Free Document Sharing

Free Document Sharing
and Online Storage in Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 comes with free document sharing, online document storage, document management, and online multiuser document editing. It has been specifically created for small teams and organizations and can be used for something as simple as sharing files with a person outside your company or as complex as setting up multistep document approval workflows. Here’s what you get with the free Bitrix24 plan.
  • Advantages

    • 5GB Online Document Storage
    • 12 Users Free
    • Secure Document Sharing
    • Private and Public Files
    • Document Editing w/out MS Office
    • Outside Download Link
    • Mobile App (iOS/Android)
    • Synchronization with PC/Mac
    • Bitrix24.Drive
    • Network Drive Mapping
    • Version History
    • Document Workflow
  • Online Document Storage
    and Document Sharing

    When storing documents online with Bitrix24, you have three choices – Commom Documents (company files, available to everyone), Group Files (workgroup files available to group members) and My Drive (personal files). Please note that you can share access to your personal files/folders with other employee. You can also give a download link to your document to a user outside Bitrix24.

  • Online Document Management

    Bitrix24 allows users to work (create and edit) with documents even if there is no MS Office suite installed. Documents can be edited online by multiple users simultaneously. Importantly, document version history is kept so that it’s possible to revert to an earlier version of document at any point, if necessary.

  • Network Drive and Synchronization

    You can easily synchronize your Bitrix24 files with your PC or Mac, when you use free Bitrix24.Drive. Bitrix24.Drive works with both cloud and self-hosted versions of Bitrix24. You can map a single document library or all of your document libraries to a network drive on your local machine literally in 2 clicks using WebDav. Installing mobile app will let you view your Bitrix24 documents on iOS and Android based devices.

  • Document Workflow

    Bitrix24 comes with two advanced document workflow tools. Business process designer, available in free plans, can be used for document approval, resume management, or confirmation of expenses, among other things. Records Management (Lists), is available in the Professional plan and is used for administration of business records in companies with high-volume document flow. Two-way synchronization with SharePoint lists is available.

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