Articles Essential Mobile CRM Apps for Agile Businesses: 2024 Guide

Essential Mobile CRM Apps for Agile Businesses: 2024 Guide

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: April 25, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: April 25, 2024
Essential Mobile CRM Apps for Agile Businesses: 2024 Guide

It is essential for a company, no matter how big or small, to have an installed CRM system. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and carefully chosen software can help your business in ways you didn't even think about.

Everything mentioned above might not be news, and you are already aware of the pros and cons of having such an application. However, this might be the first time you have heard about mobile CRM and how installing one can solve some of your current issues. So, let's dive into the topic and get everything sorted out.

In this article, you will learn about what a mobile CRM is, why you need one, its advantages for both your employees and customers and our top list of available softwares on the market.

The Definition of the Mobile CRM

Before exploring the benefits of installing mobile CRM software, we should know the meaning of it as well as its differences from the usual CRM.

What is a Mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM is an app made for your devices, like phones or tablets. The purpose of this software is to have access to the main features of the familiar CRM on the go.

Some of the positions require frequent travel instead of the day-to-day office job. Usually, this is relevant to marketing, customer support as well as sales teams. Mobile CRM is easy to access and helps keep productivity rates high. Some of the features presented in the software may include:

  • Task management;

  • Ratel calculation;

  • Files access;

  • Contact information;

  • Customer details;

  • Sale process tracking;

  • Marketing data;

  • etc.

For those who are not bound to a specific location, having access to the working information while "in the field" is essential. And this is where mobile CRM software comes in handy.

What are the differences between the usual and mobile CRM apps?

The main goal of differentiating CRMs is creating the best customer experience based on the device of choice. The standard software is created for desktop use, while the mobile one is designed for more portable devices like smartphones or tablets.

The intent is to provide the user with access to the required business information in the office and in the field. The mobile version usually has the same features as the familiar CRM form. However, some functions can be limited or excluded due to the inconvenience of use.

Essential Mobile CRM Apps for Agile Businesses: 2024 Guide

Why is Mobile CRM Important?

There are several reasons why mobile CRM can be an integral part of your sales process and why people are switching to this software version.

General CRM importance

To organize and navigate your sales process, implementing a CRM system is a must. It collects all your contacts with their vital information, helps with generating new leads as well as organizes your sales funnel at every step for various departments. 

All of these features are available on your desktop. However, there are a lot of instances when your employees have to take work-related trips and must still have access to all the benefits provided by the CRM.

This is incredibly relatable when talking about the sales team since they are the ones interacting with the potential customers. In many instances, they have to travel to hold a meeting when having easy and fast access to the database is crucial. 

Some of the data can be forgotten or lost, leading to missing a potential customer. Notes can also be taken on paper, yet the employee will have to insert the information in the system later.

Role of smartphones in our lives

Nowadays, everyone uses at least one smartphone. You can not imagine a person going somewhere and leaving his device behind. We are using it for communication, entertainment, and business. A lot of people prefer the mobile version of the apps and software due to:

  • easy access;

  • speed of the process;

  • usage habit.

The desktop version has more features and could be easier to navigate, more and more people migrate to the other version. Over the last 10 years, more than 60% of users have switched to mobile devices, and these numbers keep growing.

Most Powerful Mobile CRM - Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is available for both iOS and Android to help sales and marketing teams stay connected and sell more.

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Benefits of having a mobile CRM

Integrating a mobile CRM into your work process allows our employees access to all the required data without the need to use a desktop version. Your sales team can access all the data on the go, and you, as the owner, have the possibility to run your business via your phone. 

There are many other advantages to investing in such software. Some of the benefits your entire organization can gain include:

Increase in sales.

Speed can be the key when working with the potential lead. When your sales team can provide in-time correct information based on the actual data, your chances of closing the deal increase. They will be presented as knowledgeable and confident specialists, ready to solve the issues right away without wasting any time.

Easy 24/7 data access.

Whether you want to check recent marketing data, the progress of the deal, or find details about potential customers, a mobile CRM is of assistance. This comes in handy, especially during the meeting and when there is no time to access the desktop version. Such cases are a norm when the sales manager is working on the go. 

