How Bitrix24 replaced Hubspot. The story of an NGO from Zambia

Gary Joseph

Chief Executive Officer, South African Supplier Diversity Council NPC

Since adopting Bitrix24 in 2019, we have streamlined our business processes and enjoyed a better tracking of all customer engagements.


Before we came across Bitrix24, we were utilizing an on-premise CRM system. Unfortunately, the system became extremely costly to manage and maintain and we needed to find an alternative, more affordable and functional solution. After trying Hubspot, we realised that Bitrix24 was more comprehensive, had better integration and was extremely user-friendly. Since adopting Bitrix24 in 2019, we have streamlined our business processes, enjoyed a better tracking of all customer engagements and have seen internal efficiencies as a result of better task and project management. We even have employed an intern business analyst to learn Bitrix24 and assist with the implementation of more Bitrix24 functionalities to support our business processes.


Our main challenge before Bitrix24 was managing our customer information, tracking engagement and managing tasks and projects through a single cloud-based system that enabled remote working. At the same time, we needed a solution that was affordable, easy to use and had ongoing development improvements that made routine, manual tasks and functions easier to implement and manage.


Since implementing Bitrix24 in 2019, we have seen all of our business needs more than being met. The ongoing developments in Bitrix24 have brought new capabilities that we are able to adopt and apply in our way of work. We initially signed on for 24 months, which we renewed for a further 24 months. Unfortunately, the raising cost due to our weakened local currency is requiring us to review our plan, which may result in us needing to forego using certain functionalities (e.g. automation) for us to afford to continue to use Bitrix24.

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