ChatApp for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber
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ChatApp for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

The leading no-code chatbot builder. Grow your subscriber list, create bots and broadcast messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, Email, SMS and Messenger.

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ChatApp is a platform for communication in messengers and social networks. Connect with customers directly fr om CRM. The correspondence will be saved in the system. Add bots to your dialogues by creating them in the ChatApp Builder. Integration setup will take 15 minutes!

ChatApp supports the following channels: WhatsApp (regular and official), Telegram, Telegram bot, VKontakte, Viber, Avito, Instagram, and even Email.

We offer the best tools:

  • Communication: start conversations first in all messengers fr om a single browser window or mobile application, wh ere you will see all inquiries simultaneously.
  • Smart mailing: reduce the risk of blocking when automatically mass messaging customers through messengers using ChatApp tools.
  • Service uniformity: gather a database of typical responses for employees, reducing time on routine tasks.
  • AI: ChatGPT will answer common questions in chats or find information for operators, reduce peak loads, and handle frequent requests.
  • Widget: different communication ways are combined into one element on your website for effective communication through messengers, social networks, and email. The widget will track UTM tags to determine wh ere the lead came from.
  • Parser: collect user information from Telegram channels or competitors' groups to expand the customer base and send newsletters.
  • Lead scanner: track interest in your products and services using bots based on keywords, thereby expanding the database of potential leads.

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