Articles 11 Best Online To-Do Lists & Apps for 2024

11 Best Online To-Do Lists & Apps for 2024

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Bitrix24 Team
11 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Team
Updated: March 11, 2024
11 Best Online To-Do Lists & Apps for 2024

With all of us having to put on more than one hat any given day, it’s a miracle we get anything done at all. Tasks and reminders used to be scribbled down on notebooks and pieces of paper but since all and sundry have got their computers and mobile phones, to-do lists have also gone digital.

Any project management tool available online can tell whether your business is on track or not. You don’t have to with tracking tasks, team activity or budget even if it’s just the beginning of your new, non-developed project.

Especially when it comes to tasks and deliverables in the workplace also, if you’re managing a team or teams, you can’t afford to let anything slip through and get missed. Getting organized is a lot easier now with list apps ever ready at your fingertips. 

Multiple projects will be carried out through properly programmed and controlled project management software. Now it’s time to have a look at the options.

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Here, we look at the 10 best online to-do lists and list apps for 2024.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a lot of the best to do list apps that are most needed in the workplace today but it’s also a premier task and project management software. If you’re a fan of both Kanban boards and Gantt charts, you can enjoy the best of both with Bitrix24. You can keep track of individual and group tasks to better manage both arenas and create subtasks from tasks as well as checklists and set priority levels.

Using Bitrix24, one can create templates out of recurring tasks and utilize the daily planner tool. Bitrix24 also has a time tracking tool that helps you see how much time it takes to complete one task on an individual or team assignment. You also have access to reports to aid in coaching or assigning future tasks.

  • Add deadlines for your team members and control your work online;

  • Use a special panel with sticky notes not to forget about trifles;

  • Use this CRM instrument from your mobile device no matter where you are;

  • Notify your team members and customers about upcoming events;

  • Create personal tasks for each of your employees to stick to your goals;

  • Utilize other tools for intuitive business control and regular notifications about any insignificant trouble.

Do you need a properly arranged to do list? It’s already available. Are you in need of online business control? No trouble. Organize your tasks with Bitrix24 and integrate your online team into your business seamlessly.

Bitrix24 will manage all your tasks on all devices:

  • Deadline monitoring;

  • Kanban, Gantt chart, and more methods;

  • Intuitive navigation;

  • Smart reminders;

  • Check-lists;

  • Project management, and more.

2. Asana

A favourite of productivity aficionados, Asana can be used on computers but also on either iOS or Android devices making it very handy for people on the go. You’re able to keep tasks and to-dos organized and create new ones as they come. Whether you need it for personal use or professional use, Asana is a reliable tool to help you get organized and stay productive.

With Asana, you can also collaborate on tasks with teammates, track the amount of time it takes for them to be completed and see who’s responsible for the next stage of a task up to its completion. You can also assign tasks and set their statuses whether they’re open or closed as well as leave comments to give direction or share information.

Asana task list pros

  • Defining product, marketing, and sales management plans automatically, depending on preferences;

  • Meeting campaign goals through automation and focusing on business needs;

  • Automating approvals;

  • Connecting to and achieving strategic goals;

  • Dealing with great AI impact.

3. Trello

If you’re a fan of Kanban boards and like their visual representation, you’ll love Trello, which is a to-do list online. It’s also basically checklists that are arranged in cards and you can attach files, images and share links and the cards can be shared with colleagues and other collaborators. Once a task on a card is complete, you can mark it and remove it from the board.

Trello is an app that can be used on desktops as well as Android, iOS or Microsoft devices. You’re able to synchronize cards with third party calendars and you can have more fun at work by using custom and themed cards and boards. Best of all, Trello is free and easy to use.

Managing tasks with Trello task list

  • No matter where your team is — you keep all data in the same place;

  • Trello will keep the same task for several users on track, so that you could handle them as well;

Whether it’s about annual planning or weekly sprints, you won’t have troubles with project management or anything to identify the gaps in your team’s progress.

