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Business Software Tools: Top Company Management Applications Today

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Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
Business Software Tools: Top Company Management Applications Today

Managing a business company can be unbearably stressful and sometimes tedious too. On the other hand, recent advances in computer technology have made it possible to create numerous business management software applications to make an effective business operation less overwhelming and even facilitate it with helpful tools and automated processes. The real challenge these days is not how to make it but how to make it easier.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of business software, describe various types of it available on the online market and explain how it can help you run your business more efficiently and still live your life at the same time. We shall also suggest how to choose an optimal management software for your business and provide a list of the currently most efficient applications for you to choose from, depending on your particular business needs.


Management Software Tools

In short, business management software refers to a set of programs to facilitate the efficient management of your enterprise and outsource a large part of your daily headache to artificial intelligence. It is an ideal solution for automating and streamlining your business transactions, enhancing teamwork, and processing daily documentation.

Good business management software will, among other things:

  • Organize and process your data

  • Automate and integrate your operations

  • Enhance team collaboration

  • Produce real-time reports


Types of Business Software

There are different applications for all business needs, but the most common ones include software for:

  • Accounting

  • CRM

  • HR management

  • Payment transactions

  • Marketing Project management

  • Documentation processing


Choosing an Optimal Platform

Your ultimate choice of management software for your business will depend on your particular business needs and budget. Besides, your needs will change occasionally, and the software will change too. Therefore, it is best to keep an eye open for new arrivals on the market and evaluate them in terms of your current needs and preferences.

Still, any reputable business management software operator will provide the following options:

  • Integration with numerous business applications

  • Automation of all relevant and routine operations

  • Convenient mobile apps available on most devices

  • Multiple and flexible payment methods

  • High-level protection of all your data

  • Continuous and responsive customer support on diverse platforms


Best Company Management Applications Today

Here, we would like to mention the most functional and commercially successful business management software applications to date.


1. Bitrix24

This unique business management software provides the most extensive collection of tools to facilitate efficient and productive business operations at every level and across all departments. Its multiple functions include CRM, HR, project, documentation, and time management. And it integrates them effectively to ensure successful team collaboration as well.

Best Features


Sets and supervises business assignments

Facilitates productive teamwork

Syncs multiple business transactions

Improves interpersonal communication

Automates and manages work schedules

Facilitates productive teamwork

Improves interpersonal communication

Helps to save time and money

Applies advanced management techniques to generate new leads

Easy to install and operate

Analyzes and reports on individual work performance

Integrates with a few hundred business apps

Enhances internal communication via live chats and video conferences

Available on most devices and the cloud

Uses numerous channels for customer support

Accessible via e-mail and almost all social networks

Analyzes customers feedback to adjust business plans

Offers a few dozens of tools for free


Provides continuous and free support

2. Odoo

Odoo is a business management software application that ensures optimal coordination of virtually all business functions on a fully customized and open-source platform well integrated with multiple tools and applications. This way, it maintains efficient sales, production, accounting, HR, and CR management to facilitate successful business operation at every level. 

Best Features


Automates sales orders, invoicing, and delivery

Provides live communication channels

Prioritizes and schedules work assignments

Makes accurate and constructive predictions

Supervises employee performance and manages payrolls

Integrates with numerous apps

Manages the inventory and retail transactions


3. Zoho

This cloud-based business management software is most suitable for small service-oriented operators and startup enterprises. It combines more than 40 apps to ensure efficient customer support and HR, production, sales, and financial management. 

Best Features


Integrates business transactions with social platforms

Ensures convenient mobile management on most devices

Manages all documentation and analyzes financial reports

Provides user-friendly interface on multiple mobile apps

Targets the most profitable audience and generates leads

Applies the most advanced SSL encryption technologie

Automates the invoicing and other accounting transactions


Coordinates projects across the departments


4. Todo

Todo is a comparatively simple and user-friendly business management software that combines project and financial management functions in one visually attractive and easy-to-operate application. As such, it will be a perfect assistant for freelancers and small-scale operators in their daily routine business transactions. 

Best Features


Automates time tracking

Provides intelligent interface

Coordinates work schedules and invoicing

Performs real-time updates

Syncs assignments with specified calendars

Free for individual entrepreneurs

5. Netsuite

NetSuite is a comprehensive business management software platform that integrates numerous back-office operations to boost your company's sales, reduce your intra-organizational expenses to the minimum and ensure your expansion on the market. It fully integrates HR, CRM, accounting, and electronic commerce operations.

Best Features


Streamlines all intra-organizational transactions

Customizable to your particular business needs

Manages invoices and revenues

Provides an omnichannel electronic trade platform

Executes global business planning

Facilitates constructive business planning

Registers the orders and automates the delivery operations

Supports numerous currencies

Analyzes all business transactions and writes intelligible reports

Accessible on the cloud, mobile devices, and social networks

6. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most commercially successful business management software applications, and it serves as an ideal accounting tool for small and startup enterprises. 

Best Features


Automates and reports on the project tasks

Easy to install and operate

Manages invoices, revenues, and taxes

Provides numerous mobile apps

Customizes tracking tools and customer reports

Based on the cloud

Integrates with numerous payment systems, including PayPal

Sets no transaction limits

Manages your bank accounts and payrolls

Runs free online training programs

7. Scoro

This business management software centralizes the accounting, marketing, HR, CRM, and project management functions on one convenient platform to create a seamless executive operation and facilitate productive teamwork. It combines all the tools you need for the efficient and hassle-free management of your enterprise.    

