Free Helpdesk + Ticketing System to Help Your Customers

Systematization and organization of your helpdesk is crucial for customer service. And it should be a universal platform, that will keep everything together. Bitrix24 is a stable foundation for the company’s excellent performance. Comes with team management and KPI tracking tools.

Free Helpdesk Ticketing System

Use Bitrix24 for your free helpdesk ticketing system and start streamlining your workflows. Whether it’s for external customer service, or internal tech support, our helpdesk ticketing tools give you everything you need to organize your team.

Bitrix24 comes with a vast array of tools so you can offer your users all kinds of communication methods. Internally, your CRM and task management tools come into play and make your helpdesk workflows as smooth as possible for you and your team.

Using your CRM as a base for your helpdesk

A solid CRM is the cornerstone of any customer-facing helpdesk ticketing system. By keeping detailed records of all your customers, you can provide them with the best service based on their history. This is also the place where all your email, live chat, and website form information is gathered.

Use Bitrix24’s CRM analytics to identify the strong points of your free helpdesk ticketing system, and identify areas of weakness. As the helpdesk manager, you can also use the super intuitive CRM dashboard and see active deals, and those that are completed but need to be invoiced.

Automate your workflows and increase efficiency

Optimize your processes with Bitrix24’s workflow automations. Automations cut out the repetitive tasks and stop letting things fall through the cracks, while freeing up your team for more creative work. The more automations you set up on your helpdesk ticket dashboard, the more efficient your work will become.

Automatically assign tasks on your helpdesk ticketing system to different team members or give higher value jobs to your more experienced workers. You can set up notifications as tasks are assigned and completed, or as a helpdesk manager, receive automatic alerts to approve work.

Embed helpdesk forms into your website

If your free helpdesk ticketing system is a customer-facing service, you can add a form to your website and help customers to submit requests with all the details you need. Fully customizable forms allow you to define exactly what you want with mandatory fields, dropdowns to select a service category, and a text box to add in extra details.

You can embed your form into your website to make it as easy as possible to fill in, and integrate it internally with your CRM ticketing system. Your CRM will automatically populate the fields you have included in the form so anybody on your team can handle any kind of request.

Offer an easy-to-use FAQ page

Save your team’s time by helping your clients help themselves. Alongside your Bitrix24 free helpdesk ticketing system, you also get unlimited web pages for your site. By funneling your users to an FAQ page before filling in a form, you save your team work and encourage customers to find their own solutions.

Check your integrated Google Analytics to see which pages are most used, and create new FAQs for issues that customers can’t find. Ultimately, your users will need to contact you, and there are all kinds of widgets and forms that you can use after they see the FAQs.

Talk to your users on live chat

One way to make your service the best helpdesk ticketing system for your users is to add widgets to your website, such as a live chat. After going through your regular channels, some people need to contact you directly. Rather than incoming phone calls that you can only take one at a time, a live chat feature allows you to cover multiple conversations simultaneously.

Furthermore, your conversations are automatically saved in your CRM so your entire team has a record of each user’s conversation. Your customer relationship manager will also recognize each user as they return so you can always pick up where you left off.

Branch out on social media

Companies these days cannot ignore the influence of social media, which is why opening these channels up for your IT helpdesk system is essential. Bitrix24’s social CRM integrates Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and much more so you can cover all of your platforms in one place. While not as effective as forms in getting you the exact information you want, you can use social media to guide users to the contact method you want them to use.

Like Bitrix24’s communication tools, all your client conversations on social media are saved into your CRM. This way, you can keep on top of each user’s requests no matter how they choose to contact you.

Use agile workflows for your task management

Once you’ve received a request in your free helpdesk ticketing system, you need good task management technology and time tracking to organize your service. Bitrix24 also provides features such as Kanban boards and scrum software for the most visual way for you and your team to view your tasks.

As a manager, these views give you an overview of your whole team’s work. See the progress of tasks, get notifications when jobs are approaching their deadlines, and streamline your work processes. Reflect on the work done with periodic reviews of what kind of tasks take the most amount of time using your time tracking software.

Organize your helpdesk on all your devices

Bitrix24 isn’t just restricted to the desktop version. Keep all your bases covered on the move with the iOS and Android versions. You can take a glance at your task management software over coffee and plan your day ahead. Set notifications and calendar events so that you and your team are always on the same page.

Your team can also update the CRM and mark tasks as complete when they’re on the move if you have clients you visit physically. This feature is perfect for teams that travel, or if your IT helpdesk system requires your team to work off site.

Bitrix24, your free helpdesk ticketing system

Take your helpdesk service to the next level with Bitrix24. Sign up is easy and free so it’s a no-risk option for companies of all sizes.

The fully integrated business tool covers all your helpdesk ticketing system needs and much more, with document management, video conferencing, project management tools and so much more.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Unlmited agents free
  • Omni-channel contact center
  • Live chat for websites
  • Inbound and outbound call center
  • Email and shared inboxes
  • Social media support
  • Messenger support
  • Classic helpdesk with ticketing
  • Built-in CRM
  • Cloud, mobile and on-premise (open source code access)

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Routing and Reports

  • Support groups
  • Routing and transfer rules
  • Canned responses
  • Chat bots
  • Business hour settings
  • Custom greetings
  • Satisfaction ratings
  • Automation

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Live Chat

  • Works with any website (embed code)
  • Fully customizable (own styles and CSS)
  • Entire website or specific pages 
  • Display rules
  • Save to CRM
  • Personal data collection consent
  • Multiple languages
  • Learn more

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Contact Center

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram Business
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp (third-party integration)
  • Skype, Slack, Twilio, more (Microsoft Bot framework)
  • Learn more

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Email and Team Inboxes

  • Individual and team inboxes
  • Access rules
  • Two-way synchronization
  • Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft, etc.
  • IMAP
  • Integration with CRM, tasks and chat

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Call Center

  • Inbound and outbound
  • Call recording and quality control
  • IVR
  • Set phone hours
  • Greeting, on hold, voice mail
  • Phone number rental, including toll free (1-888)
  • PBX integration (Asterisk, 3CX, RingCentral, etc.)
  • SMS and bulk texting
  • Learn more

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