4. Microsoft To-Do

Another free option that you may want to try is Microsoft To-Do. It’s cloud-based and can fully integrate with Office 365. With Microsoft To-Do, you can create tasks but you can also extract them from Outlook and other tools. You can also arrange tasks and to-dos based on priority, set reminders and also add notes to them.

With Microsoft To-Do, you will also have something called My Day that highlights your tasks and to-dos that need to be completed that day. Then you can filter the most urgent and those that can be put off for another day.

Microsoft to do list app pros

  • Automation;

  • Organization;

  • Prioritization;

  • Customization;

  • Recursion;

  • Integration;

  • Navigation

  • Google Calendar task list collaboration.

Organize your tasks using the intuitive interface of Microsoft To-Do list, arrange events, and assign tasks for the new members of your team to make sure your business is working flawlessly.

5. Google Keep

Do you ever have those moments when you have a big, life-changing “a-ha” moment but you don’t have a way of keeping it for later? Frustrating, isn’t it? With Google Keep, you have a way of storing ideas and thoughts while also keeping a to-do list of your most important assignments.

Google Keep can be used on iOS and Android devices as well as over the web. It’s quick and easy to use and has a special feature that allows you to transcribe text from uploaded images. With Google Keep, you can also create audio notes for recording ideas in case your hands are otherwise engaged typing out that important memo or email.

Use Google Keep as the best to-do list maker

  • Keep all your data under your fingertips with Google Keep organization and automation possibilities on all devices available;

  • Share notes with the use of the collaborator button to get access to people you need;

  • Use Google Docs and Google Drive in case if you need automatic copy creation and convenient online editing;

Set reminders with the Remind me button to create a task list and add recurring tasks or edit them.

6. TickTick

TickTick functions pretty much the same way when it comes to allowing you to list down tasks and reminders but it also allows you to filter using priority levels. TickTick also keeps everything organized and your desktop clutter-free so you won’t feel stressed or panicked over things that need to get done throughout the day.

With TickTick, you can customize to-do lists, add voice commands and set smart reminders and alerts so nothing – whether big or small tasks – gets forgotten and left undone. You can also drag and drop tasks onto calendars and share them with collaborators.

TickTick main advantages

  • It’s among the top task management apps available for hierarchical structures;

  • Create your new purposes and add tasks wherever you are and no matter what device you use;

  • You can use your mobile device for the majority of chief online control options; 

  • Assign tasks and add task details for your team from all your devices;

  • Set priority levels to easily manage your working schedule and business plans;

  • Assign due dates for stable project management;

  • Add tags for categorization.

Tick Tick’s system is unique thanks to its versatility. It’s easily customizable and lets you see everything listed and mentioned in the calendar or Kanban board.

7. Google Tasks

If you’re looking for a simple UI design that makes task management quick and easy, Google Tasks is the app to try. As you may have guessed, you can add and manage tasks that are taken directly from Gmail. You can create tasks and subtasks as well as more than one to-do list – one for personal and another for work reminders, perhaps?

Google Tasks is a great free online to-do list that allows users to set due dates and priorities as well as arranging to-dos based on what needs to get done first. All of this with a minimalist interface that helps keep the clutter and chaos out of sight.

Google Tasks app advantages

  • Clean and intuitive user interface;

  • Available on the web;

  • Synced through google account to keep all your data in one place;

  • Google tasks is free;

  • It's a perfect no-brainer for the first start;

  • You can easily assign tasks and add sub tasks, as well as outlook tasks.

If you are interested in more project management instruments similar to Google Tasks with its to-do app option, you can try Apple Reminders, TickTick, Google Tasks, and Microsoft To-Do.

8. Evernote

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive online to-do list maker, you need to check out Evernote. It’s packed with various task management tools and it also has a clipping tool that enables users to save any piece of online information or even a webpage directly to their Evernote account.

Evernote also allows teams to collaborate on projects and conduct meetings using shared workspaces. Third-party integrations are also possible with Bitrix24 and other apps like Slack.

Evernote to do list app is worth it because

  • It’s focused on the information you might need so that you can tackle everything at once;

  • There's no need to break your workflow by switching between your notes and a separate task organizer — all tasks are within your notes;

  • You can assign tasks to other team members and monitor progress to make sure every project is completed on time.