Best Features


Prioritizes and assigns tasks across the departments

Optimizes the personnel performance

Schedules and supervises work projects

Integrates with over a thousand business tools

Monitors, analyzes, and reports on the work progress

Provides customizable and convenient dashboards

Automates the accounting transactions

Manages an unlimited number of projects

Adjusts business goals and plans


8. Wrike

Wrike is the best business management software for large service-oriented enterprises to unify and streamline all their business transactions across the departments in one easily manageable tool. In addition, it integrates with several hundred apps to automate the daily routine business operations.

Best Features


Automates the workflow and provides regular reports

Optimizes the team productivity

Schedules the projects and distributes work assignments

Provides excellent templates, charts, and boards

Monitors the progress and adjusts business goals

Offers free Forever Plan

9. Honeybook

Designed specifically for freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, this business management software helps expand one's clientele base, coordinate multiple concurrent projects, and collect service fees. Effectively, it manages your enterprise entirely so that you can focus on the creative aspects of your work. 

Best Features


Identifies the target audience and generates leads

Executes efficient paperwork management

Manages the reservations and automates the schedules

Provides multiple and diverse communication channels

Sends the bills and processes the payment transactions

Adapts projects to calendar changes and customer behavior

Centralizes access to all documentation

Supports multiple payment methods

Personalizes the communication with the clients

Integrates with numerous business tools on most mobile devices

10. Salesforce

This business management software provides an infinite variety of services for companies of all sizes to increase their sales in any industry. Furthermore, it allows access to a large international community of more than two million sales-oriented companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Best Features


Executes project management

Based on the cloud

Creates assignment charts

Boosts the sales

Generates leads

Improves customer satisfaction

Incorporates customer reports into the sales management

Provides access to a vast global knowledge base

11. Trello

Trello is a highly effective business management software that coordinates all business operations across the HR, IT, and sales departments. Besides, it analyzes your business activities and presents the results in convenient visual formats.

Best Features


Customizes management tasks

Integrates with over a hundred tools

Coordinates multiple projects

Creates reader-friendly charts and tables

Facilitates efficient teamwork

Adjustable to all screen sizes

Organizes assignments on boards


12. Apptivo

Of all the cloud-based business management software applications available today, Apptivo is the most versatile and easy to use. It organizes all the tools neatly and in one place. 

Best Features


Uses a variety of tools to manage your projects and client relationships

Saves time and financial resources

Sets deadlines and allocates assignments

User-friendly customer support

Supervises financial transactions and inventory management

Available on any device

Customizes your business needs

Includes Free Starter Pack

13. Jira

Jira is a popular business management software among highly mobile companies seeking help planning and mapping their projects. This app manages and supervises the entire workflow at every stage very well.

Best Features


Automates and integrates individual tasks

Creates easy-to-read charts and wallboards

Roadmaps the workflow into a seamless project

Provides multiple reporting tools

Uses convenient templates to visualize the progress

Free for small teams

Identifies and helps resolve potential and actual defects

Supports multiple integrations


Based on the cloud

14. TimeCamp

This business management software is one of the best tools for effective time management. It monitors multiple projects, supervises work attendance, distributes individual assignments, and facilitates managerial work across the departments. 

Best Features


Creates tasks and sets deadlines

Ensures simplified monitoring

Manages the payroll and invoicing

Facilitates the teamwork

Automates time tracking

Enable more constructive resource management

Produces and customizes project reports

Provides apps for most devices

15. ProofHub

ProofHub is a great business management software for simplifying your correspondence and centralizing multiple projects on one convenient platform. ProofHub streamlines all business operations and integrates diverse transactions into one seamless entrepreneurial activity. 

Best Features


Enhances efficient teamwork across the departments

Ensures smooth time management

Manages all paperwork and makes it easily accessible to the personnel

Supports multiple integrations

Customizes branding features

Provides an easy and user-friendly interface


Available on most mobile devices


Famous for its excellent templates, this business management software automates and customizes all your business processes and coordinates workflows across the departments with simple and user-friendly tables and charts to boost your company's efficiency and productivity.

Best Features


Visualizes business operations

Includes an impressive variety of high-quality templates

Coordinates and manages multiple projects

Easy to download and operate

Provides effective CRM and HR tools

Integrates with numerous popular tools, including Zendesk, Shopify, and Zoom

Analyzes the output of your business processes

Provides an impeccable security system

Suggests optimal templates for your particular purposes

Offers the Individual Plan for free

17. StudioCloud

This business management software is ideal for small companies and includes all the essential tools in one package. In addition, it syncs all the data from your computer, cloud, and mobile devices. 

Best Features


Provides excellent CRM tools

Accessible from any mobile device

Creates financial reports

Facilitates efficient personnel management and client relations

Manages personalized correspondence

Includes the online contracts function

Adjusts price lists and distributes invoices

Automates and integrates multiple business operations

Schedules and coordinates appointments and meetings

Supports numerous payment methods

Supervises projects by setting tasks and deadlines


18. Knack BMS

Knack is another business management software best suited for small companies and freelancers, and its Forever Free Plan comes at no cost at all. It is an optimal tool for simplifying your business transactions and boosting your productivity.

Best Features


Performs efficient time management

Improves a company's CRM

Facilitates productive teamwork

Boosts business efficiency

Integrates your online and mobile app services

Provided free of charge

Automates financial transactions




When you know what you need business management software for, you will be able to choose the best one for your company, provided you have eliminated the unreliable ones from the list. We hope this article has given you an idea of what you should be looking at and that you will find a perfect one for your particular business purposes.

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Table of Content
Management Software Tools Types of Business Software Choosing an Optimal Platform Best Company Management Applications Today 1. Bitrix24 2. Odoo 3. Zoho 4. Todo 5. Netsuite 6. QuickBooks 7. Scoro 8. Wrike 9. Honeybook 10. Salesforce 11. Trello 12. Apptivo 13. Jira 14. TimeCamp 15. ProofHub 16. 17. StudioCloud 18. Knack BMS Conclusion
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