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TOP CRM Marketing Overview

Marketing CRM
Bitrix24 Team
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Updated: January 17, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: January 17, 2024
TOP CRM Marketing Overview

Marketing comes in many forms. One of these forms and methods is to work on the front lines and face people who have never had anything to do with a particular business and have practically no previous experience in the field. A marketing department has a very important task. Feed the sales department with leads that work magic. Marketing sometimes needs to be effective in creating a vision and opening up unexpected windows to sales. But when exactly does this happen and effective leads are produced? Let's ask the answer from (CRM) marketing. In this article, we help you to know more about marketing CRMs, the feature of such tools and we provide you with top programs in this regard.

What is marketing CRM?

Managers usually start looking for the best CRM software after they have mastered their sales process. You need the best CRM software to get the best performance. But to find the best software, we have to review a concept together. What does CRM mean?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software is a system for managing the company's interactions with current and future customers and focuses on the interactions between the company and customers. This focus is on improving customer relationships, increasing sales (revenue), and reducing costs. 

Using such systems, you can store all the information you need on one platform and create a comprehensive database of your data. Such an integrated and powerful system can provide a comprehensive report on the company's performance and provide the insight needed to optimize strategies (to increase revenue). Every good communications management platform is built on a principle. Better business through communication overlap and centralization of tasks and data.

With this in mind, a marketing (CRM) helps you by integrating marketing with sales data and other business departments. In other words, all information and tools serve to advance marketing campaigns, achieve more leads, and finalize more transactions. This type of software (CRM) gives marketing teams the potential to personalize marketing. This facilitates a kind of "close intimacy with customers". Something that motivates them to come back to your business.

This means that your marketing efforts are more effective while the workload is reduced. Although there are closed tools and solutions with default features and capabilities, marketing tools generally appear in the form of cloud-based server applications. This means that you can access your information in a variety of ways and with different platforms and tools, with just a quick login or a browser extension. Mobile applications also include a huge amount of marketing applications (CRM) and allow you to work and be productive in this area.


Essential features & benefits of marketing CRM

Customer Relationship Management Services is a unified software platform that helps businesses improve and monitor their relationships with existing and potential customers. However, there are so many different programs with different features. In this regard, by analyzing such features, we decided to provide you with the most important benefits of marketing CRMs that can affect both companies and clients.

●      Landing pages

Landing pages are pages from your site or platform that the user encounters after clicking on an ad or search result. It can be said that the first direct contact with users. These pages are often different from homepages and should be directly related to the topic that the user has been searching for or viewing ads. This means that landing pages have to change depending on the situation and some situations. For example, if you have a clothing store site, the user who searched for the word "jacket" should be shown something different from the user who searched for the word "boot." Marketing tools (CRM) help you create and improve landing pages. Even if you have a lot of customizable templates and image editors. If you do not have this tool, coding and front design can be very slow and costly.

●      Ads and SEO

Marketing (CRM) usually provides you with ready-made templates and templates for creating ads. With this part of marketing (CRM) marketing, you can share successful marketing and advertising on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and create the flow and effect you want in the timeline of many potential customers. If we do not recommend pop-up ads in this regard, they are very repulsive. No one is interested in pop-up ads. Even its inventor and inventor. Marketing software (CRM) sometimes gives you SEO suggestions when writing texts. These SEO suggestions help to improve ads and landing pages. They may not appear as a complete SEO expert, but this feature is very effective and positive. For example, you might write a text page to promote your freezer bag product line and use the word "plastic" to describe the material, but CRM would suggest marketing the word "PVC." In that case, you can rest assured that this proposal is based on a complex process of precise algorithms for collecting and analyzing Internet data.

●      Segmenting and emails

People who come across your landing page for the first time or even fill out a form on your site may not be considered very effective leads and may not be able to enter the sales phase. However, weak leaders still need to be nurtured and strengthened. (CRM) Marketing, categorizing and sharing these leads to creating categories with a common identity and meaning. For example (CRM) marketing categorizes based on how much time a user spends on your page, how many links they open, or how much personal information they provide. Based on these divisions, CRM itself again offers a variety of marketing campaigns to reinforce their mentality and thus help you strengthen these leads. Suggestions for periodic emails are often suggested solutions to impress these users. Like landing page ads and advertising, (CRM) marketing in this area also helps you speed things up and make them more effective.

●      Data

Just as different people react differently to a particular landing page, hundreds of different reactions to predictive emails can be predicted. (CRM) marketing tries to monitor their reactions and reactions in different ways and turn the result into meaningful information. This means that by using strong marketing (CRM), you get a more comprehensive view and organize the leads more accurately. Targeted tests and tests The effectiveness of landing pages and emails are very accurate tools in the heart of all types of marketing (CRM) and dramatically improve your visibility. Features like test (A / B) show you which templates and structures get the most interaction rates. This meaningful data, or information, will help you plan for the future and create the next steps of your marketing campaign. Marketing has an insatiable desire to capture data; This marketing capability (CRM) is the answer to this craving.