Time saving and boosted productivity.

Easy access to the device with the mobile CRM will prevent your team from wasting time. They won't need to make notes twice (once on the go and entering the data in the system after) or reach out to the customer with the follow-up after accessing the required data on the meeting. There is a list of tasks that can be performed without the need to go back to your desktop. Using time your employees waste on running back and forth will boost their productivity and improve performance data.

Improved customer retention numbers.

Being able to provide a potential lead with a rate or any other company info on the spot makes it easier to turn it into a customer. At the same time, providing the customer with efficient and fast after-purchase support is almost always a guarantee that he will become a regular. Higher satisfaction brings more orders and new customers, thus increasing the customer retention rate.

Mobile CRM Benefits for the Employees

When choosing software for your business, you should take into consideration not only potential benefits for your company as an entity but also usage experience and how it can make the job of your employees easier and more enjoyable.

Here's the list of ways how your employees can benefit from a mobile CRM:

Task organization.

There are many features that can help you keep up with all the tasks. With a mobile app, you can track your calendar, schedule meetings as well as keep in contact with your team. You also have access to your to-do list and its editing.

Setting up task reminders.

There are several issues that can be solved with task reminders. Firstly, it is hard to keep track of the completed daily tasks on the go as well as act according to your schedule. As a result, some of the assignments can be forgotten or delayed. With a quick reminder, it is easy to stay on track with your duties for the day and make sure everything is accomplished.

Secondly, lead generation requires constant follow-up within a week or more. With such periods, these can easily be missed and result in losing a potential customer. Setting up reminders for the required time periods makes it effortless to keep up with the sales funnel.

Acquire customer insights.

Build-in CRM analytics can provide you with any possible customer insights you may need. The data is categorized and sorted based on the previously gathered facts and can help sort the potential leads. This feature is helpful in finding the right product for a particular customer. 

Having a mobile app is also useful for freshening up your knowledge about the customer. It is hard to keep up with hundreds of customers, so having notes with easy access can be your savior.

Assistance with preparing for a meeting.

Face-to-face meetings with customers are one of the crucial parts of the sales funnel. It is hard to get to this stage and even more challenging to make an outstanding impression. So, preparing for one is a must.

However, when working in the field, it is almost impossible to have enough time for a profound recollection. Keeping in mind every detail about each client also seems unreachable. This is where a mobile CRM can assist you with all the notes you might need at arm's length.

One shared database.

One of the CRM's perks is storing all the information in one place. No matter what department you are part of, you can access this database and supervise document management and other processes accordingly. So, when you need information provided by another employee while working in the field, with a mobile CRM, you have instant access, and there is no need to disturb another co-worker.

Essential Mobile CRM Apps for Agile Businesses: 2024 Guide

Mobile CRM Benefits for the Customers

These days, customer service and experience can determine whether your product will succeed or fail. So, meeting your customer's requests efficiently must be one of your company's priorities. This is how your client can benefit from you implementing mobile CRM software into your business strategy:

Customer service personalization.

If you know what your customer wants - you know what to offer. With a CRM at your hand, you have instant access to the client list of purchases as well as other useful marketing data. Based on this knowledge, you can easily foresee customer's needs and make the perfect deal on the spot. 

When the customer feels acknowledged and taken care of, he will most likely become your most loyal buyer.

Creating a stronger bond with a customer.

Every client requests a different approach. And when you find the correct one, the bond you are building will become stronger every day. There are many steps to achieve this, which include not only believing in your product but also knowing your potential lead in and out.

Having a mobile CRM at hand makes it easier to create a personalized approach, learn the possible pains, and be there for your client.

Effective response to customer's needs and issues.

Some issues require immediate response, which is not always possible with a desktop CRM when you are on the go. Having a mobile CRM is of great help since you have all the information you might always need accessible and can promptly react to the customer's inquiry.

Main features of the mobile CRM app

As was mentioned before, a mobile CRM usually has most of the components of the desktop version, yet there can be some limitations. The purpose is to include a feature that can be useful for remote workers and employees who work in the field and help them be effective and productive. Let's look into what a mobile CRM incorporates:

  • Communication tool. The software helps you stay in contact with both your team and clients via email, messages, and calls.

