The Best Team Management Software

Bitrix24 team management software includes the most comprehensive and collaborative tools with responsive employee relations apps. Our solution has in-built HR tools like hierarchy organization chart, and custom business processes, document approval, reporting, clocking in/out and performance tracking.

Unlimited team management software

Managing a team is so much more than giving them tasks to do and making sure these are done right. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with people and although in the workplace people should be consummate professionals, you have to remember that people still have feelings and needs.

What’s even better is if you have everything you need – every tool, every app – all in one place so you or anyone in your work group won’t have or need to access more than one thing at a time to finish a task or a project.

Choosing the best software

A team coordination software should give you a sense of control and organization since managing a team or teams can be overwhelming. If you have more than one team on your watch and a couple of other projects going on, you need a software that you can rely on so there won’t be any oversights, missed deadlines, and demotivation.

There are a lot of team management tools that you can try that are available nowadays. But what if you only need one? One team task management software, one hub, one system that has all the tools that you need to make your team work like a well-oiled mean machine?

Look after the people

There wouldn’t be much of a team without its members and the most basic requirement for a team management software should be an employee relations or HR system. This helps you better connect with the people in your team, to tap into their potential and help them succeed. You don’t have to have a big team to need an HR app. The best project management software for small teams includes an HR system that helps you take care of the people you work with.

Bitrix24 has an HR management system that caters to all of your needs whether it’s in record management and requisition forms, employee profiles and analytics, or timekeeping, you can be sure you’re well covered! You won’t need to always look over your team’s shoulders, but you can be sure that the job is being done efficiently and promptly.

Supervise ongoing projects

It’s important that, as a manager, you’re able to keep track of projects without having to micro-manage anyone in the team. You can also keep more than one or two projects going on at the same time, and you’d still be able to manage perfectly. This is all easily possible with a team task management software like that from Bitrix24.

Check how much time is spent on a project, view tasks and subtasks using a Gantt chart, create task dependencies, and manage employee workloads and more!

Keeping and managing time

This gets more complicated if you’re managing remote teams or one or more on premise. You need a time tracking tool that can help you monitor attendance and timeliness as well as adherence to schedule.

Bitrix24’s time management system allows you to do all of these and so much more! It’s available for use on either desktops or mobile devices, and can be used for wage computations. Its scope also extends to tasks and projects so you can easily see how productive your team is and how on track your projects are in relation to your deadlines and SLAs.

Nurture the workforce

Making sure motivation is always at a healthy level helps in keeping productivity, morale and performance high but with everything you have going on as a manager, how can you do this?

Bitrix24’s team management tools includes a system that lets you keep and access employee profiles, track their workload and even their stress level.

Build your team and keep it solid

One way to anchor your team together as a single unit is constant communication. The best team management software offers you more than one way to keep in touch with everyone whether they’re working remotely or in the same office as you.

Bitrix24’s team coordination software gives you crystal clear quality for audio calls and ultra-sharp HD video conferences regardless of the quality of your internet connection. While on call, you can share your screen, share documents and chat with attendees.

Collaboration all around

Being able to share files and freely collaborate with everyone in your workgroup should be second nature. However, you should also be able to keep important documents safe and private if needed, restrict access and protect sensitive files with passwords if needed.

After you’re done with your changes, you can store all of your files in the Cloud. Bitrix24’s Cloud, that is. The document management system is the storage hub that comes with Bitrix24’s team task management software. Whether online or on premise, you can be sure everything you need to manage your team, projects and tasks are well kept.

Provide optimal customer support

Nothing motivates a team better than knowing that they’re doing their job well. Part of this job is providing customer support. Set your team up for success by providing them with the best team management software that allows them to connect with customers, provide them with solutions, and spectacular after-sales assistance.

Bitrix24 has a contact center, which houses your telephony system, which you can use to call customers and they can contact you through, as well. Create canned replies, schedule callbacks and manage your business’ social media all in one place. You can even send emails and SMS.

The best things are free

The same is valid for business. Bitrix24 has one, if not the, best team management software in the market today. It’s structured, robust, and has more tools than you even need.

Everything on your list that you need in a team coordination software to have for you, you’re guaranteed to find when you sign up, and start using our free team management software today! If you’d like to see how everything works and fits together in the grand scheme of things, schedule a demo and we’ll show you the ropes.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Unlimited free users
  • Cloud or self-hosted
  • Intranet and extranet
  • Full time, part-time, freelancers
  • HRIS and HRMS included
  • Absence management
  • Mobile, source code access, API

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HR Tools

  • Employee directory
  • Customisable profiles
  • Company org chart
  • Departments and divisions
  • Role based access permissions

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Social Workspace

  • Enterprise social network
  • Likes and badges
  • Work chats, 
  • Calls 
  • Video chat + videoconferences
  • Company pulse stats
  • Employee polls
  • Mobile App 

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Time Management

  • Clock in/Clock out
  • Minimum workday duration
  • Hour tracking for tasks
  • Attendance report
  • Leave requests
  • Absence calendar
  • Private/Group/Company calendars

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Collaboration and Communication

  • Communication channels
  • Document and file sharing
  • Work/project groups
  • Tasks management
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Meeting room booking
  • HR workflow information
  • Learn more

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