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Tired of keeping your passwords in a text file on the desktop or on a sticker? Tired of loosing passwords and wasting time recovering them? Our PassKeeper app will help you to:

  • Find passwords faster;
  • Use unified access database;
  • Make notes for specific projects;
  • Give different access levels to users;
  • When adding FTP access in form to go to the site in one click.

We have provided full security of your passwords. They are encrypted and stored in a Bitrix24 cloud. No one from outside of your company will have access to this data, neither Bitrix24 developers nor PassKeeper developers. We also use protected SSL protocol to transfer data.

The users have several roles and ways to work with the records.

The Bitrix24 account admin has a full access to all data in PassKeeper. He can set and delete access rights for all projects.

The User can:

1. See passwords. Type a name of the project in search bar. In search results you will see the resource name and its password. If you do not have access rights the password will be covered by star signs (*).

2. Enter new passwords. You can add new resources and passwords to them by yourself. In this case you become the Owner of the record and are able to give access rights to other users.


A 15-day trial is free. Because Bitrix24 Marketplace does not yet support paid apps, everything is marked as free.

Version 2
- added German translation
- some improvements

Version 1
PassKeeper app is your simple and convenient way of storing passwords and other accesses to resources.

Please, feel free to send your suggestions to
The app is installed automatically from Bitrix24 Marketplace.