Bitrix24 for HR

Human Resources

HR Forms and Records Management in Bitrix24

Records Management

HR document and records management in Bitrix24 is one of the most powerful and in demand modules your HR department is sure to appreciate. It allows you to create a centralized HR repository, create customizable HR forms and integrate them with workflow, share files and collaborate on documents with coworkers.

Bitrix24 has a connector to MS SharePoint 2007/2010 that supports two-way integration of common lists (MS SharePoint list). Periodic import – uploading of data from MS SharePoint to the intranet on a regular schedule, and two-way updating – syncing lists between MS SharePoint and the intranet, can be used in case you want to keep using both SharePoint and Bitrix24.


Service Requests ( e-Orders)

Bitrix24 also allows you to create customizable employee HR forms for virtually any scenario – transfer request, submitting a grievance, reporting violations, training request and so on. These paperless forms are easy to create or modify, and are an important part of Bitrix24 employee self service toolset, which drastically reduce your HR department workload and automate routine HR procedures. *Available in self-hosted versions of Bitrix24.


Documents Approval

HR forms, as well as other documents can be integrated in various workflows (or Business Processes in Bitrix24 terminology). For instance, Read Document workflow template assigns a document or documents for reading to employees who must confirm that they have acquainted themselves with it.

Document Approval workflow template requires supervisor’s approval prior to creating or changing a document (contract or employee manual, for example). Two stage approval workflows are specially designed for situations where documents need to be approved by two different persons or groups. More complex workflows that require multiple document submission and approval by several people can be constructed as well.