Improving productivity and streamlining operations for a healthcare services company

Abdulkarim Marstawi

Founder/CEO, Rehabtürk Healthcare Providers' Network

"An all-in-one platform with user-friendly interface. Highly customizable, affordable and integration-friendly."


We are a joint-stock company based in Istanbul that works in marketing high-quality healthcare services in Turkey and abroad. We connect those who wish to benefit from Turkish healthcare outside of Turkey with service providers in Turkey.


Bitrix24 has proven to be a valuable tool for Rehabtürk, providing a comprehensive platform that enables the company to efficiently manage various aspects of its operations. From task management to customer relationship management and HR functions, Bitrix24 has helped Rehabtürk to maintain efficient communication channels and effectively coordinate their team's efforts. This has not only resulted in improved productivity and streamlined operations but also increased client satisfaction due to the high level of service they can provide.

Rehabtürk Healthcare Providers' Network and 15 million other businesses around the world have chosen Bitrix24

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