  • Integrations. All the apps you are using in your job, like calendar, email, and social media, are kept in this version, so you are not missing out on anything.

  • Contact Database. All the information about your potential leads and clients can be easily accessed with a mobile app.

  • Reminders. So that you won't miss any tasks or follow-ups, the mobile CRM has built-in reminders to help you keep up.

  • Ads. Various ad integrations are also a part of the software, so you can create personalized campaigns on the spot.

  • Sale funnel visual map. You can track what stage of the sale the customer is on to approach them with relevant offers.

  • Analytical dashboards. All the marketing data, as well as other reports and client metrics, can be effortlessly viewed and edited via the software.

Integrating a mobile CRM

As with many other mobile apps, CRM can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users. Whether you already have a desktop version or not, you can download a mobile app as well as try out the features during the trial period.

What issues can you face when using a mobile CRM?

Every app has its advantages and disadvantages. Before investing in mobile CRM software, you must understand that several problems can occur when using this version. Some of them include:

  • Completing multi-step tasks. Various complicated tasks that require a lot of action and movement on the screen are almost unachievable on mobile devices. This version is needed for the easy action assignments that have to be accomplished without a lot of movement.

  • Screen size. This is one of the main reasons people do not switch to the phone completely. There is no efficient way to open multiple tabs or display lots of information to complete the task.

How to choose the best mobile CRM?

Same as with the usual CRM, you must choose the option most suitable for your business. The reviews can help with learning more about the app, however, do not run after the most of the most.

Focus on what features can be beneficial for you, your specific needs, and your preferences. Here's the list of questions to help you locate the right option:

  • What is the frequency of travel for your sales and marketing teams?

  • What is the employee count in your company?

  • How much data is processed by your team every day?

  • Does your business require outside sales and travel?

  • Will the outside travel metric change with the expansion of your business?

  • Are customer meetings a part of your sales funnel? If yes, where do they occur?

  • What CRM features are most beneficial for your business? Do your employees need 24/7 access to them?

When choosing software, there are also some other things to keep in mind. First of all, how user-friendly is it? Your team will work with the app every day, so it should be easy to access and navigate. The other thing to focus on is your business growth. The software of your choice should be able to fulfill your needs at various stages without shutting down or glitching.

Top 10 best mobile CRM software

Since we have learned all aspects of Mobile CRM software, including why you might need one and what milestones can come up when using it, it's time to dive into the finest ones. We will provide you with a list of the best CRM software for your smartphones and tablets.


Bitrix24 mobile CRM app includes all the features you might need at your arm's length. All the best attributes of the desktop version were transformed to create the best experience as well as stay productive.

The app is available for both iOS and Android to help your sales and marketing teams stay connected from any location.

Managing the work of your departments can be done in one click. All the tasks can be created, assigned, and monitored within the mobile app. You can also set deadlines and stay in touch with your team via calls, emails, or meetings to provide the necessary guidance.

The software also includes special features to boost efficiency when using the app. For example, you can turn your message into tasks with one simple tap. 

Main components:

  • In-company communication

  • Workflow and feed to stay in touch with the updates

  • Task distribution;

  • Built-in telephony and email;

  • Full access to the main CRM features (lead information, invoices, estimates and etc.);

  • Calendar access;

  • Inventory Management;

  • Database access, including shared drives and cloud storage.


Zoho CRM can offer you a mobile CRM for sales. The main focus of the app is lead communication and customer support. This CRM also provides access to your list of tasks as well as schedules and meetings.

One of the notable features is Zoho's RouteIQ. It helps employees to create routes in advance when planning several meetings with clients in one day. Once the first meeting is over, "near me" will share all your leads in the surrounding area. This feature helps save time while giving access to elements like meeting recording, communication, and notes.

Main components:

  • Built-in telephony;

  • Analytics;

  • Notes;

  • Management tools;

  • Company data access;

  • Various tools to assist in customer meetings.


