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Skype had been the default video call app for millions of people pretty much since its inception - until it hadn’t. The year 2020 saw an unprecedented increase in the use of video calling apps and solutions, and we all know what happened next - a relatively unknown app called Zoom became wildly (to say the least) popular among everyone from school kids to office workers to senior citizens.

Nevertheless, free Skype is still considered to be one of the top-10 solutions for chatting and videoconferencing. Reasons? It does the job and does it well!

However, for many teams, businesses, and organizations, this is not good enough - they want something more than a video calling app and that’s why they are looking for a free alternative to Skype. And that’s where Bitrix24 as an alternative to Skype comes in.

Using Bitrix24 as Free Skype Alternative

We all know that free Skype is predominantly a communication app that specializes in video chat and voice calls. As a one-feature app for video chatting, Skype is a good option for some.

But, if you want to run your whole business on Skype and have your team depend on it, you will find it rather difficult (nigh impossible).

With Bitrix24, however, you can do it easily and efficiently. As a free alternative to Skype, Bitrix24 will help your team members collaborate and stay organized. With 35+ free collaboration tools onboard, video-chat and messenger included, it’s no surprise why more than 10 million organizations have chosen Bitrix24.

You can always invite your partners and colleagues to join your video conference - even if they are not Bitrix24 users yet. Just send them a unique private link and they’re in. You can have up to 48 people participating in a video conference.

As a free alternative to Skype, Bitrix24 video calling technology maintains stable audio and video quality throughout the call so that you could enjoy crisp sound and clear picture while fully focusing on the conversation.

Everything you would expect from free Skype is also here - including:
  • screen sharing to show images, presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents to everyone participating in the call;
  • custom backgrounds and background blur to liven up your video calls or keep your surroundings private;
  • secure connection (established via an encrypted data transfer with an SSL certificate, which means your calls are completely secure and no one will ever get access to them)
* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Skype Pros

  • Low price
  • Great for video chatting
  • Mobile and desktop application

Skype Cons

  • One feature app
  • Not designed for full-scale businesses
  • International calling gets expensive

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • Integration with CRM and project management tools
  • File sync + storage
  • 35+ collaboration tools
  • Unlimited users free

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