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Top 10 Employee Performance Monitoring Tools

Bitrix24 Team
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Published: July 9, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Published: July 9, 2024
Top 10 Employee Performance Monitoring Tools

As an employee, it’s important to know how you are doing in comparison to the goals and targets set before you. It’s equally essential for you to be able to monitor your staff’s trajectory on their way to achieving their objectives. To be an effective leader who helms an efficient, highly productive, and reliable team, you need to be on top of their performance, good or bad. This way, you can steer them toward the right course, the path to success.

These and other key factors make performance monitoring tools extremely needful in the workplace. Besides your team’s performance, you also have to work on scheduling, productivity, task management, training, HR management and so much more.

Thanks to technological advancements and innovation, the market is now teeming with a variety of employee monitoring tools available at every price point. The challenge is finding the right performance-tracking software that meets your specific needs and requirements. We've conducted extensive research to compile this article, making your search easier. We hope you find this guide informative and helpful. Let's go…

What workplace monitoring tools can do for you

Anything to do with business, projects and teams usually begin with targets and goals along with plans for how to achieve them. After all, if you don’t have anything to aim for and a time scale within which to attain them, what is the point? However, suppose you have more than one ongoing project to keep an eye on, how do you keep your head above the water? Is it even possible to oversee the progress of a project while also supervising your teams and taking care of their wellbeing at the same time? Managers and leaders should be able to supervise the goings-on while at the same time providing guidance, encouragement and motivation to their people.

Performance monitoring tools can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to the key elements of success for your team:

  • Productivity

  • Quality of output

  • Timeliness

  • Areas for improvement

  • Data analysis and reports

With the long list of the top performance monitoring tools available and requirements for your business, how can you choose the one that’s right? There are a lot of considerations to make and the multitude of choices might leave you with decision paralysis. We’re here to help! Listed here are some of the top performance monitoring tools you should check out.


1. Bitrix24

If you’re looking for a complete performance monitoring tool, Bitrix24 should be at the top of your list. It features a built-in time tracker that helps measure task completion times. Users can easily clock in and out from any device, making it perfect for remote workers and field staff. The Bitrix24 platform also allows for presetting a total number of work hours per day, giving employees enough time to complete their tasks while establishing an official stop time. This function gives leaders precise control over the time worked by each employee. If someone does not adhere to the set hours, their leaders or managers are notified to take appropriate action.

Bitrix24 integrates an AI-powered task management system that enables seamless collaboration, real-time progress monitoring, and workload management. This fosters clear delegation and accountability, helping to prevent burnout and demotivation.

Want to take employee well-being to the next level? Bitrix24 includes a comprehensive HR management system with attendance-specific charts like absenteeism, leaves, and time-offs. Employees can conveniently submit online requests for paternity or maternity leave and other personal leave needs.

For a full picture of team collaboration and project completion, you can generate numerous useful reports for data analysis. Having all the pertinent information ensures that coaching sessions are both instructive and fruitful. Analyze your sales team's performance with built-in CRM reports on activities, leads, and conversions. Finally, create personalized dashboards to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) for real-time insights into your team's effectiveness.

By leveraging Bitrix24's performance management tools, you gain a thorough understanding of your team's strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to optimize workflows and unlock your team's full potential for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Bitrix24 is the complete performance monitoring tool

Bitrix24 integrates a task management system that enables seamless collaboration, real-time progress monitoring, and workload management

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2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is perfect for companies with remote workers aiming to find dependable performance monitoring tools. It has a time tracker for measuring efficiency along with activity monitoring with options for screenshots of active windows to be taken. This cements the bond of trust between employer and employee whether they’re working remotely or onsite. Hubstaff offers access to project management tools like Kanban boards to improve overall productivity and ensure that everyone in the team is well aware of their assignments. With Hubstaff Tasks, managers can maximize their teams without effectively running them to the ground by organizing their team’s tasks and subtasks along with various deadlines in place.

