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The 13 Best Time Management Apps in 2021

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Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
The 13 Best Time Management Apps in 2021

The 13 Best Time Management Apps in 2021

Good time management software that will help you to:

So, get comfortable, pour yourself a nice beverage, and study our list of the best time management apps to significantly improve your life.

Bitrix24 – the one that has it all

When it comes to organizing, this platform has almost no competitors. It has more than 35 tools to assist you in planning, scheduling, organizing, and managing anything you want. Bitrix24 can serve as your calendar, planner, document storage, and database. You can use it to manage projects, organize events, or communicate with colleagues. Plus, it is compatible with any device and the majority of its functions are free. To sum up, everyone can find something advantageous in Bitrix24.

Main Features

Basically, it is the Swiss knife of time management software. It is suitable for almost all intents and purposes. Its broad functionality allows you to:

  • Have private and shared calendars

  • Schedule meetings and events

  • Set up notifications and reminders

  • Automate your workflow with repeated time slots for regular tasks

  • Access all the information on customers, partners, and co-workers within a click

  • Generate task sequences that are easy to follow

  • Assign roles, tasks, responsibilities, and resources

  • Visualize your goals and plans using customizable schemes and maps

  • Exchange files with your team

  • Communicate, discuss, or work together to accomplish a task via multiple collaboration features, such as audio/video calls, online conferences, and group chats.

  • Follow your progress with a variety of analyzing tools, like dashboards, checklists, efficiency reports, Gantt, burn/burn down charts, and Kanban boards.


Bitrix24 isn't a 100% cross-platform time management application. Still, you can access it on any device online and offline. It offers two versions for users to download and install:

  • Mobile (Android/iOS)

  • Desktop (Mac/Windows).

Trello – be on board with your tasks

When it comes to the best time management apps, this one has a really impressive number of users. If you ever search for a program to organize your plans, then you must have heard about it. Generally, its interface has a board with columns where you place task cards. When the task has just been added, it is placed in the "To Do" column. As soon as you start working on it, it becomes "In progress". The final status update is "Completed". It is an efficient, yet simple way to monitor and assess your performance.

Main Features

Alongside its fundamental board function, Trello provides you with a rather practical toolkit, which includes:

  • The ability to delegate tasks and initiate task sequences

  • A calendar to plan your meetings and projects

  • A panel to watch and evaluate the board's statistics

  • Tables to unify project's data from different boards

  • Notifications and reminders for you and your team

  • Assigning time limits and resources

  • Scheduling meetings and events.


It doesn't provide total compatibility with every platform, but you can still use its three versions on any device:

  • Web (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

  • Mobile (Android/iOS)

  • Desktop (Mac/Windows).

TimeTree – one calendar to unite them all

Some people forget that time management apps aren't designed solely to help you manage your job successfully. That's why TimeTree is a unique example of this software. It presents a calendar that covers all aspects of your life, including work, friends, and family. For instance, you need to have a business meeting in the morning, dinner with your parents in the evening, and your fridge definitely calls for some fresh food. You definitely won't miss anything with this program on your phone.

Main Features

Of course, the principal purpose of this application is to help you achieve a balance between your work and social life. Therefore, its functionality is not limited to just a calendar. You can use it to:

  • make plans & arrangements (business or personal)

  • share your calendar with your colleagues, partners, friends, or relatives

  • connect with anyone from your contact list to discuss upcoming events

  • make notes on anything you like, e.g. a meeting's agenda, shopping, or party

  • send or grant access to your memos so that people always will be able to see your wish list or coordinate their plans with your schedule

  • receive updates on everything that happens in your calendar via your personal feed with news, likes, comments, and many other communication tools.


Unfortunately, TimeTree only has a mobile version. You can download and install it from Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOS). But it is still incredibly useful to have your ultimate calendar within reach at all times.

