Rates & Credits

Calling Rates*

from 0,039 €/min
USA (excluding Alaska)
from 0,012 €/min
Canada (excluding Northwest)
from 0,009 €/min
from 0,014 €/min
from 0,005 €/min
0,037 €/min
from 0,014 €/min
Destinations and rates for Bitrix24 outbound calls

* Rates are set by VoxImplant and are subject to change without notice. Prices indicate EUR / 1 min including VAT. Exchange rate fees may apply if paid in local currencies. To make outbound calls or receive incoming calls, you need to make a deposit to your account.

Rental Fees

Rent local number
4 €-11 €/mo
Rent toll free number (US, UK)
6 €/mo
Rent SIP connector *
49 €/mo

* - SIP connector supports up to 10 PBX

Number rental and outbound call fees are deducted from your available telephony credits. For example, if you purchase 30 € worth of telephony credits and decide to rent a local phone number, 4 € to 11 € will be deducted from your credits. The remaining 26 € to 19 € can be spent on phone calls.

Call Transcription

Automatic call transcription (80 languages)
0,05 €/minute

Call transcription fees are deducted from the telephony credits.

Telephony credits

Add credits to Telephony balance
top up

You can enable/disable the automatic balance top-up option in your Voximplant account.
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