Evernote is among the best to do list options to arrange your business life.

9. Todoist

Todoist has risen to the list of some of the best online to-do lists in recent years. With Todoist, users can create, organize and sort tasks based on their importance and urgency. You can also create subtasks off of tasks as well as dependencies. You can also make things more fun with colored labels and codes as you add due dates to tasks.

Todoist also comes with an app called Smart Schedule that provides users with suggestions for dates that tasks can be best scheduled and rescheduled to. Todoist also gives you the chance to track your own productivity and give yourself a virtual pat on the back with Todoist Karma. With Todoist Karma, users can track their own progress through the use of graphs and reports.

Todoist will be your best to do list because

  • It offers several convenient business plans depending on your needs;

  • The Beginner option will let you start organizing your life for free;

  • The key selling point of the company is to give users the possibility to focus energy on the right things and set priorities;

  • You can finally delegate tasks to other team members and free up your mental space.

10. Workflowy

Another online to-do list app to test is Workflowy. It’s a list-making tool that can be used on both Android and iOS devices along with desktop hardware so you can take it with you anywhere to use it for personal and professional needs.

Once done, you can either delete or archive tasks and export lists to a file. With Workflowy, users can also easily manage keyboard shortcuts for the utmost convenience and collaborate on tasks and to-dos with teammates and other stakeholders.

Workflowy to do list app advantages

  • It’s free for getting started and obtaining advantages of basic features (7-day pro trial without any credit card required);

  • 20% discount for annual subscriptions;

  • Discounts for non-profit businesses and organizations;

  • Available for all online and mobile platforms;

  • One of the best list apps this year with 24/7 support online.

11. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the most productive modern task management tools. You can organize and easily manage tasks with it, as well as use it as a to do list app.

ClickUp to do list pros

  • Trusted by Airbnb, Nike, Uber, Google (which makes google calendar available), and more.

  • Complete with a set of features and functions (calendar notifications, goals, and reminders)

  • Intuitive to-do list for personal or business tasks

  • Sharing tasks and documents within the team


In conclusion: Top Online To-Do Lists & Apps for this year

Tasks, whether personal or professional, may look like small things but even just one missed due date can throw a project into chaos. Online to-do apps list makers are there to make sure no assignment falls by the wayside. Whether it’s a grocery shopping list or a work-related project breakdown, it’s best to easily manage a to-do list app to help you keep things organized.

There’s a wide range of CRM programmes with note taking tools that can help you keep track of your everyday working duties, no matter whether you are a business owner or someone who deals with financial transactions. 

All basic business to-do list apps offer the following tools:

  • A possibility to assign tasks and discuss task details with your team members;

  • A calendar app where you can keep track of the activity of your team and add urgent sub tasks;

You’re surely never short of options. Looking for a flawless option is never a thing — there’s always a chance to get stuck in something you don’t really need. Nevertheless, there’s a huge range of to-do list apps that you can try and easily manage free of charge. The best things are easy to use, can be used on both computers and mobile devices, chock full of features and little perks and, most importantly of all, free. 

Before you make up your mind to pay for the right app subscription, make sure one of your to do list apps:

  • Is available for free for a trial period;

  • Gives you the possibility to use on all mobile platforms;

Provides stable online support according to the reviews of the users (never underestimate the power of online to do apps’ reviews).

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Table of Content
1. Bitrix24 Bitrix24 will manage all your tasks on all devices: 2. Asana Asana task list pros 3. Trello Managing tasks with Trello task list 4. Microsoft To-Do Microsoft to do list app pros 5. Google Keep Use Google Keep as the best to-do list maker 6. TickTick TickTick main advantages 7. Google Tasks Google Tasks app advantages 8. Evernote Evernote to do list app is worth it because 9. Todoist Todoist will be your best to do list because 10. Workflowy Workflowy to do list app advantages 11. ClickUp ClickUp to do list pros In conclusion: Top Online To-Do Lists & Apps for this year
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