Focus@Will - is focused on focusing your will

There are a variety of time management apps that provide you with tools to fight the desire to procrastinate, and Focus@Will is one of them. Its unconventional approach is based on neuroscience and musical art joining their forces to boost your brain's concentration abilities and productivity. Its developers insist that your work efficiency will increase by up to 400% if you listen to the music listed in this application. The music is instrumental, but when you have 50 channels to choose from, you'll certainly find something you like. Plus, they have an additional channel for those who have ADD and ADHD.

Main Features

Focus@Will seems to be irreplaceable when you need all of your attention to prepare for an important exam or presentation. Its creators promise that if you use this app for 20 minutes, it will help you stay focused 10 times longer (for a whole 200 minutes!). This means more than 3 hours without distractions, such as social media, boredom, or noisy co-workers.


This software is almost completely platform-independent. With its three versions, you can level up your productivity online and offline using any device:

  • Web (any modern browser)

  • Mobile (Android/iOS)

  • Desktop (Mac/Windows).

Pocket – save all the interesting stuff into your virtual pocket

Remember that article the other day that drew your attention, but you didn't have time to study it properly? It might have been a scientific video lecture, a recipe that you wanted to try, or even a funny tweet. They all have one thing in common, you'll either get distracted from something you're doing at the moment trying to study them right now or waste plenty of time and effort on finding them online afterward. This application offers you the opportunity to leave all these troubles behind. It doesn't matter whether you're having a morning coffee, sitting at the airport, or waiting for a friend at a café, you'll always have something in your Pocket to watch, read, and listen to.

Main Features

So, you found something that you want to save for later and enjoy in your spare time. What should you do?

  1. Put this article, webpage, video, etc. in your Pocket

  2. Access it when it is convenient for you

  3. Explore it, highlight important parts, and leave comments

  4. Listen to it in text-to-speech mode, when you have no time or desire to read

  5. Browse Pocket's feed for something educational or entertaining using the Discovery feature


The most peculiar Pocket's characteristic is that you can use it with almost any device or application, both online and offline.

  • Web-version allows you to add browser widget/client and save interesting content within a click (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari)

  • As usual, the Desktop version is available for Mac and Windows

  • There is a mobile version of Pocket for your phone, tablet, or e-reader (Android/iOS/Windows iPhone/Kobo/Blackberry)

  • It is integrated with more than 500 applications, including Zite, Pulse, Flipboard, Byliner, and Twitter.

IFTTT – "if this, then that" for devices combination and actions automation

Of course, using technologies to organize and manage your life is beneficial, but unfortunately, all these devices, platforms, applications, and services aren't always integrated and compatible. Luckily, the developers of IFTTT found a way to make them work together to your advantage. With the conditional statements "if this, then that", called Applets, you can pair phone and smart home, Apple and Google, Twitter and Instagram. Simply put, if a particular action happens on one device/application/service, IFTTT notices it and sends a signal to the other device/application/service to take the action predetermined by the conditional logic. For instance, if Google Calendar indicates that you're having a meeting, then IFTTT will recognize it and switch your phone to silent mode. Plus, you can make Applets as complex and detailed as you want with queries and multiple actions.

Main Features

Basically, the functionality of this time management software depends on your imagination. You can create and customize the conditional statements, so they will suit even the most unconventional of needs. Yet, there are three major groups of Applets you can use:

  • Smart home. Is the Uber or delivery guy waiting for you at the door? Make them feel safer and more welcome by turning your porch lights on.

  • Social media. Think that your Twitter followers will like your recent Instagram post? Post it as a native Twitter photo instead of a link.

  • Business. Integrate your Evernote with Slack or add new tasks to Todoist directly from your Gmail inbox.

In addition, you can synchronize incompatible applications, devices, and services using your voice assistant. Send e-mails or schedule appointments on your Android using Alexa and ask Google Assistant to add a meeting to your iPhone's calendar.


For now, IFTTT has only a mobile version, you can download and install it from Google Play and the App Store. However, it still offers unprecedented time management opportunities for people who struggle with connecting multiple apps and devices.

