Bitrix24 for Sales

Total sales force management in Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 goes beyond simply providing sales tools, such as CRM, and can be used for total sales force management, because it comes with a built-in human resources information system (HRIS).

Time Management

The time management system in Bitrix24 installs discipline in the work schedule without creating a high pressure atmosphere. Employees may be required to clock in to start their workday and clock out to finish it. Because Bitrix24 tracks IP addresses, managers can easily determine if a person clocked in or out from the office or home, and be alerted when someone was late to work or left early.


Workload Management

Employee workload planning in Bitrix24’s project management system lets you allocate time for each task subordinates are supposed to complete and after completion, compare the allotted time to how much has actually been spent.


Sales Reports

There are two types of work reports available in Bitrix24 for the sales force. CRM reports (based on Leads, Managers, and Invoices) can be used to see what each of your sales managers has been doing over a chosen time period - for example, how many calls or customer meetings took place last month. Daily, weekly or monthly work reports can be sent to supervisors by employees who aren't directly involved in sales so that their performance and efficiency can be assessed accurately as well.



Private and shared calendars are available in Bitrix24 in order to coordinate sales activity and group projects, schedule meetings and discussions, or set up appointments with clients and prospects directly from CRM. Bitrix24 even comes with its own leave management system that allows your employees to schedule vacations, request time off or get approval for business trips.


More Features

Other tools that will help you manage your sales force and employees effectively available that come with Bitrix24 are Employee Self Service Portal, Recruiting Tools, HR Forms, and Dynamic Organizational Chart.