Hubstaff is well-known for its user-friendly interface. It’s all pretty straightforward and intuitive, saving you time for more important matters. Signing up is also a good thing if you’re looking to clear your day of the more repetitive but key tasks such as admin ones like invoicing, payroll and the like. You can automate these quite easily. Integrations with other software and tools make Hubstaff more formidable, a worthy candidate for employee productivity software.

3. Teramind

Top performance monitoring tools go beyond the usual, predictable functions. That’s what Teramind provides. With Teramind, managers and leaders alike can have their hands on reports that allow them to study their employees’ behavior. This paves the way for a more targeted coaching approach and makes assigning tasks and setting goals more effective.

Aside from the time tracking, customizable reports, and website and application monitoring, Teramind also offers sentiment analysis for businesses with more complex needs. For example, you have a niggling feeling that something needs to be changed in the way customer service is delivered but you’re unsure as to where to begin or how. You can use Teramind’s sentiment analysis tools to tap into the customer’s POV and appreciate their viewpoints so you can, in turn, improve your approach and resolutions.

4. ActivTrak

If your quest is for employee productivity software, among other things, it’s worth your time to look into ActivTrak. It’s also one of our recommended performance monitoring tools. From mouse and keyboard movement to active window and user camera tracking and access, managers will be able to provide ample oversight even to remote workers on the opposite side of the country. Every piece of collected data is then siphoned into two separate categories: productive and unproductive activity, giving business leaders insight into each employee’s most productive hours.

ActivTrak aids managers in detecting the early signs of burnout, making it easier for them to intervene and help workers with work-life balance. This allows company leaders to provide empathetic supervision to their workforce, supporting their overall well-being.

Yes, ActivTrak assists in improving the organization’s productivity, efficiency, and quality of output with useful functionalities along with reports and data analysis. With ActivTrak, company leaders will be better able to keep watch over the holistic health of every employee.


5. Time Doctor

Get peace of mind even with a team of remote workers to look after with one of the most trusted performance monitoring tools – Time Doctor. It has time tracking, website, and application blocking, as well as idle time detection, and screenshots on demand. Time Doctor offers tools for use in-office as well as fully-remote and hybrid teams so you’re bound to find a plan that works for you regardless of your workplace setup.

With Time Doctor, you can get access to productivity reports that can be used in coaching and building up the confidence of team members. As for work-life balance, you can rely on Time Doctor to help you look out for those who are potentially or nearly overworked or burned out. Scheduling tools also aid in making sure tasks and busy hours are spread out evenly.

Time Doctor empowers you to streamline workflows, maximize effectiveness, and free yourself from constant micromanagement, allowing your remote team to excel.

6. InterGuard

Looking for easy-to-install and easy-to-use employee evaluation tools with built-in workforce performance analytics? We bring you InterGuard, one of the top remote employee performance monitoring tools on the market today. Take advantage of employee computer and application surveillance along with optional keystroke logging and real-time alerts.

With InterGuard, managers and leaders can restrict access to essential programs, data, and other tools as part of data loss preventive measures. They can also receive real-time UAM (Unified access management) and risky keyword alerts to elevate the level of security for employees and business-related information. In the event that your company’s online safety is breached, you’ll have the ability to retrieve important files or lock devices down completely with InterGuard.

7. Clockify

If you are seeking a free time tracking solution with project management muscle, team collaboration features, and a handy mobile app, Clockify can be the perfect fit, too. It’s one of the performance monitoring tools that has comprehensive functions. This way, you can opt to use just one employee productivity software to do everything you need to.

With Clockify, business leaders can have the ability to work on the bigger things related to how they run their companies such as resource planning, scheduling, reports and analytics, and even payroll as well as timekeeping. The best things about Clockify? It’s free forever, making it perfect for small businesses and startups. Users can also enjoy 24/7 support and the capability to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Clockify’s extensive features and user-friendly design make it a versatile tool for enhancing workplace efficiency.