Clockify – measures your productivity by the hour

It is definitely one of the best time management apps because it literally measures how much time you spend on different activities during your work hours. Keep track of your time and evaluate your productivity to enhance your performance or to calculate your billable hours and payroll.

Main Features

Generally, Clockify has one basic function, it monitors the time you dedicate to accomplishing something and assesses how invested you are in your job. There are several tools and techniques it offers to make this process easier and more efficient:

  • Set up a timer when you start your work and stop it when it's done. It can be started automatically as soon as you turn on your computer/browser. You can select apps and projects you want a timer to track. Use "Idle Detection" to stop a timer when you're away from your computer. Customize reminders to receive notifications when you forget to start a timer or take a break.

  • Submit the number of hours you spend on a certain activity manually.

  • Generate reports to see how efficient your performance was over a specific period of time (week, month, or year).


Clockify is a truly platform-independent application. You can use it to track time online and offline on all your devices:

  • Web (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

  • Mobile (Android/iOS)

  • Desktop (Mac/Windows/Linux).

Remember the Milk – you might forget, but the app won't

The name of this time management software speaks for itself. Everyone knows that disappointing feeling when you try to keep everything in mind, but end up forgetting something important. Luckily, this application is here to guarantee that this situation will never happen to you again. It doesn't matter whether you need to buy groceries or arrange a business meeting, Remember the Milk will make sure it is on your to-do list.

Main Features

This app provides you with a perfect toolkit to administer your tasks. For instance, you can:

  • Create tasks using Smart Add. You can list all the major characteristics, such as description, priority, deadline, and repeat, in a row.

  • Organize tasks into lists.

  • Mark your lists with tags of various colors to have a visual representation for each category.

  • Make it more achievable by breaking your tasks down with an unlimited number of subtasks, and then generate subtasks for them too, if you need it.

  • Share your lists with friends, family, colleagues, and other parties involved. If you want them to do something for you, simply delegate it via the app.

  • Search, sort, and filter the tasks in accordance with all your requirements. Use particular search criteria to create a Smart List. For instance, you can look for tasks that you have to perform this week, the ones that you have already postponed too many times, or those that you can complete in less than 15 minutes. This will definitely help you to prioritize properly. As a bonus, Smart lists are automatically updated as soon as any of the parameters change.

  • Get reminders so you will actually remember the milk.


Its compatibility capabilities are out of this world. It has:

  • A web-version for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

  • A desktop version for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • A mobile version for phones, tablets, and smartwatches (Apple Watch/iPhone/iPad/Android/BlackBerry/Fire).

In addition, to make your time management even more productive, Remember the Milk's creators made it integrated and synchronized with a variety of applications and services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and IFTTT. This way you can effortlessly manage your tasks, e-mails, and calendars altogether. Plus, text notifications aren't enough for you, you can set up Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to remind you about any of your tasks.

Forest – do you have enough patience to make the virtual trees grow?

If you're scrolling through time management apps to motivate yourself, this is the one you've been looking for. This solution on how to put an end to your procrastination is simple and creative. As soon as you need to focus on a task, plant a virtual seed. If you manage to resist the temptation of getting distracted, it will grow into a beautiful tree. In case you decide to give up, the seed dies. Keeping something alive and blooming can be a good motivation for those who need the right impetus to boost their productivity.

Main Features

Overall, the concept is rather straightforward, but it offers several bonuses that might seem worth working on your ability to concentrate:

  • Your primary goal is to refrain from visiting websites that you added to your blacklist while you're working on a task. If you succeed and stay away from these sites for 30 minutes, your tree grows. If you fail, it dies.

  • As soon as you get more experienced and improve your ability to focus, you'll have enough patience to cultivate an entire forest.

  • You can earn and spend virtual coins in the application. If you purchase something, the Forest's team will notify its partner, Trees for The Future, and they will plant a tree. This is a great opportunity to create a life and contribute to the community.