●      Workflows and automation

Finally, a marketing (CRM) helps in mechanizing and automating the flow of affairs. In other words, marketing (CRM) simplifies the effective division of tasks and event planning by centralizing and consolidating functions into a specific segment. Using these marketing capabilities (CRM), you can define predefined programs for different customer reactions. For example, an application for situations where the user views your site but does not open any links, or an application for situations where the user gives up at the last moment of finalizing the purchase and before payment. You can plan a set of reactions for each of these situations with (CRM) marketing.


9 best marketing CRM Softwares

We have compiled a list of the best CRM software with their unique features. In the following, we are going to look at 9 types of software (CRM) that are ideal for marketing and are literally (CRM) marketing. Although it may not be possible to review all the cases in detail, we try to introduce these cases to you, even to the extent of mentioning the name. So stay with us until the end.


Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM software is a multilingual and multicurrency enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This software is designed for medium and large companies and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Providing practical tools for all departments (such as sales, support, etc.), finance, process integration capabilities, and syntax are just some of the capabilities of this CRM.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers full synchronization with tools such as Salesforce, PandaDoc, and more. Separate applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also be combined as standalone products or used with a wide range of external trading systems to provide a fully customizable tool.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software:

●      Centralized data

●      High sync power

●      New and cohesive user interface

●      Easy to customize and install

●      Affordable

●      Significant return on investment compared to similar competitive software

●      An advanced tool for simple and complex searches


Disadvantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

●      Using Microsoft CRM can be difficult for people unfamiliar with Microsoft products.

●      Low flexibility in the structure (you can easily change the settings after the installation process is completed. Therefore, maintenance of this software will be very challenging).

●      Microsoft Dynamics CRM software license price is very high.

●      Need to purchase units and peripherals

●      Spend a lot of time and energy learning the platform


HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is ready to eliminate handicrafts in the modern world. HubSpot CRM pays attention to every detail - email logging, call recording, and data management - thus avoiding wasted time. From the unobtrusive and intuitive dashboard, have a snapshot of the entire sales. Users can sort successful and unsuccessful transactions, schedule appointments and contracts submitted at each time, and track performance based on sales quotas. Sort transactions by name, owner, amount, or step with custom filters in a fraction of the time.


Benefits of HubSpot CRM:

●      Beautiful design

●      Easy usage

●      Gathering everything in one cohesive database

●      Extensive automation tools and free delivery of the most important tools

●      Ability to sync with Gmail or Outlook, etc.

●      Ability to record interactions

●      Free 7-day trial

●      Very strong user training and blog content


Disadvantages of HubSpot CRM:

●      12-month contract (no more options for concluding a contract)

●      Failure to provide A / B test in the original package and high purchase cost

●      Exponential price increase

●      Pay for technical support

●      Hubspot CRM was originally a marketing tool; For this reason, it has relatively many disadvantages and shortcomings in the sales CRM sector.

●      Restrictions on changing settings and personalization

●      This software is relatively new compared to other customer relationship management software (such as Microsoft Dynamic and Salesforce). That's why he has a lot of work to do.


CRM Keap

Keap software (formerly Infusionsoft) is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that combines customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and a range of e-commerce practices. Keap software helps small businesses simplify sales and manage customer experiences. Users can categorize contacts, track customer interactions, send emails, and run campaigns with personal communication stimuli based on the number of emails opened, clicks, and more. Users can also manage their e-commerce.

From inventory management to payment and purchase realization, launching online shopping carts, tracking the activity of the digital store window, sending prices, purchase sheets, and receipts. Pricing is every month and support is provided by phone, email, and FAQ.


Benefits of Keap Software:

●      Convenient user interface and easy campaign automation

●      Easy, fast, and efficient access via mobile (Android and iOS)

●      Incorporate invoicing, marketing, and CRM software into one application

●      Display all details on one page

●      Appropriate reports for data analysis

●      Ability to sync with QuickBooks, SalesForce, Outlook, Gmail, etc.



Disadvantages of Keap software:

●      It takes a long time to apply the initial settings

●      Learning software can be a little difficult

●      The interface is not very simple and can be a bit confusing

●      SMS and phone line are only available in North America


CRM Zoho

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform that meets the needs of businesses and industries of all sizes and types. Extensive multi-channel support via phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings has made Zoho CRM an integrated system. Zia, Zoho AI Sales Assistant, provides sellers with advanced interpretation, solutions, and forecasts. Instead of entering data, the sales team can spend more time selling with the help of workflow automation, lead scoring, real-time notifications, and internal gamification.


