Bitrix24 for HR

Human Resources

Leave / Time Off
Management System in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with its own employee leave management system. Unlike other time-off management solutions that offer you only standardized forms, Bitrix24 allows you to customize request forms to include special scenarios (sabbatical, parental leave, disability leave, jury duty leave, professional development, leave without pay, etc.). Two forms (Leave Request and Business Trip Request) come pre-packaged with Bitrix24 installation.

Requests and Approvals

Leave Request is a sequential workflow/business process where employees can submit requests for vacations. This workflow will complete successfully only when all the conditions in the process are met, meaning the leave is approved by a supervisor or supervisors.

Likewise, Business Trip Application is initiated by sending a request to a supervisor. After approval, the required financial and HR documentation is prepared, hotels are booked and airfare is purchased.

If necessary, upon the return from the trip, applicants may have to finish the process by submitting detailed reports, a list of expenses incurred, receipts and so on.


Business Process Designer

The customizable workflow architecture used in Bitrix24, referred to as the business process designer, is flexible enough for any non-standard leave request scenario, so it can be used by educational institutions, non-profits, religious organizations and by local, state and federal agency.

The business process designer doesn’t require coding knowledge, because it uses a simple visual and intuitive interface.


Absence Chart

All information about employee leaves and time off is stored in absence chart, which is essentially a composite calendar that shows information about employees on or planning to be on leave. Filters in Bitrix24’s employee leave management system allow you to view the absence chart for the entire company, your department or your team.

At a single glance, you can see who is on the road, on vacation, etc. in single day, week, or month views. Employee absences from the office on regular business (i.e. lunch with client) can be easily added to the absence chart directly from the employee’s personal calendar without requiring an approval process.