The 10 Best Organization Apps for Business in 2021

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September 28, 2021
Last updated: March 11, 2024
The 10 Best Organization Apps for Business in 2021
Being productive is something we all aim to be. Day in and day out, we all aspire to feel alive by being functioning members of the workforce who deliver impactful outputs. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Some of us simply have too much going on and sometimes, personal matters spill over into our personal lives and vice versa and we’re left burnt out and unproductive. No matter how much we want to believe that we are as organized as we need to be, more often than not, we still need help. Thankfully, there are apps that can help us actually keep it all together. 

Why organization apps are needed in business

Keeping yourself, including your tasks for the day, organized is the key to productivity. Without an effective organization, we all run the risk of being less effective at work, unmotivated, and unproductive. Organization apps help us in the following ways:

  • Stay focused
  • Work more efficiently
  • Combat stress
  • Improve task management
  • Increase productivity

What to look for in an organization app

Getting an organization app to try can be a process. Because the market is awash with options, it can be a little challenging picking out the one for you. The thing is, an app that works for someone else might not work for you. So, how do you know when it’s the one? You can qualify your chosen app by asking yourself the following:

  • Does it keep you focused?
  • Does it help with your efficiency?
  • Do you feel more relaxed, using it?
  • Are you able to manage your tasks better with it?
Are you more productive as you use it? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, there’s a great chance that the app that you’re trying right now is the right fit. Here are our recommendations for the 10 best organization apps for business in 2021:

1. Toggl

Have you ever found yourself getting lost in browsing this and that over the interwebs, leaving you with no time to finish all your other more important tasks? Or have you noticed that you spend so much time stressing over one task that you’re left too tired and too wrung out to do anything else? Drive your productivity with Toggl. Toggl is the best organization app that helps you track the amount of time spent on particular tasks. While this does not eliminate distractions and other tasks from prying you away from the job at hand, you can disregard them at least until you’re done. This helps you focus and be more attuned to what needs to get done now rather than later. With Toggl, you can get a picture of how you spend a working day and what adjustments you need to make so you can be more productive.

2. LastPass

Time is too precious for you to be spending too much of it trying to remember passwords to sites and cybersecurity is a concern too big to just leave it to pen and paper. LastPass works as a password keeper for all of the tools and apps you use for work on a regular basis. LastPass is a good organization app that keeps your passwords safe by storing them, encrypted, protected from cyber attacks. LastPass also has plugins for whatever web browser you may be using. It also has an app that you can download onto your smartphone for use.

3. Expensify

Most businesses, especially small ones and startups, fail because they’re not able to keep diligent track of how funds are handled. Another great organization app that you can try is Expensify, which is an expense management tool. It makes submitting and approving expense reports a neater and more streamlined process. You can choose your Expensify plan based on the size of your company. You can also use Expensify to keep track of your personal money habits. You can integrate Expensify with Quickbooks and give access to accountants or auditors so you can have a complete expense and money management method.

4. Evernote

If you’re always on the go but don’t want to miss out on anything, give Evernote a whirl. It is known as one of the most powerful note taking apps for a business organization. You can create and save notes that are as long and as comprehensive as a novel with a single touch of a voice-recording button. Adding to Evernote’s power is the app’s ability to scan documents, such as handwritten notes, receipts, business cards and so much more. You can then store your notes, voice recordings or scanned documents in Evernote itself since the app is also a cloud-based storage vault.

5. Franz

Instant messaging is the most effective and efficient way of getting the word out there about your business and spreading it around. Franz is a business organizer that can help you keep your customers in the loop when it comes to any and every initiative you’re running for the business. Franz is a centralized repository for all of your contacts as well as various corporate social media accounts whether it’s on Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, or another platform altogether. You can manage all of these channels and view notifications in one place using one app. Franz’s other function is enabling users to create a to-do list based on certain buzzwords within a message or thread. You can then share this list with other users or teammates.

6. Cloze

If you want to keep all of your business contacts in one place so you won’t miss out on an opportunity to get in touch with them whenever something important comes up, you should look into using Cloze. Think of it as your communications command center or your communications manager, making it one of the best organization apps for any business. Whether you need to send out a business email or a social media network message blast, you can rely on Cloze to get the job done for you. Get all your business contacts updated with the goings-on about your company with Cloze. Tweet, update your status, and more!

7. Google Drive

One of the main concerns for teams, especially for those whose members work remotely, is staying in sync with one another and making sure that the work is done as properly and as efficiently as possible. This is where Google Drive comes in, a good organization app for you to use. Not only is Google Drive a repository for files for your team. It also allows multiple people to make changes on one file at the same time. Administrators can grant access to different levels to more than one contributor and the work done online is synced so no update goes to waste. Free users can enjoy up to 15Gb of storage and upgrade the capacity for a minimal fee.

8. Dropbox

A pioneer in the functionalities of cloud-based document and file organization and storage, Dropbox is certainly an app for your business organization to try. With Dropbox, collaborators can access files at the same time and make changes, which will all sync and be automatically saved. Your local folders can also be linked to your Dropbox and the changes saved virtually as a means of backing up your files. Dropbox gives users free 2Gb storage for free but you can add 500Mb on top of it with every user you invite. You can also opt for a paid subscription for a bigger capacity for use by everyone who needs it.

9. Friday

Whether it’s your personal or professional life that needs organizing, or even both, you should give the app called Friday a chance. You can start by integrating all of your most frequently used apps then, start putting in your appointments, deadlines, and due dates before finally blocking specific times for more important activities like meetings to keep distractions at bay. With Friday, you can enjoy video calls through integrations with Zoom and Google Meet. You can also take meeting notes within the app to finish off your project and task management needs. Friday’s essential features package is free for the first 10 users, perfect for keeping a small business organized and running smoothly.

10. Bitrix24

If you’re looking for a holistic solution to your business organization needs, look into Bitrix24 and you’ll come to the conclusion that you may have just found the foolproof solution. With Bitrix24, you can enjoy using tools like those already mentioned in this list, and then some. You can improve your team’s communications, tasks, and project management and you also have your own contact center within Bitrix24. What sets Bitrix24 apart from the rest of the fray is that it gives users the ability to have their own HR management hub where leaders and managers can accomplish tasks from onboarding, automate workflows and manage attendance. This, aside from giving users access to their own CRM, as well as website and landing page builders.

The final word

Organizing your business can be like getting your kitchen cupboard or sock drawer neat and in order. There’s always something missing or lacking and you just can’t get everything in the right order. That is until you find the best organization apps for your business.

With all the options available out there, whether free or require a paid subscription, picking the right one can be just as challenging. Take the time to figure out your needs and what you need to address first and go from there. Remember everything that you need to accomplish and you won’t go wrong:

  • Stay focused
  • Work more efficiently
  • Combat stress
  • Improve task management
  • Increase productivity

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