8. Toggl Track

Need a simple, no-fuss time tracker? Toggl Track might be just what you require. You’ll know exactly what the people in your teams are working on at all times so you can focus on other tasks with confidence. But, as their website states, Toggl Track is so much more than a digital stopwatch. With this solution, you can make good use of project budgeting, and various other business and performance monitoring tools. Moreover, the platform offers reporting and analytics for use in planning, coaching, and management.

Seamless integrations with other software and apps help users get the most out of their Toggl Track subscriptions. Toggl Track also boasts an interface that’s easy to use. Feel free to browse through their features and functions before signing up and see how overseeing the day-to-day of your business is easier and more enjoyable with Toggl Track.

9. Insightful (formerly Workpuls)

Workpuls may have rebranded in 2022 as Insightful but everything else is still the same – easy to use, convenient, and, well, incredibly effective. Insightful offers attendance and time tracking, the data from which can be exported into custom reports and processed for use in payroll. Its easy to use activity tracking app can deliver screen captures and website usage data plus generate transcripts of time spent on tasks and assignments that can be used in action plans and coaching sessions to further improve a team’s numbers.

Another cool feature of Insightful is its time mapping function. Leveraging on the use of AI technology and historical work patterns and other data, predictions as to how long a project is most likely to take is possible. Coupled with Insightful’s project management platform, there’s no way you can fail at a project again. It’s set up with assignment management, progress tracking and workflow management, to name a few. You can also take advantage of Insightful’s all-in-one scheduling, time, and performance management features, perfect for hybrid work arrangements.

10. Focusme

If you want your team’s concentration trained solely on the job at hand, Focusme is the one to pick from our list of 2024 performance monitoring software to acquire for your business. It’s a powerful tool that enables users to shut out distractions, leaving them free to commit themselves to whatever job needs completing. This is because of their customizable digital distractions and content blockers.

Focusme has a time tracking tool that traces how long it takes team members to complete tasks assigned to them, not to mention how long they spend on a particular website or app on their computer. Additionally, Focusme makes it possible for managers and leaders to block websites and apps that are not work-related to be accessible on company-supplied equipment. Scheduling tasks is also an easy feat. Users can design their entire workday and spread tasks around evenly for optimized efficiency and productivity. It’s perfect for creatives and educators, professionals who need to concentrate on tasks for extended periods.

Leadership and management made easy with performance management solutions

Being a manager, leader, or business owner requires that you wear different hats. The most important of all is managing employees – training them, setting goals, targets, and expectations with them, and leading them to success. A lot goes into that job and it requires you to have a view of the entire picture of a team member’s efforts, output, and contributions to the project. You need a comprehensive system to aid you.

Bitrix24 is a well-built framework of tools and apps that you can use to responsibly monitor employee performance in accordance with the goals and targets you’ve set with them. From tasks to HR management, communication, and overall collaboration, Bitrix24 has all your bases covered for a more holistic approach to leadership and management. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of a powerful system at your fingertips.

Bitrix24 is the complete performance monitoring tool

Bitrix24 integrates a task management system that enables seamless collaboration, real-time progress monitoring, and workload management

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What are the best employee performance monitoring tools in 2024?

The best employee performance monitoring tools in 2024 are:

  • Bitrix24

  • Hubstaff

  • Teramind

  • ActivTrak

  • Time Doctor

  • InterGuard

  • Clockify

  • Toggl Track

  • Insightful (Workpuls)

  • Focusme

How do performance monitoring tools improve employee productivity?

Performance monitoring tools improve employee productivity by giving leaders and managers the ability to track their time worked, gauge the quality of their output, and analyze their overall performance within the team. This allows team heads to coach, lead, and motivate more effectively.

What features should I look for in a performance monitoring tool?

The features you should look for in a performance monitoring tool are:

  • Time tracking

  • Screen monitoring

  • Reporting and analytics

  • HR management (for coaching, training, and engagement)

  • Task management

  • Output quality review

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