Eisenhower Matrix

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Eisenhower Matrix

You start your working day and never know with which task to begin with? There is an abundance of tasks that are competing for your attention and you find it increasingly difficult to prioritize them in an efficient way. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. HIRSCHTEC MCA has developed an App which enables you to better prioritize your tasks. Our App utilizes the principles of the Eisenhower Matrix which is based on the criteria of urgency and importance.

How to use the Eisenhower Matrix App in Bitrix24?
Despite the simple idea behind this method, this principle is extremely powerful in the long-term as you avoid the urgency effect of tasks and spend more time on the importance tasks. After the installation process, you get to see the default mode with 4 quadrants:

-    Urgent and important
-    Not urgent, but important
-    Not urgent and not important
-    And urgent, but not important.

At this point you click on each quadrant and allocate the existing tasks, respectively. It is important to note that only existing tasks are selected in the quadrants of the Eisenhauer matrix. If 4 quadrants are not enough for you, you can even work with 9 quadrants.
The Eisenhauer Matrix is a scientifically proven way to optimize your time management and keep track of your tasks and activities, it goes without saying that it ultimately fosters your productivity and reaching your goals.

Version 1
This App utilizes the principles of the Eisenhower Matrix which is based on the criteria of urgency and importance for your Tasks in Bitrix24

If you have any questions about the application, please use the live chat on our website or feel free to contact us:

Tel: +49 40 99 999 450

E-Mail: bitrix24@hirschtec-mca.de

1. Complete the standard installation procedure.
2. After installing the APP you will see the additional Menu Title: "Eisenhower Matrix"
3. You can set up Titels und quadrants in the Settings area.