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KrispCall Pte. Ltd.
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KrispCall's advanced cloud-based phone system keeps your team connected through an array of mediums. More than a virtual phone service, it provides an integrated business solution tailored for the modern workplace.

It provides a wide range of capabilities, from routine internal conversations and external customer interactions to advanced features specifically designed for call centers, sales teams, and enterprise support operations. This versatility allows companies across all industries and growth stages to improve collaboration.

By integrating KrispCall directly into your Bitrix24 workflow, you can streamline interactions by enabling calling, texting, and voicemail messaging without leaving your database. Additionally, call logging automatically captures details such as recordings, notes, and analytics within each contact record. This saves your team significant manual effort while improving data integrity. Together, these systems create a centralized hub for engaging both employees and customers.

KrispCall offers flexible pricing, and phone numbers from 100+ countries.

Note: Please install KrispCall Browser Extension to enable calling from Bitrix24.

If you do not have a KrispCall account, signing up is easy. Please complete the signup from here and follow installation instructions to seamlessly integrate KrispCall with Bitrix24.

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Integrate KrispCall with Bitrix24 and handle your calls and customer interactions without switching between apps.

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Follow these steps for easy installation of Bitrix24 by KrispCall.

  • Login into your KrispCall Account.

  • Go to "Settings" tab in the dashboard and tap on "Integrations"

  • Now scroll down to find the Bitrix24 and tap on "Connect".

  • Login to your Bitrix24 CRM account.

  • Install KrispCall Browser Extension to enable calling from Bitrix24.