Articles 7 Google Docs alternatives to create and manage documents

7 Google Docs alternatives to create and manage documents

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: May 17, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: May 17, 2024
7 Google Docs alternatives to create and manage documents

Proper document management is the backbone of any successful project, or company, for that matter. Having vital information in clear black and white available anytime they are needed is the key to effective communication, efficient collaboration, and top-notch performance. You’ll soon discover that decisions are easier to make, too, along with putting strategies in place and completing deliverables. All of these are just because you have all the information you need, meticulously documented, categorized, and cataloged.

You’d probably say you’re loyal to Google Docs and that despite its shortcomings and inadequacies, it’s still your go-to platform for document creation, management, and storage. However, over time, your business needs change, and you might get the feeling that it’s time for an upgrade. Or maybe you just find that you have a hankering for document editing software with more functionality, integration compatibility, and flexibility. Thanks to innovation and creativity, there is a vast wealth of alternatives to Google Docs that you can get your hands on. You’re practically spoiled for options!

Never fear. We’re here to help. We’ll narrow the field for you if you’re looking for one of, if not, the best Google Docs alternatives. We will not only be giving you a great list of choices to deliberate on in this article. We will also give you tips on what to look for when shopping around.

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What to look for in Google Docs alternatives

Google Docs has a lot of things going for it but, alas, there’s always room for a bit of modernization especially if you want to take your business to the next level. Upgrading to another platform also allows you to offer your employees and clients alike a degree of flexibility and ease in working that cannot be found in another platform altogether. If you’re thinking of switching up, here are some of the things that you should look for:

  • Communication – Sure, with Google Docs, you can leave comments on documents which is nice but not many people care to look at the comments (mostly because they’re not readily visible). Seek out Google Docs alternatives that enable users to chat with each other for more fluid collaboration and minimal back and forth while they’re working on the same file.

  • Printing – It’s not as straightforward a job as everyone would like with Google Docs. You will need to download the file and contend with extra things on the borders of your printouts.

  • File formats – Get yourself a document management tool that will not limit the file formats that you can use it for. There are Google Docs alternatives that will not garble your file contents because the format doesn’t suit its capabilities.

  • Formatting – Scout around for the best alternatives to Google Docs that will allow you to format your documents as complex as you desire.

  • Editing – These days, it’s all about working smart and finishing up your deliverables quickly. For this, you need document editing software that will allow you to use keyboard shortcuts.

There may be other things that you require from a Google Docs alternative that is not listed above. Whatever your concerns or needs are, we’re positive you’ll find the option best suited to you below. That said, let’s dive in.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive solution for project, knowledge, and document management, all in one robust platform. Designed to help businesses succeed in their day-to-day operations with basic yet powerful tools, Bitrix24 stands out as a highly viable alternative to Google Docs. It's like a digital Swiss army knife: compact yet powerful, useful, and surprisingly well-built.

With Bitrix24, users can edit and store documents both online and offline from any device, making it ideal for hybrid office environments with remote and on-site workers. You can keep your documents safe from unauthorized access through controlled access rights and read-only permissions. It facilitates team collaboration, saving time and effort as files are stored in a central team drive. Integrations are extensive, both within the Bitrix24 network of tools and externally. Automation is as straightforward as any other task performed with Bitrix24.

In addition to document management, Bitrix24 enables meeting note-taking, creation of personal or team to-do lists, project documentation folder creation, and task assignment and completion tracking. You can also create knowledge bases for internal employees and customers, empowering them to help themselves. Once you've finished working on your documents, you have the option to store them in your personal or team drive, organize them into specific segments for projects or teams, or save them directly into your company's knowledge base for easy access and reference. You also have the option to plug them into your automated workflows. All of this and much more is available through one unbeatable platform: Bitrix24.

No more dozens of apps! Just one is enough!

Keep your company interactions within a company intranet! Bitrix24 offers a free digital office with business 35+ tools.

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2. Microsoft OneDrive

If snazzy presentation decks and slides are more your speed, Microsoft OneDrive is the Google Docs alternative to go to battle with. It’s a cloud-based file creation, management, and sharing platform that also happens to be a collaboration and basic knowledge management tool. Thanks to its parent company, you can easily integrate Microsoft OneDrive with Microsoft Office making it one of the most formidable office suite alternatives. This way, you and the rest of your team can create, share, and save documents, files, and folders effortlessly.

You can easily keep track of your documents’ version history with Microsoft OneDrive and revert to the previous one if necessary. Users can also access the drive using mobile devices for last-minute changes and edits. On top of it all, managers and team leaders can control how each file is accessed by granting edit rights to those who are allowed to make revisions to certain files. Others can read these documents and not be able to alter anything, keeping files safe.

3. Notion

Operating under the idea of versatility and adaptability, Notion is a fitting Google Docs alternative for businesses looking for a more holistic knowledge management approach. Users can create documents while communicating with teammates and collaborating. It’s a document editing software that can be used for notetaking, to-do lists, and bookmarking links among other task management, project tracking, and organizational functions.

