normally, a landing page builder should feature mobile-responsive templates by default. When arranging the content on a mobile landing page, you should keep in mind that users will be skimming rather than reading the content. That's why you should avoid lengthy text passages. Besides, you should insert eye-catchy pictures in between the passages. These pictures should stick in users' memory and make them think of your site long after they close it.

  • Focus on unique selling points. A USP of your business is something that only you have and your competitors can't copy or mimic. You should define your USPs and find optimal ways of delivering this information to your customers. Your ultimate goal is to convince those people who already use your rivals' services to try yours.

  • Ensure security. Make sure your landing page builder provides automatic SSL encryption, web security seals of reputed companies, security plugins and software.

Now, we'd like to share brief characteristics of solutions, each of which deserves to be called the best landing page builder in its respective category.

The Best Landing Page Builder at No Cost

The most popular and user-friendly solution that you can use to build a leads page and that is available for free is Bitrix24. It's a powerful and versatile system that features extensive functionality: from time management instruments to product and project management tools, from a CRM to a built-in contact center. You might want to create a landing page in Bitrix24 for the following reasons:

  • You don't need to have any coding skills

  • This solution features over 100 industry-specific templates that you can easily customize in a block-based editor

  • You'll get a free second-level domain and free hosting

  • All landing pages come fully integrated with the Bitrix24 CRM, marketing and customer support tools (including web forms and live chats)

  • Bitrix24 can integrate with third-party apps to boost your sales, enhance your marketing efforts or process payments

The integration with the CRM means that all the customers, orders and payments you receive from your landing page will be automatically added to the Bitrix24 database. It will be very easy for you to track the efficiency of your marketing page, segment your audience and improve your strategy. Besides, Bitrix24 can analyze the accumulated data and generate insightful reports (either custom or created according to ready-made templates). You can use this actionable data to amend your marketing efforts. In a nutshell, Bitrix can help you to quickly build a top-notch landing page and streamline all the business processes related to it.

Please mind that even though we classify Bitrix24 as the best free landing page builder, it also has paid plans. You can try its basic functionality at no cost, for an unlimited number of users. You'll get access to the website builder, 5GB of storage space, CRM, collaboration tools, tasks and projects. If you need more resources, you can upgrade. The cheapest Basic plan costs 39 USD per month and accommodates five users. The Standard plan accommodates 50 users and costs 79 USD per month. The priciest Professional plan costs 159 USD per month and has an unlimited number of users.

Top Landing Page Builder That Will Drive Email Newsletter Signups

ConvertKit is probably the best landing page builder for driving your email newsletter signups. Its target audience is content creators who would like to monetize their talents: singers, writers, vloggers, podcasters and so on. However, if you don't belong to any creative industry, you might also consider using ConvertKit.

To get started with this landing page builder, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Landing Pages & Forms

  • Push the Create New button

  • Pick from one of over 50 base templates

  • Customize the template

  • Choose additional elements for the template (such as a countdown timer or a product consumers can order), click on them and then click the "+" icon beside the element

ConvertKit allows users to publish landing pages using the default — but you might opt for a custom one.

Top Landing Page Builder for Giveaways and Competitions

If you're planning to run competitions and giveaways, consider the KickoffLabs landing page builder. Here is how you can get started with it:

  • Pick the type of campaign that best meets your requirements

  • Choose how to gather leads (you can do it on a new landing page or create forms or pop-ups for an existing site)

  • Decider whether you would like to run the competition on a single page or on a separate page

  • Select a template

  • Edit the template (you can use pre-made content blocks)

The KickoffLabs landing page builder enables you to either publish the page directly once it's ready or download an HTML copy of it to host on your servers.

Top Landing Page Builder for Small Businesses

When you try to find a worthy landing page builder, you'll discover that most solutions were designed for online businesses. Unbounce is one of the few that equally cater to digital entrepreneurs and those who work offline.

Unbounce allows you to choose between the Classic landing page builder and its AI-powered Smart counterpart. The former features a powerful editor and dozens of templates, including industry-specific ones for medical professionals, food service and so on. The latter asks you what you intend to use the page for and automatically generates a layout based on the information that you provide. You can easily customize that layout.

Plus, Unbounce offers A/B testing and targeting tools. You can build several variants of the landing page and test them against each other to identify the most efficient one. The text on the page can get dynamically replaced depending on what exactly a specific user is looking for.

Top Landing Page Builder That Will Sell Your Products

Some landing pages inform consumers about the benefits of specific brands or products, others motivate them for the purchase. If you need the latter, consider using Leadpages. Here are just a few distinctive features of this landing page builder:

  • You select a template from the Leadpages collection and customize it. You click anything on the page design, and the rest of the page will slightly fade out. You'll be able to fully concentrate on the Leadpages item you're currently working on.

  • In the floating panel next to each item, you can promptly switch between several editing options.

  • In the left sidebar of the Leadpages interface, you can find page options and widgets. You can use them to add videos, images, forms and other types of content.

  • Leadpages enables you to embed an OpenTable booking form if you run a restaurant or a Calendly form if you schedule your time that way.

  • To add a call to action, plan pricing or some other content block, you can use the Leadpages Sections menu.

To be able to add a checkout form, you should upgrade to a Pro or higher Leadpages plan.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand how to choose and use a landing page builder. This tool enables you to create a stunning webpage that will maximize your conversion rate and boost your revenue. You don't even need to have designer or coding skills. The most well-known landing page builder that you can use for free is Bitrix24. Apart from that, feel free to try KickoffLabs, Leadpages or any other solution from this article.

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