It isn't really cross-platform software, but you can always keep it nearby on your phone. Moreover, you have a couple of ways to access it on your computer as well.

  • Web-version (Firefox and Google Chrome add-on)

  • Mobile version (iOS/iPadOS/Android).

RescueTime – a tool to stop losing your time and start saving it

Surely, plenty of people can relate to situations when it's already 6 pm, and you don't know what you've been doing all day, or when you actually did many things but the results are still not visible. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best time management apps if you strive to finally get a comprehensive view on programs and websites that steal your attention and prevent you from being productive. RescueTime will definitely come in handy if you tend to multitask or get easily distracted. Its major purpose is to track the amount of time you spend on the web-pages and software that you access, store it, analyze and present it to you alongside individual recommendations on how to become more efficient.

Main Features

Generally, RescueTeam is designed to help you visualize what things in your daily routine are the most time-consuming and present you with some advice on how to stay focused. It offers a wide range of instruments, so you can:

  • Automatically track the time spent on each program and software as soon as you switch to it.

  • Finally, find out what activities are a waste of your time and add them to your blacklist. You can block it completely or establish a time limit for it. It is also possible to set up an alarm, then the app will notify you to stop using it so excessively.

  • Complete your daily Focus Work goal that is set for you personally after the AI gathers data on your performance and compares it to other users.

  • Receive a nudge or a reminder to stay focused, in case the system decides that you need it.

  • Study comprehensive reports and brief end-of-day summaries to determine whether you are productive enough or you need to put some extra effort in your work.

  • If you feel like challenging yourself, you can start a Focus Session. This means that RescueTime blocks the sites and software that steal most of your attention for the whole session, and then compares the results with your average time. According to the developers, the difference in performance will be impressive.


You can keep track of your productivity using any device because RescueTime comes in three versions:

  • Web for Chrome & Firefox

  • Desktop for Windows & Mac

  • Mobile for Android & iOS.

Habitica – turn your daily routine into a fun RPG game

When it comes to ranking time management apps, this one should definitely be listed among the most convenient for a reason. Naturally, games have always been a popular and efficient approach to social interactions. Schools and kindergartens have proven that you can successfully use this method to obtain knowledge or form behavior patterns because it eliminates the pressure and lets the imagination run wild. Habitica takes that approach and applies it to productivity enhancement and habit-forming practices. Create a list of tasks, daily rituals, and habits and try to stay consistent with it. Get experience points, rewards, or punishments, depending on your progress. So, if you have always wanted your life to suddenly turn into an RPG game where you are the main character, this application is your first choice.

Main Features

Habitica really exerted plenty of effort into creating this fantasy world that you can share with friends, family, colleagues, and fellow habitants. A desire to start going to the gym regularly or setting up a reminder to buy bread doesn't necessarily mean that you can't simultaneously be a brave knight who fights monsters. Many people decided that everyday life is already boring enough as it is, so adding a little magic to it wouldn't hurt. Here are the instruments that Habitica is willing to offer for those who strive to enhance their performance and form healthy habits while playing an RPG game:

  • Tools to manage your habits, everyday goals, and to-do lists. Create them, mark them as complete, set up notifications if you want the app to remind you about them.

  • Punishments or rewards for your performance. Each time your character reaches a new level, you gain access to buying an upgraded armor, getting a magical pet, developing advanced skills, or going on a quest. At a certain point, you can even join community quests that share your goals (e.g. "run every morning when it's summer").

  • Ask your friends to form a "party" and go hunt monsters together. If you are successful, you'll earn virtual gold coins that you can spend on ready-made or custom rewards, such as gather for dinner and watch an episode of your favorite TV-show.

  • Features for social interactions and meeting people with the same interests as you.


It only has a mobile version, you can get it in App Store and Google Play. However, nowadays, we all have games on our phones, so why don't we try this one? Unlike other games and applications, Habitica is available for free and can be both entertaining and beneficial.