Notion is not like any other online word processors. It can also be used offline and accessed through a variety of devices. The free plan is available for single users like freelancers who want to have a more structured work life. Whether you’re acquiring it for your solo venture or your small business, Notion is one of the Google Docs competitors worth looking into.

4. ClickUp

Initially conceived as a project management software, ClickUp gradually added more and more functions until it became another Google Docs alternative to take a closer look at. Enjoy collaborative document editing, storage, and management for the whole team plus multiple task lists for various teams in your company. Multiple users can also view, edit, and save the same document at the same time if needed.Additionally, ClickUp offers advanced document versioning and permissions settings, ensuring smooth and secure collaboration on shared documents within your team.


ClickUp can also be used as a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming sessions and meetings, rich text formatting, and multimedia embedding. Although it’s still possible to access ClickUp using any device, their mobile dashboard has lags and bugs. It’s safe to assume that their team is working on resolving this to make the experience more enjoyable and unimpaired.

5. Dropbox Paper

Another entry in our list of cloud-based writing tools is Dropbox Paper. It’s highly comparable to Google Docs but with a few added features that aid in knowledge management. Dropbox Paper enables multiple users to access, update, and save documents at the same time – very helpful in saving time while getting things done and sharing knowledge simultaneously. The platform also makes it possible for users to embed multimedia into documents to make databases, workflows, and knowledge bases more comprehensive.

Dropbox Paper has built-in to-do lists and checklists that will help in keeping team members organized and on top of their deliverables and deadlines. Integration with other tools such as Slack and Trello is no problem at all with Dropbox Paper – very useful if you want a complete approach to team collaboration. If you have remote workers or like to work on things here and there on the go, you’ll be happy to know that Dropbox Paper is available for use on a number of mobile devices.

6. Zoho Writer

Looking for a Google Docs alternative that’s distinctly similar? Zoho Writer has pretty much the same editing options and a navigation sidebar. What sets Zoho Writer apart, though, is the series of advanced features on offer like mail merge, an in-app chat capability, and electronic signatures. Customizable templates for project plans, knowledge base articles, and more are available, too! Users can embed multimedia into documents to make them more dynamic and engaging.

Another advantage of Zoho Writer compared to the other Google Docs competitors is that it’s part of the Zoho Workspace network. This means Zoho Writer can be used in conjunction with other Zoho tools like CRM, Desk, and Projects among others. All of these make Zoho Writer a valuable software to invest in. Teams can make use of it in projects, task management, and collaboration.

7. Slite

Slite is more than just another Google Docs alternative. It’s a collaborative document management platform and knowledge management tool. Sharing information within your organization has never been as seamless as when you’re employing Slite. These reference materials are always available anytime someone in the company needs them. You can also embed images, videos, and more to make learning enjoyable and interesting.

As for documentation, users can create, share, and save documents with ease. These files can then be organized into channels which can be set to either public or private. Doing this ensures that only authorized parties have access to resources on top of keeping team members updated on newly published materials. Managers and leaders can also track changes and versions so they can undo any revision if necessary. Apart from integrations, Slite also has available templates ready for use so creating new documents is highly manageable.

Google Docs alternatives to create and manage documents

Dynamic document management system from Bitrix24

You’ll find that it’s impossible for anything to get done properly and on time without having the right tools at your disposal. What makes things more challenging is that it can’t be just one thing. You have to have all the tools at hand or nothing at all because one missing cog renders the wheel inoperable. The same can be said if you have been looking for but have not found a decent Google Docs alternative.

Look no further than Bitrix24 with its many functions and features available to your team online or offline, anytime and anywhere. From document management to knowledge bases and project management – consider Bitrix24 the only toolbox you need. Sign up today and find out for yourself what secure and seamless collaboration and stellar productivity look like.

No more dozens of apps! Just one is enough!

Keep your company interactions within a company intranet! Bitrix24 offers a free digital office with business 35+ tools.

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What are the main benefits of using alternatives to Google Docs for document management?

The main benefits of using alternatives to Google Docs for document management are:

  • Integrations with other tools

  • Collaboration options

  • Roles, permission, and version control

  • Customization

  • Accessibility

  • Security

  • Cloud storage

How do Google Docs alternatives compare in terms of collaboration features?

Google Docs alternatives compare in terms of collaboration features by:

  • Giving users the chance to communicate in real-time with internal messaging tools

  • Providing access to multiple people while also controlling the security

  • Revision history instead of version history

  • Enabling automation faculties

  • Making integrations possible

Can Google Docs alternatives integrate with other productivity tools?

Many of the Google Docs alternatives available in the market nowadays can be integrated with other productivity tools, offering users all-in-one solutions. Whether you need project, task, knowledge, or even database management, you’re guaranteed to find a good match.

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