Satu / Prom / Deal: orders and statuses integration
In-app purchases

Satu / Prom / Deal: orders and statuses integration

Orders and statuses and marketplace integration

In-app purchases
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Bitrix24 and Satu / Prom / Deal marketplace integration using our plugin provides a number of advantages for automating workflows, increasing manager efficiency, storing customer base in a single CRM, and as a result, increasing the efficiency of your business.

  • Order integration. Our plugin allows you to automatically import orders with goods from marketplace to Bitrix24, which allows you to process orders quickly and optimize the process of their implementation.
  • Two-way synchronization of statuses. The integration between Bitrix24 and the marketplace allows you to automatically update order statuses in both directions, simplifying the order tracking process, increasing the possibility of automation, and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Field synchronization. The plugin also allows you to synchronize fields from Bitrix24 to marketplaces. For example, a comment to order or TTN.
  • Other. The plugin supports end-to-end analytics, product search (for inventory control), search for existing contacts, auto-formatting of numbers, etc.

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