Zoho benefits:

●      Excellent marketing and automation features

●      Easy integration with other Zoho products

●      Form Builder Program (paid)

●      Comprehensive reporting

●      high security

●      Mobile versions



Disadvantages of Zoho:

●      The start-up process is long

●      Limited support

●      Lack of optimization of forms



Insight is a complete marketing and sales (CRM) that, in conjunction with G-suit and Microsoft Office 365, provides all the functions and features needed for sales and marketing. Total management of customer relationships is made available to the user in a simplified manner. You can easily share the available information with other members of the marketing team.

This means that in the shortest possible time, everyone uses this (CRM) marketing to have complete information about the processes. Insight features and capabilities include a very attractive option. The Business Intelligence (BI) feature, designed and supported by Microsoft, enables purposeful aggregation of dates and times. By aggregating this time-based data, (BI) can provide you with metrics and metrics to assess the situation and predict the future. This (CRM) marketing has made feature (BI) an intuitive and very simple tool in the dashboard.


Disadvantages of Insightly:

Some parts of this (CRM) marketing can appear slow and cumbersome. For example, two-way synchronization with Google Calendar or Google Calendar is one of these features. This feature, with its slow performance, sometimes makes it difficult for team members and users to receive events. Personalized fields are limited to 25 to describe status and contact contacts. Also, its user interface may be successful in doing the job, but it seems to be somewhat outdated. This can take a while to get your team involved with this (CRM) marketing.


Salesforce software is one of the technologies that has made great changes in the world of computing and cloud computing. Salesforce started as a Software as a Service (SaaS) customer relationship management company. Today, the company offers a variety of software and provides a platform for software development and distribution.


Benefits of Salesforce CRM:

●      Affordable

●      Delivery of services completely online and in the cloud

●      Extensive tools to quickly turn ideas into solutions

●      Speed, ease, efficiency

●      easy usage

●      Ability to sync with popular tools (like Gmail)

●      Fully automatic updates


Disadvantages of Salesforce CRM:

●      Very high price

●      Pay extra to access most of the features

●      Complex setup and software configuration (the company's CRM software implementation process is very time consuming)

●      The crowded user interface makes it difficult to check and perform tasks.

●      Customer support is not very strong.


Pipedrive software is a program for sales teams that includes features such as sales reports, sales forecasts, registration of minor activities. The software has mobile applications for iOS and Android that allow you to connect to them and get things done on time and manage your sales process on a floating basis.


Features of Pipedrive Customer Relationship Management Software:

●      You do not need a credit card to register

●      Increase sales and easy project promotion

●      Flexible pricing

●      Best customer support



Bitrix24 is a business tool that provides a CMS platform along with other features such as the ability to manage tasks, projects, communications, and customer relationships. The platform is free (offering up to 5 GB of online storage and 12 accounts) and offers an all-in-one solution for small businesses. If you want a CRM (customer relationship management) tool, it can be a good choice.


Advantages of Bitrix24:

●      The Bitrix24 base level is free, which means you can try it without doing anything.

●      Lots of features are included in Bitrix24. Provides you with everything you need to manage a small and medium-sized company.

●      The website builder has a drag-and-drop interface that includes pages and even e-commerce stores.

●      Hosting your website is free (if you are in the free program).



●      Bitrix24 is ready to use as CRM. So if you are already satisfied with CRM or do not want this feature, this is a very complicated way to get a CMS platform.

●      Because there are so many features on this platform, you may find the Bitrix24 interface confusing or difficult to navigate.


Fresh Sales

Fresh Sales software is one of the best CRM software designed to help sales teams grow and expand their business. Making phone calls to the team, direct contact, email tracking, event tracking, reporting, and sales management, and its single-user management that allows you to manage thousands of people, are some of the capabilities of this software. This software presents some sales strategies to the sellers, the reporting of this software is excellent and you can assign a report to your team. With the help of this software, you can have 24-hour support by phone, chat, email with your customers.


Features of Fresh Sales Customer Relationship Management Software:

●      Build active teams for different departments

●      Automatic tracking of customer interactions

●      Provide detailed reports of leads and customers

●      Workflow automation based on artificial intelligence


Getting started with Marketing CRM Bitrix 24

You may ask, what is the best (CRM) marketing? The answer is the software that best suits your business needs. In this note, we have tried to show you different and different capabilities (CRM) with an unbiased look. Looking at these capabilities, a suitable pattern will be formed in your mind. Today, e-commerce is, fortunately, more complex than ever, and old, inefficient, and time-consuming tactics are no more. With the help of software (CRM), marketing and sales are more interconnected and in a strong convergence, from attracting visitors and generating leads to finalizing contracts and sales in a single line. Yet, by looking at all analyses, we believe you can find Bitrix24 as the best solution for your business. This marketing CRM can provide you with different services and tools that can be useful in different circumstances. The Bitrix24 website offers great tools for effective social communication, teamwork as well as great management tools for business owners. In this way, the project management and integration of the activities of an organization will be done in the best possible way and completely centralized. So don't wait anymore. Try Bitrix 24 and enjoy the improvements in your business.

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