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The IQ.timer application in Bitrix24 is a step towards increasing productivity and efficiency in your organization. using the tool, you gain full control over managing work time, which translates into better results and greater satisfaction with the tasks performed. The application offers:

  • Daily plan: organize work by focusing on selected
  • Day plan reset:
        automatic updates and task organization for the next day.
  • Stopwatch: a start/stop function for measuring time
        on tasks.
  • manual time filling in tasks: manually fill in time when it is more
        appropriate for the specifics of your work.
  • Task list: sel ect tasks fr om the list assigned to an
        employee in the Bitrix24 system.
  • Automatic counting of time filled in tasks in Bitrix24: record the time registered on tasks in the Bitrix24 system.
  • Billable tasks: mark
        tasks as payable for billing clients.
  • Adding tasks and time tracking in the daily plan directly in Bitrix24: use functional buttons available in Bitrix24 tasks for time
        recording on a given workday.
  • Reports and notifications sent by email: receive regular time reports on your email and notifications
        supporting work time recording. IQ.timer informs about the lack of tasks
        in the daily plan, reminds you to start the stopwatch, and sends weekly
        reports to supervisors.
  • Daily work time and task reports: time
        summaries for employee or client. View of tasks completed in a given
        period with the option to edit entries and open tasks in Bitrix24.
  • Insight into work schedule by the supervisor: controling the progress and efficiency of employees.
  • Employee workload: offers
        the ability to monitor task distribution in the team.
  • Time accounting with an employee
        or client - thanks to the ability of exporting time reports to
        Excel, you can generate summaries of hours, which can then serve as an
        attachment to the invoice issued to the client or for the settlement paid
        out to the employee

Benefits of using IQ.timer:


  • Clarity and ease of use: it is
        intuitive and simple to use, which translates into its effectiveness in
        everyday use.
  • Support in managing a company:
        IQ.Timer is a tool that not only facilitates managing work time but also
        supports the overall organization of work in the company.
  • Tracking time spent on specific tasks: provides full transparency in terms of time spent on individual
        projects and tasks.
  • Control over employee engagement: monitor
        how employees fulfill set schedules.
  • Increasing company profits: proper
        work organization translates into increased efficiency and, consequently,
        company profits.
  • Easing task planning: with
        better insight into the time needed to complete individual tasks, planning
        becomes more precise.
  • Positive impact on employee engagement: the ability to view one's own work time increases motivation and
        employee morale.
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