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Bitrix24 is leading free project scope management software used by over 10 million teams in 186 countries. Project deliverables, Required resources, Project stakeholders, Project schedule are the essentials of traditional project scope management. The solution also offers modern tools such as Gantt, Kanban, Scrum, calendars and more.

Bitrix24 is leading free project scope management software used by over 10 million teams in 186 countries. If you read any project scope example, you’ll immediately understand that it’s a lot less intimidating than it seems. Essentially, any project scope statement contains information about four things:

  1. Project deliverables. This is a fancy term for ‘why we are doing this project, what we are going to get out of it’.
  2. Required resources. Any project requires resources, be they money, people or equipment. 
  3. Project stakeholders. Who’s involved in this project, why and in what roles. Or who’s doing what.
  4. Project schedule. Start dates, end dates, deadlines and milestones.
The reason why Bitrix24 is now the leading project scope management tool isn’t just because it’s 100% free, though it certainly helps. The real reason is that you can’t use traditional tools for project scope management as if it’s 1980’s. And by traditional tools we mean a pen and a piece of paper (or a computer and a printer).
Bitrix24 gives you multiple tools for effective project scope and change management:
If you are ready to join millions of teams who rely on Bitrix24 for project scope management, get your free account today.

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Basic features

  • Free - 5 GB online storage
  • Unlimited users free
  • Free unlimited projects
  • Free unlimited subtasks
  • Task dependencies
  • Multiple Gantt charts
  • Cloud & On Premise
  • Free mobile PM (iOS and Android)
  • Open source code and API

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Task management

Project management starts with tasks and in Bitrix24 tasks come in different shapes and sizes. Personal tasks, group tasks, sub tasks, repeating tasks, task templates and so on. Tasks and sub tasks are unlimited and you can delegate them to another person, if necessary. Checklists and workflow automation guarantee that nothing will be overlooked or forgotten.

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Employee management

  • Unlimited user groups
  • Intranet & Extranet (external users)
  • Gantt chart
  • Employee workload planning
  • Task roles (Assisting, Observing, Set by me)
  • Task counters
  • Task notifications
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Time and planning

  • Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Task time tracking
  • Customizable work day settings
  • Daily planner
  • Online calendar
  • Mobile calendar
  • Learn more

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Social collaboration

  • Social network
  • IM & Team chat
  • Video calls & video conferencing
  • Appreciation badges
  • Mentions
  • Mandatory announcements
  • File sharing and synchronization
  • Learn more

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CRM & Client management

  • Billing
  • Quotes
  • Client management (CRM)
  • Email
  • Call center
  • Records management
  • Learn more

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We also have a great YouTube channel that covers every aspect of Bitrix24, from sales and planning to document management and company internal communication tools.
To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.
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