Miro Mind Map – create a map that will show you the way to your destination

We all have ideas that require further exploration or goals that we strive to achieve, and it is common for us to struggle with transforming this abstract concept from our minds into something feasible. Mind mapping is a relatively new technique that provides you with a clear vision of your ideas and assists you in developing a viable action plan. Plus, it can be incredibly useful during your team's brainstorming sessions. All you have to do is put your notion, problem, or aim in the middle of the map and then connect it to possible solutions, obstacles, further steps and measures you need to take, etc. Visualization is always helpful because it allows you to see the whole picture. Therefore, as soon as you study something in the form of a scheme, diagram, map, or algorithm, you can reject the ideas that are not worth spending time and resources on and get straight to the implementation process. That's why Miro Mind Map can become one of your most valuable time management apps.

Main Features

The primary purpose of mind mapping is to allow your consciousness to flow, so you could analyze it afterward, eliminate everything that is useless, and stick to the things that really matter. Thus, the application developers focused on presenting the users with a toolkit that will be suitable for this process. However, some other instruments they decided to add might also come in handy:

  • Miro is ready for everything. It doesn't matter whether you need it for visual task/project management, design iteration, roadmapping, or agile planning, this app is always willing to supply you with the right template. Your options aren't limited to the mind maps alone, you can create fishbone diagrams, Kanban boards, affinity diagrams, business model canvases, user story maps, and any other representation that fits your requirements.

  • Its main goal is to give you simple and efficient tools to build a mind map to help you structure your thoughts. You start with a central concept and surround it with related thoughts and ideas by adding branches. Now your core idea has child nodes which, in turn, can have their own unlimited number of branches and sub-branches. You can customize and edit the nodes by moving them or marking them with different colors, or you can just click the "auto-arrange" icon, and Miro will auto-organize the map for you.

  • Due to its enhanced integration capabilities and wide selection of extra features, you can make your work or creative process more efficient by adding documents, pictures, spreadsheets, sticky notes, digital markers, and even other mind maps.

  • Its collaboration and communication tools are also impressive. Get your team onboard with your brainstorming, problem-solving, or strategy development session via presentation mode, screen sharing, and video conference. Discuss tasks, projects, and ideas through built-in video, chat, comments, @mentions, etc. Grant access to your files so you and your teammates can work on them together.


For Miro Mind Map, it doesn't matter when and where the inspiration struck you, you can start creating and exploring right away from your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Desktop version for Windows & Mac

  • Mobile version for Android, iOS, and Microsoft.

It also integrates and synchronizes with a plethora of platforms, and services so you can share, import, export, or embed your other favorite applications, such as Dropbox, JIRA, Trello, Zoom, Slack, etc.

MyLifeOrganized — the ultimate organizer to keep everything under control

Only a few people can claim that their life is organized with absolute confidence. If you are not among these lucky ones, this application is here to help. Create tasks and checklists, organize, structure, rearrange them, and, of course, get regular updates & notifications. It's simple, yet intuitive interface combined with integration and synchronization capabilities makes MLO one of the best time management apps that even the most disorganized people will use effortlessly.

Main Features

This app is designed to cover every aspect of your life from shopping lists and family gatherings to business meetings and task management. So, it incorporates all the instruments you might need to plan your day, week, or year successfully.

  • Create a to-do list that can be easily customized or rearranged.

  • Fill in the task's description, set up time limits, form task dependencies. The program will automatically select the most urgent tasks and generate a smart list so you can focus on the matters at hand.

  • Make your lists more structured and goals more reachable by breaking tasks into an infinite number of sub-tasks.

  • With location-based reminders, you will never forget to buy groceries or pick up your suit from the dry-cleaning.


With MyLifeOrganized there is no need to worry that you forgot your planner at work while you have to prepare for tomorrow's meeting. Your organizer is available within a click from your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Desktop version for Windows & Mac

  • Mobile version for Android & iOS.

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