Blog Atteli connects Bitrix24 and SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Atteli connects Bitrix24 and SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: April 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: April 11, 2024
Atteli connects Bitrix24 and SALESmanago Marketing Automation
Atteli, Gold Partner of Bitrix Inc introduced the new module connecting two separate systems – Bitrix24’s and SALESmanago, TOP 12 world’s largest Marketing Automation tool according to Datanyze report. Integration of Marketing Automation and CRM results in ROI increase by 14% on average. Thanks to the new integration, the sales department gains access to a valuable and unique information concerning to the interests of clients, monitored by SALESmanago and available in Bitrix24.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in Bitrix24 is a well-known and commonly used tool that helps to improve business and relationship with clients and business partners. SALESmanago is a Marketing Automation platform successfully implemented in 1000 companies across Europe, that brings information about customer’s behavior on the websites and automates ecommerce activities. SALESmanago offers a complete suite of products for marketers including website visitor identification and tracking, dynamic e-mails with personalized product offers, dynamic website content and personalization in ad networks and direct sales channels.

“It is common that companies use lot of tools in their day-to-day work, which are separate with no ability for exchanging information. Companies have to face such problems as incomplete data, time waste on manual synchronization and as the result marketing campaigns are incorrectly targeted, costs are growing and efficiency drops ” – commented Jacek Szafader, Managing Director in Atteli. Module developed by Atteli integrates and allows exchange data between CRM in Bitrix24 and SALESmanago automatically.

Integration of CRM in Bitrix24 and SALESmanago gives:
  • Synchronized and homogeneous data base – uniform database for both systems. All data collected in Bitrix24 are automatically imported to SALESmanago, and all information about customers behavior collected by SALESmanago are automatically integrated with data stored in Bitrix24.
  • Information exchange between both systems – Bitrix24 allows to acquainted with the results and all information collected from the internet campaign. Generate reports directly from CRM system is possible. Exchange of information between CRM system and SALESmanago improves the data flow and increases the efficiency of daily work.
  • Transparent customer profile – all data related to the customer are collected as a result of Internet campaigns and sales department’s individual work as well as it’s relationship with the customer. It brings broader profile of the customer and allows more effective targeting the campaigns of follow ups.
“ According to Adobe, 90% of the customers’ data held by company is not used. Marketing Automation gives a possibility of identifying and monitoring behavior of specific customers. Based on this system performs automatic marketing actions in all marketing channels. Combining Marketing Automation tool and CRM provides sales department with all this information and enables efficient usage of the accessible data in company. Thanks to this, ROI from CRM growths by 17%. Sales and marketing departments start to work coherently and achieve better results in a shorter time. All of this comes to greater income with lower costs” – says Marek Broda, Product Manager in SALESmanago Marketing Automation

Jacek Szafader concluded: “Integration of CRM in Bitrix24 and SALESmanago allows to combine and analyze data collected by both systems. Information about customer’s behavior on the corporate website or results from emailing campaign are cumulated in the customer’s profile in Bitrix24 and integrated with all data collected so far. It brings the wider view of the customer. As a result we can better suite an offer”.

More information
Marek Broda, Product Manager, SALESmanago Marketing Automation
e-Mail:, Phone: +48 531-760-326

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