The mobile version of the Agile CRM specializes in management and meetings tools. The dashboard is easy to use, and you can view the sales funnel progress for each customer, lead information, edit task lists, and monitor productivity.

At the same time, it provides you with access to elements like Google Meet and Google Calendar to schedule customer meetings.

Main components:

  • Management tools;

  • Marketing analytics;

  • Dashboards;

  • Meeting Schedule;

  • Customer communication;

  • Smart views.


HubSpot mobile CRM prioritizes aiding businesses in creating strong customer relationships. All the main features circle around the lead and its information. 

With this app, you can easily create simple marketing campaigns on the road as well as track the progress of your customers. It includes a customizable ID screen for clients, a voice note feature, and fast synchronization with the desktop CRM.

Main components:

  • Task monitoring;

  • Marketing email templates;

  • Chats;

  • Detailed lead data;

  • ID screen.


Zendesk Mobile CRM focuses on providing access to data metrics as well as customer communication. You can view team performance data and sales funnel analysis on the go. Interaction with the customers is also adjusted to mobile use, providing you with all inquiries.

The memorable feature is their Geolocation element. After giving access to the GEO position of your smartphone, the app can create a visual map of the surrounding areas, outlining the lead info. Each note can be edited to display the main information.

Main components:

  • Customer communication software;

  • Geolocation;

  • Reports;

  • Analytics;

  • Management features;

  • Dashboards.


If you need guidance throughout the whole sales process, this mobile CRM might be your choice. It provides data access both offline and online to help with completing daily tasks. Any edited data can be synced later in the day to avoid missing the important insights.

Pipedrive mobile CRM can also assist you with outlining your customer interactions for the day. You can view all scheduled calls and meetings, and an easily navigated menu can help with info to prepare for the interaction.

Main components:

  • Data synchronization;

  • Caller information;

  • Call logs;

  • Notes;

  • Integrations with Google Maps, Outlook, and messengers.


Salesforce mobile CRM provides you full access to the same features as the desktop version without the need for coding. The software can also be used offline, so if you have to travel to a location without a good signal, you will be able to keep the data.

A special feature is Salesforce's voice assistant, Einstein. It can be your assistant when taking notes as well as creating daily tasks. Einstein Analytics will provide you access to all the important data and show new viewpoints on the freshly gathered information.

Main components:

  • Navigation system;

  • Access to lead contacts;

  • Management tools;

  • Notes;

  • Analytics dashboard.


Contact management is the main characteristic of the Keap mobile CRM. The app is made to provide you with all the features to ease customer communication and, especially, calling.

One of the options the software provides is a second phone number to easily divide personal and business contact. The amount of messages and calls is not limited.

Main components:

  • Second phone number;

  • Messaging;

  • Caller ID;

  • Meeting scheduling;

  • Auto-replies.


This mobile CRM provides a broad range of features, like the desktop version. You can monitor various parameters in real time, and track sales numbers and other dashboards. The lead contact book is also available. The mobile version allows you to access the data online.

Other features connected to customer interaction are available as well. You can schedule meetings with your clients and record useful notes. Telephone and email messaging are also available.

Main components:

  • Lead contact information;

  • Customer communication;

  • Notification;

  • Analytics;

  • Management tools.


Keeping track of the customer's progress, as well as staying in contact, is easy with Copper mobile CRM. All information about the deal, like meeting status and results, can be easily accessed.

Making notes during the meeting or right after is effortless with a voice assistant, and the data syncs with your desktop account. Customer details can be adjusted, sorted, and excluded in the field without any limits.

Main components:

  • Notes;

  • Sales funnel outline;

  • Management tools;

  • Lead information access and editing;

  • Analytics.


Every business wants to increase its sales and revenue, at the same time providing comfortable work tools to the employees. Implementing a mobile CRM can assist you with both. There are many benefits to investing in such software, like accessibility, constant updates, and data access.

However, you must be careful when selecting the software and whether you need one. The right choice can increase the productivity of your customers, help you create stronger bonds with your customers, and help your team with daily tasks.

Most Powerful Mobile CRM - Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is available for both iOS and Android to help sales and marketing teams stay connected and sell more.

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