Rules for TextAssistant AI

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Effective on: April 21, 2023

These Rules for TextAssistant AI ("Rules") form a part of the Terms of Service between users ("You"), and Bitrix24 ("We", "Bitrix24") while using the additional feature of Bitrix24 Services TextAssistant AI ("TextAssistant AI"), which allows You to generate various textual content ("Output") by making a word requests ("Input").

By using the TextAssistant AI, You acknowledge Y our full consent with the Rules. If You do not accept these Rules, do not use TextAssistant AI.

1. You are informed and agree that TextAssistant AI functionality made available thought third-party technology of a large language model trained by machine learning and represented by third party provider OpenAI ("AI Provider") which is not a part of the Website, the Services, or the Products.
By using TextAssistant AI, you confirm that You understand, agree, and accept the terms of the AI Provider’s Terms of Use located at You are responsible for monitoring and complying with the applicable AI Provider's Terms of Use.

2. You understand and agree that:

  • When making an Input You transfer Your data to the AI Provider, and Bitrix24 does not process your data and thus does not hold any responsibility for its processing and storing;
  • TextAssistant AI is not intended for handling with personal data, but if you choose to enter personal data as a part of Input, it is Your own responsibility to follow all necessary legal procedures with the AI Provider;
  • Output may not be unique across users and the same or similar Output may be generated for other users upon entering similar word request. Responses that are requested by and generated for other users are not consideredYourсontent;
  • TextAssistant AI may be unavailable or perform slowly not caused by the Bitrix24, but the AI Provider. As Bitrix24 cannot influence the performance of TextAssistant AI, Bitrix24 is not responsible for the availability and downtime of the AI Provider’s service;
  • Limits on the number or frequency of word requests made by You and/or for a single Bitrix24 Customer Account may imposed to reduce the load on our or the AI Provider’s infrastructure;
  • Output may not accurately reflect real facts.

3. You accept the following restrictions and agree not to:

  • use TextAssistant AI in a way that violates or attempts to violate any national or international law;
  • use TextAssistant AI in a way that infringes, misappropriates or violates any person’s rights;
  • reverse assemble, reverse compile, decompile, translate or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or underlying components of models, algorithms, and systems of the services provided by the AI Provider;
  • use Output to develop models that compete with AI Provider;
  • except as permitted through the AI Provider’s API, use any automated or programmatic method to extract data or output from the AI Provider’s services, including scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction;
  • represent that Output was human-generated when it is not or otherwise violate AI Provider’s Usage Policies available on its website;
  • You must always refer to the original text for the current AI Provider’s Terms of Use as AI Provider may change or impose new restrictions.

4. You acknowledge that:

  • Under no circumstances could Bitrix24 be held liable for any violation of the rights of third parties or the law by You or AI Provider;
  • Bitrix24 does not modify Input or Output in any way, does not initiate such Input or Output, does not and should not have any knowledge of the possible illegitimacy of the Input or Output. You use of TextAssistant AI is at Your own risk and under Your own responsibility. If You have any doubts as to the legitimacy of entering of any Input or publishing of any Output, we recommend You receive professional advice from the relevant specialists and conduct a security audit of the AI Provider’s service before You start using TextAssistant AI;
  • Input and Output are considered Your User Content and You are solely responsible for its development, content, and use;
  • TextAssistant AI functionality may be or become unavailable, blocked or prohibited for use in Your country by AI Provider or by Your applicable law. You are solely responsible for monitoring the applicable laws governing artificial intelligence applications.

5. You undertake to:

  • Follow Your applicable law for the entire period of TextAssistant AI use;
  • Ensure that using of Output will not (i) violate any applicable law; (ii) violate these Rules, Our Terms of Service or the AI Provider’s Terms of Use; or (iii) infringe, violate, or misappropriate any of Our rights or the rights of any third party.

6. Bitrix24 is not responsible and shall not be liable for:

  • Any damage, loss of income, profit, revenue, information or data arising from the use or inabilityto useof TextAssistant AI and/or Output;
  • Any violation of the rights of third parties or breaching the applicablelaw resulting from Your use of TextAssistant AI and Output;
  • The fact and/or consequences of Your information or data being compromised as a result of usingTextAssistant AI;
  • Inaccuracy of results or information that obtained from the use of TextAssistant AI.

7. We reserve the right to block or limit the use of TextAssistant AI:

  • in the event of implementation of legal or other restrictions on the use of the AI Provider’s technology or similar technology;
  • at Our sole discretion, including if there are reasons to believe that You are violating the obligations and guarantees. We have the right to conclude at Our sole discretion about Your violation of any of the obligations and guarantees, based on any information We have. You are obligated to provide Us with refutations of such violations at Our demand.

8. Your rights to Output are governed by the terms of the AI Provider’s Terms of Use.

9. You may not use the TextAssistant AI in a manner that violates any AI Provider’s Policies, including their Content Policy; Sharing and Publication Policy; and Community Guidelines.

10. Bitrix24 has the right to unilaterally modify this document by posting the updated text on the Internet at the following link.