10 Easy Ways To Find The Best Workflow Diagram Software
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August 13, 2021
Last updated: April 5, 2023
10 Easy Ways To Find The Best Workflow Diagram Software

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “workflow diagram software”? You might easily dismiss it as a “nice to have”, but setting up flowchart and diagram software is a quick and easy way of fine-tuning your office processes.

By spending time carefully planning your workflows, you can implement efficient protocols and working methodologies that will save you time and effort in the future.

But sure, not all tools are the same. So here, we’re giving you tips on what to look for to start streamlining the workflows in your business.
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1. Diagrams that are easy on the eye

One of the countless reasons a computer-based workflow beats a handwritten one is a presentation. If you have to decode your manager’s (or your own!) messy scrawl, you’re not going to get anything done.

The best workflow diagram software for your business is one that you can take one glance at and get all the information you need. So, when you’re looking for your software, find example workflows and check how easy they are to follow.

2. Templates will help get the ball rolling

When you’re looking for your software, make sure it comes with a series of templates to get you started. This takes so much of the legwork out of organizing your processes, especially if time isn’t on your side.

Platforms like Bitrix24 give you a range of templates to choose from for all kinds of different applications, and you can even import and export workflows. By using templates to get started, even the least tech-savvy teams can start streamlining their work processes and move their company forward.

3. Customizable software that works for you

While templates are great to get you started, a customizable tool is a huge advantage when you’re planning how to draw software process workflow diagrams.

Every business is different, so modify your templates or even start from scratch to make a diagram that works best for your team.

Similarly, it’s unlikely that your department will only have one process on your plate, so create multiple different diagrams: one to sign off on your social media posts, another to coordinate your writers and your design team, and a third for your event planning.

4. A variety of views for your workflows

Taking things one step further, the best workflow diagram software tools will offer a range of different views. This is great for agile mindsets, and will be second nature to teams of developers.

If you’re used to Kanban, go for a tool that offers boards, but if you’re more focused on visualizing your time constraints, make sure you can use Gantt chart views.

5. Mix time tracking into your diagrams

Speaking of time, you don’t have to stop at a Gantt chart. By implementing time tracking technology, you can get a precise idea of how long certain tasks take and fine-tune your diagrams in the future.

Get your team to set timers as they start their tasks and switch them off when they’re done. Not only does this help managers organize entire projects, but you can identify areas that need a bit of acceleration and resolve them before they become an issue.

6. Use your software on any platform

Let’s be honest. Any business application that doesn’t work across all your devices is pretty unacceptable by now.

The best workflow diagram software on the market will come with a mobile app as standard and you shouldn’t accept anything less. Make sure your flowchart and diagram software has both iOS and Android apps available so your entire team can use it. With multi-platform software, you get a convenient tool that everyone in your company can consult whenever they need to.

7. Make the software work for you

Once you’ve got your diagrams up and running, the next step is to actually get the work done. The best workflow diagram software should give you a helping hand and not leave everything up to you.

You can save a lot of time (and a lot of pesky little tasks) with automation. Automatically receive notifications if a job has almost reached its deadline, or fire off response emails when you receive a lead. In short: don’t accept a tool that doesn’t come with automation.

8. Take your automation to the next level

Automate like a pro with dependencies. The basic premise is to add an “if, then” clause to your automation. For example, you might need to review task A before assigning task B. With dependencies, you can get an automatic notification when task A is completed, set a delay of two hours to give yourself time to work, then automatically assign task B.

Even if you feel this might be a bit too complicated right now if you get started with a tool that allows for dependencies, you’ve always got the option when you’re ready.

9. Software that integrates easily

It’s great to have flowchart and diagram software, but it’s even better if it seamlessly links up with all your other business applications. For example, you can store your workflows on a shared drive so anyone in your company can access it. You can even work collaboratively across all the other documents stored in your cloud and set access rights for your more sensitive information.

10. Do you really need to pay for workflow diagram software?

Good news: you can get the best workflow diagram software for your business without spending any money! Yes, that includes all the features we’ve mentioned previously.

Costs can be a big drawback when you’re trying to implement new ideas for your company, so if you’re pitching better workflow processes to your boss, choose free workflow diagram software and jump that hurdle at the start of your proposition.

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Happy searching!

Now you’ve read our 10 easy ways to find the best workflow diagram software, it’s time to find the one that suits your business. However, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t give you a little nudge in the right direction.

Bitrix24 is a fantastic option for workflow software, and it doesn’t cost a penny! It covers all the features listed above, but you’ll also get an entire suite of communication, project management, HR, and document management tools in with the package.
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